Webinar 005 Recap: Increasing Your Blog Engagement


It’s no coincidence that the webinar on how to increase your blog engagement led by our very own #WeAllGrow partner, CHANGEMAKERS Collective co-creator and the force behind the popular Hungry Food Love blog Melissa Baily was one of the most engaged webinars we’ve ever had. The Q&A session was on 🔥.

Here’s a brief recap of what Melissa covered:

  • Design elements, content pieces, do’s and don’ts that can boost your site performance.
  • The importance of having a blog that not only looks great but is functional and easy to navigate.
  • How engagement success is dependent on how you present both written and visual content.


  • A Q&A session with live viewers that took things to the next level.
  • A week-long blog design audit series in CHANGEMAKERS Collective with daily action items to implement on your own site ending the opportunity to submit your site for a live review.  
  • A chance to win a one-hour coaching session with a member of the #WeAllGrow team.

If you missed it, don’t worry. We got ya! You can watch the replay for free until the end of day on Thursday June 28th or you can watch it for $4.99 anytime thereafter.

Watch the replay here!

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