#WeAllGrow Summit Takes Over YouTube Space LA

As many of you know, we recently celebrated the launch of the much anticipated #WeAllGrow Summit. After four years of a lot of hard work and determination, Latina Bloggers Connect felt it was time to create a platform that will bring together all the voices and stories that have served as an inspiration to us all. From blogs to Instagram to YouTube, there has never been a shortage of inspiration. However, all in one room? It was certainly an experience many of us will remember for a long time. With so many Latinas creating video content, we decided to start the party early at the mecca of digital content creation, YouTube! With informative tours and delicious food on hand, they spoiled #WeAllGrow Summit attendees setting the tone for what is about to become three days of life-changing moments.

#WeAllGrow Summit YouTube Space LA

The #WeAllGrow Pre-Treat at YouTube Space LA started with plenty of LA sunshine and much excitement to see old friends and make new ones. In many ways, it was a lot like a family reunion. After all, we all share so much with each other online by offering support, answering questions and by simply enjoying each other’s updates and stories.

#WeAllGrowSummit YouTube Space LA

We were blown away by the magnitude of YouTube Space LA and the amount of resources available. Did you know that access to their equipment is free? The level of access depends on the amount of subscribers you have and there’s a YouTube Space in LA and NYC in the U.S. and three more across the globe. If you live in LA or NYC, there’s really no excuse to start your channel with such an amazing resource and workshops available to you. YouTube has over a billion viewers and approximately 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It’s time to carve out your space!

#WeAllGrow Summit YouTube Space LA

After taking in all YouTube Space has to offer, we sat down with Dulce, Alba, Daniela and Maiah - four fashion and beauty creators who started their journey with a passion for sharing what they love. As their outlets grew, they quickly became savvy business women, sought-after brand ambassadors and an inspiration to young women all over the world. It was very obvious that they absolutely love what they do and feel a strong connection to their communities. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

#WeAllGrow Summit YouTube Space LA

If you would like to see more pictures of the #WeAllGrow Pre-Treat at #YouTubeSpaceLA visit, check out our album on Facebook. You can also check out recaps by Dulce Candy and Nany’s Klozet! Stay tuned for more!

(Photos: Robson Muzel)