What Makes #WeAllGrow Summit Special


2016 doesn’t just mark a whole new year but it also means we’re that much closer to coming together at #WeAllGrow Summit. Just a less than a month to go now, we’re so excited to see everyone’s lovely faces, learn from all our speakers, connect with the sponsors and support our passions. #WeAllGrow is thriving more than ever, but what, exactly, makes this conference so special?

#WeAllGrow is incredibly special because of its overarching commitment to our storytellers (you!). Through events like #WeAllGrow Storytellers it screams sisterhood! We hear stories straight from wonderful ladies, who are not just random, successful people but our friends first and foremost. The communal experience of sharing personal tales makes this a benchmark experience for sisterhood and is one reason why #WeAllGrow Summit is so special. Sisterhood is not a word we throw around lightly. It’s extremely important to us and when you’re sitting in a room full of successful, inspiring women you will feel it too – trust us!

Additionally, our sponsors really help make our event special. The brands that #WeAllGrow Summit partners with are allies to the Latina blogging and creators community. They come to the summit ready to connect and foster new relationships with our attendees. Their presence is another reason why #WeAllGrow is the place to be for your brand’s growth because every single person that attends – guests, sponsors, or storytellers – truly and honestly want to see each other succeed.

Lastly, our conference offers a comprehensive approach to content creation that will benefit women and for this, we have to credit our fearless leader Ana Flores. She understands that as women, we need real life connection and moments of reflection to best approach our work. #WeAllGrow is a safe place. It’s designed to have a small feel, despite rapidly growing in popularity. The underlying sense of community is also a cornerstone of the Latino culture. For example, this year’s Wellness Circles devote an hour to self-care and moments of reflection, respite and assertion of positivism. Because it’s just as important to take care of your inside as it is your outside.

Because of all these reasons, we can proudly say that #WeAllGrow is special. It’s not something that we get to experience everyday but that’s what makes it unique. We cannot wait for everyone to come and experience it for themselves. The weekend will be fabulous, full of information, learning, growing but, mostly important, friendships will be formed and appreciation for our sisters will be felt. Only 23 more days to go! Let the countdown begin!