#WeAllGrow Summit Welcomes Rosie Rivera as a 2016 Keynote Speaker!

RosieRivera (1)
RosieRivera (1)

We're happy to announce that Rosie Rivera is joining the #WeAllGrow Summit familia as a 2016 Keynote speaker! Rosie's message of empowerment and authenticity is relevant to our community of influencers, while the life experiences she shares on her blog, RosieRivera.com, will inspire us to connect more closely with our following by emoting the values that drive us. Newly launched, Rosie Rivera's YouTube channel has become a home to her adoring fans and a place to catch glimpses into Rosie's world while further embedding her persona into the hearts of millions.

Rosie's debut book, My Broken Pieces (now available for pre-order in Spanish and English), will be released just a few weeks before #WeAllGrow Summit 2016.

Check out her endearing video made just for #WeAllGrow... 

#WeAllGrow Summit 2016 Welcomes Rosie Rivera!

Rosie Rivera is an author and philanthropist, motivational speaker, actress, as well as CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. She is the youngest of a family of singers known as “The Rivera Dynasty”. While some of her siblings rose to stardom, Rosie shun the spotlight. However, being the “baby sister” of mega-star Jenni Rivera proved her efforts to resist media attention futile. Rivera eventually participated in the reality show I Love Jenni and bravely became a spokesperson for victims of sexual abuse. Her life took a drastic turn when her beloved sister died in a plane crash in 2012, leaving Rosie as trustee of her estate and guardian of her young children.

Despite her own grief, Rosie had no choice but to dry her tears, roll up her sleeves & take charge of what her sister entrusted her with. She quickly rose to the demands and began transforming her struggles, pain and emotions into actions, work and love.

Now, as a leader within her family, Rosie is continuously carrying out her sister’s mission of helping single mothers find affordable housing and abuse treatment through The Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. In 2015, Rosie founded the movement Sister Samalia to restore and uplift women who’ve been victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, drugs and domestic violence in Latin America.

Rosie has co-hosted Univision’s “Despierta America”, among various other television appearances, while managing her own blog and social media channels of over 1.2 million followers combined.

Wife to worship leader Abel Flores and mother of two daughters, Rosie remains active in her church and their outreach ministry.

Rosie, in addition to the entire lineup of  #WeAllGrow Summit Speakers, look forward to a weekend of growth and possibilities at #WeAllGrow Summit 2016. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the #WeAllGrow Summit Newsletter and be the first to hear of conference news and updates.