Webinar 029 Recap: Soulpreneurship - Amplifying our Strengths through Astrology


Operate in your fullest potential by harnessing awareness and accountability of yourself through a better understanding of your specific Astrology.

By grasping a better understanding of your Natal Chart within Astrology you'll be able to amplify your strengths and embody the essence of a Soulpreneur.

A Soulpreneur is one who operates with intention and puts soul not only into their craft but towards their personal development as well.


  • Basic introduction to understanding your Astrology natal chart through the 12 houses.

  • Will highlight key indicators in your chart that provide a better understanding of your innate abilities and strengths.

  • The importance of knowing there's more to you than your Sun sign (main zodiac sign).

  • How to interpret your Midheaven sign (career + fame)

  • How to interpret your 10th house of (work + profession)

  • How to interpret your Ascendant sign.

  • How to work with your Moon sign.

  • Great, now what do I do with all this knowledge? How to alchemize and put a plan into action.


  • 10% off Astrology and/or Numerology readings with Esoteric Esa (redeem with special code)

  • Free download to Esoteric Esa's 2019 Digital Moon Tribe Guide Manifestation Kit

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry. We got ya! You can watch the replay for free until the end of day on Thursday, July 25th or you can watch it for $5.00 anytime thereafter.


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