Webinar 011 Recap: Overcoming Procrastination With a Life System That Works for You


What kinds of excuses do you use to justify procrastinating? Do you tell yourself you work best under pressure or that you can't possibly focus on the most important task at hand until you get x,y,z done? Yeah, how's that working for you? Let Pam Covarrubias help you kick procrastination to the curb so that you stop wasting your precious time.

Pam is a documentary photographer, podcast host, brand strategist, a storyteller at heart and a recovering procrastinator. She has combined her skills as a creative as well as a strategic marketer, to develop systems that help individuals accomplish their goals as part of her mission to spread ideas and move people. Recently she launched Snoozet, a fabric pocket for your phone designed to promote mindfulness and increase productivity.

Here's a brief recap of what Pam covers in this webinar:

  • Acknowledging your monster.
  • Getting your brain dump on. 
  • How to commit and not look back. 
  • How to "container-ize" your life.
  • How to systemize your life. 
  • Digital tools: Google SuiteTrelloTip YourselfHabitbull
  • How to implement what you have learned
  • How to maintain accountability.
  • Using gratitude and mindfulness.


  • Q&A session with live viewers.
  • Downloadable tools to overcome procrastination. 

If you missed it, don’t worry. We got ya! You can watch the replay for free until the end of day on Thursday, September 7th or you can watch it for $4.99 anytime thereafter.


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