Welcome to the New Casa of Latina Bloggers Connect

Latina Bloggers Connect It's been almost two and a half years since I launched Latina Bloggers Connect from the laptop sitting on my dining table at my home in Los Angeles. As passionate as I was about what I was creating and my eagerness to bring compensated and relevant campaigns to the growing community of #LatinaBloggers, never did I imagine the place where we are now with so much growth, support, amazing partnerships, creative campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world, a network of over 800 blogueras and an amazing team to make it all happen.

And now that the behind-the-scenes of LBC has grown, it was time for the blog to get a much-needed face lift. Since I've always believed in hiring from within the community and supporting the skills we all have, I was happy to meet Maria Etkind in New Orleans during the Niche Mommy Conference last year. We immediately connected and I intuitively knew that with her experience as a creative director and web designer she was the woman that could help me give LBC a new life to cater to the needs of both the bloggers and the brands that visit us.

Maria brought in Erin Allen as the programmer and Karen Buck for interactive strategy, information architecture and copy. Together these three women brought to life this new site you're now visiting and which will be the new casita of LBC.

Feel free to browse around and get to know us all over again. This is where you'll find all the places where we can connect online, as well as info on the Connections we're working on with fellow #LatinaBloggers. Of course, Jessie Nuez, our fearless editor, and our team of contributors are constantly creating content to keep you motivated and up-to-date with the latest in the blogosphere.

If you're a blogger, make sure you stop by and grab our new badge and click on over to join our private Google+ Community where the real connections among us are happening.

If you represent a brand, you can learn more about what we do (and do so well!) and who we've done it for. You can also learn more about our partnership with Sway Group, an exclusive agency that represents some of the most well-known and rising star bloggers across multiple categories, as the official sales arm of LBC. We recently announced that through Sway Group we'll be representing 10 of the top Latina bloggers across various niches. Stay tuned because very soon we'll be announcing who those bloggers are!

Many more exciting changes are coming soon as we continue growing and finding new and creative ways to bring you the opportunities you need to grow. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to us via the comments section, a tweet, a message on Google+ or Facebook or anywhere you can find us.

When one grows, we all grow, so let's continue growing!