Webinar 019 Recap: Increasing Your Net Worth Inside and Out


Join Eva Macias as she talks us through how to increase our net worth from the inside out. Eva is a powerful leader and sought-after speaker in the financial industry. She specializes in helping women create a “simple-to-follow” financial plan in 60 minutes or less.

Here's a brief recap of what Eva covers in this webinar:

  • Why it is so important to manage your finances with confidence. 

  • The common mistakes made in your finances that take a huge impact on your wealth. 

  • Key Elements to declutter your finances.

  • How to address the root of money/spending by asking yourself key questions about your money habits.  

  • How to plan for all the future milestones in your life. 

  • How your net worth impacts your self-worth. Learn to invest in YOU first without guilt.


  • Q/A with live viewers.

  • Free download of Eva Macias’ book: "A Latina's Guide to Money."

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry. We got ya! You can watch the replay for free until the end of day on Thursday, January 31st or you can watch it for $4.99 anytime thereafter.


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