Webinar 014 Recap: Overcoming Your Fears! How Taking the Leap Will Change Your Life


How is fear blocking you from taking charge of living the life you truly want to live? Let Jessie Medina help you step out of your fear and step into your purpose. 

Jessie is a motivational speaker, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of @femlatinas, an organization dedicated to helping women find their power and create infinite impact. She is also the co-founder of BeTheBestBrand.com marketing agency, e-commerce store bossbabeselection.com@neverblandfoods and the host of the new podcast "Con Corazón y Ovarios." As a former PR executive, Jessie experienced first-hand the detrimental effects of a hostile work environment and sexual harassment in the workplace. She decided to leave corporate America and design the life she truly wanted to live. In this webinar, she will show you how you can design the life that you truly want to live. 

Here's a brief recap of what Jessie covers in this webinar:

  • Identify framing, patterns and points-of-reference surrounding fear in your life.

  • Ways to challenge your perceptions and overcome your fears.

  • How to become the boss and take control of your life and decisions.

  • How to turn challenging situations into success stories.

  • Learn how to find the power within yourself to move past your fears and thrive.

  • Be inspired to move past your fears!


  • Q&A session with live viewers.

  • FREE ebook: "14 Days to Pure Bliss + Morning Routine Personalized  List" with the code: Weallgrow. Add both items to your cart, then use the “Weallgrow” code.

  • Free brand strategy consultation with Jessie ($297 value) for those that download her podcast and share it on their social. Just send her a screenshot of the download and you'll get a 30-minute call to discuss your current brand, business idea, online presence or answer any questions you may have about entrepreneurship. You can find her contact info at JessieMedina.com.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry. We got ya! 

Watch the replay here!

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