#WeAllGrow Summit LA Field Trips and Opening Reception

With so many people traveling to Los Angeles for #WeAllGrow Summit from all over the country (Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Dominican Republic, too!), we wanted attendees to really get a taste of our awesome city. But not just any taste. We wanted everyone to really get a feel for the city’s rich culture, history, diversity and hidden gems. To make this happen, the first day of the Summit was completely dedicated to the exploration of Los Angeles. the LINE hotel #weallgrow summit Attendees got to choose one of four options, which all included the world of art, history, technology, business strategies, photography and delicious local cuisine.

Car Free LA with the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of LA? The beach? Hollywood? Traffic? There is so-much-more to this city and we wanted everyone to enjoy it as much as we do (sans the 405, of course!). The Los Angeles Tourism board prepared a field trip for us to explore Downtown Los Angeles on foot. We simply hopped on the L.A. Metro from Koreatown to Downtown, and spent the day like locals. Our first stop was the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), where we got to see extraordinary works of art from artists like Jackson Pollock and Jean Michel Basquiat. This museum has a serious collection of modern and contemporary art and sits just a few blocks away from a Frank Gehry favorite, the iconic Disney Concert Hall. After perusing the MoCA galleries, we walked to Grand Central Market where we ordered lunch from an array of different dining options - favorites were Eggslut and Sticky Rice, followed by G&B for amazing cafecito. After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon touring Downtown Los Angeles on a double decker bus!

grand central market #weallgrow summit Going Green + Fun Under the Sun with Neutrogena

Los Angeles is filled with yogis, vegan foodies and juicing fanatics, so it’s no surprise that Neutrogena decided to plan a fun day under the sun (with plenty of SPF!)  filled with exercise, fitness, health and skincare tips. The invigorating day started at Hollenbeck Park where we were greeted by the Neutrogena Team along with Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Tanya Kormeili and Gloria Baraquio (Yoga Director at The Springs LA). While we prepped for our yoga class, Dr. Kormeili shared everything we needed to know about skin protection and the life-saving steps we can take everyday to keep our skin safe from harsh UV rays.

neutrogena #weallgrow summit After working up a sweat, we hopped on our bus and headed over to The Springs LA, which is a massive wellness center that includes an organic juice bar, a raw vegan restaurant/wine bar, a yoga studio, a holistic healing center and a pop-up shop all under one roof. They seriously have everything you need to live a well balanced and green life. While we were there we were given a tour of the kitchen and learned about cold press juicing, water conservation, detoxification and indulged in some of the best vegan food and cold press juice in Los Angeles!

From Dinosaurs and Gems to Popular Art, Capture Your World at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

We fell in love with the staff at the Natural History Museum. Checking out their extensive collection should definitely be on anyone’s must-visit list when traveling to Los Angeles. We took a lot pictures while learning that T-Rex may have had feathers (What? He was a large bird?) and that you do not want to ever get caught red-handed in the museum’s gem vault. Ever.

nhmWe also got to relish in the beauty that is Latino culture with the beautifully curated exhibition Grandes Maestros. From silver artifacts to woven tapestries, the exhibit brings together hundreds of folk art masters from across 22 countries to showcase modern culture, religion and traditions through a celebration of beauty and power. The museum stroll was followed by a delicious lunch at Yxta Cocina. Because no day is complete without amazing tacos!

Vive Mejor Presents an Inside Look into Google

Anyone who went on this trip can tell you that getting a job at Google seems pretty ideal. In fact, some even said that you have all you could possible need right within reach. The amenities, the nearby beaches, the cafeteria, the Juice Bar and free coffee were enough reason to just call it home. Oh, and did we mention that the building aka “Binoculars Building” was originally designed by Frank Gehry? The attendees were given the grand tour of the space along with lunch and a huge dose of inspiration. After all, you can’t enter through the grandiose sculptures of Claus Oldenberg and Coosje van Bruggen and not want to dream BIG.

google #weallgrowsummit After a full day of exploring, attendees were dropped off at the LINE hotel with plenty of time to register at Neutrogena’s hospitality station and a grab a cup of cafecito with friends at the cafe.

neutrogena #weallgrow summit There was also plenty of time to unpack, get comfortable and get dressed for the #WeAllGrow Summit Welcome Cocktail pool-side reception with Vive Mejor.

#WeAllGrow Summit #ViveMejor Vive Mejor outdid themselves with delicious cocktails and h'orderves created from their own special list of fabulous recipes. It was the perfect welcome to what was about to be an amazing conference.

(Photos: Robson Muzel, Lidia Sagastume, Maya Murillo, Kathy Murillo, Monique Frausto)