Experience the #WeAllGrow Wellness Circles


As digital content creators who build communities around a brand - of which is often heavily focused on our own lives - we exert an extraordinary amount of energy into our work. From beauty and style to parenting and food, our passions and virtual careers can sometimes take the wheel on other areas of our being. Mainly, our creativity and self awareness.

We'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to the #WeAllGrow Summit agenda, the Wellness Circles. Designed specifically for online influencers looking to retreat from the running feed in their minds and laundry list of things to do, #WeAllGrow Wellness Circles is a one-hour session (held on both conference days) devoted entirely to self-care. Each Wellness Circle is led by a Mindful Discussion Leader who will help attendees explore their creativity, push past personal boundaries and appreciate the beauty we add to the world. 

However, because growth never comes without effort, a simple note on how to experience #WeAllGrow Wellness Circles: be mindful.

As you experience the Wellness Circles, feel yourself sink into the experience. Let go of your perceptions of self and the limitations your place on your success. Please do listen to your inner creativity - let it inspire and motivate as you move beyond #WeAllGrow. Hear the assertions of positivism being spoken to you and use that momentum towards your goals in life and business. Self-care is vital to our longevity; make these sessions whatever they need to be for you.

The Five 2016 #WeAllGrow Wellness Circles

Bringing Out Your Inner Frida KahloMindful Discussion Leader: Denise Cortes, pearmama.com A Wellness Circle that gives attendees an opportunity to decompress in between panels and networking, we'll remember Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and how she was always remained her authentic self in relationships, style and work. During our time together, we'll create a small Frida Kahlo-inspired artwork inside a provided journal, taking inspiration from Frida, who loved to draw in her journal as a source of wellness and meditation.

You Are Good EnoughMindful Discussion Leader: Maritza Diaz, littlegiantlife.com Self-development is the most important and perhaps forgetful practice in today's world. In this Wellness Circle, we'll explore exercises that will push us past boundaries never exposed. Through writing exercises, we'll artfully describe oneself in a positive way and reserve rumination, the running of negative thoughts that control us. We'll use movement, as our Wellness Circle will be lead with simple stretching and breathing exercises.

Envision Your Future In BeautyMindful Discussion Leader: Hiliana Devila, hilianadevila.com Let me help you envision the beauty of success! Sometimes we're our own worst critic. Let me help you see what the world sees by practicing a few self awareness exercises, along with beauty/style defining tips. As a New York based fashion and beauty content creator, I've been recognized on various websites and print publications including Cosmo for Latina, Fashion Bomb Daily and The Daily Front Row.

Own Your Worth, Live Your DreamsMindful Discussion Leader: Christine Gutierrez, christineg.tv As a Latina therapist and women's empowerment leader, I realize how often women minimize their worth because of the pain of their past, or the negative thoughts in their mind. However, once we're guided to remember our worth - and OWN it - we light up! In this Wellness Cirlcle, we'll conduct a guided meditation session, inspiration talk and key tools women to own their worth and live their big dreams, now.

The Path To Balance: How To Have It All Without Losing  Your HeadMindful Discussion Leader: Elayna Fernandez, thepositivemom.com In our time together, we will: go through The Passion Test, the effortless path to find one's life purpose; learn how to align your blog or business with your passions; understand how you CAN have it ALL, plus a few more hands-on tools to discover, live, balance, monetize, and radiate your passions!

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