#WeAllGrow’s CEREMONIA Welcome Party co-created with AARP Proves That Female Energy is Ageless


#WeAllGrow Summit officially kicks off with a party and this year’s party was pure fuego. #WeAllGrow Summit’s CEREMONIA Welcome Party co-created with AARP created a space for the Diosas, Lobas, Brujas, Guerreras and Sabias in us all to harmonize and live life without limits – vivir la vida sin cuenta – for the relaunch of AARP’s #cincuentañeros campaign.

From women on the journey to welcoming new life to those fighting to be seen to those allowing themselves to simply be present, the Ceremonia was a welcoming space for all Changemakers and the public expression that together, not apart, we make a symphony. Five hundred Latinas set the tone for the weekend by honoring their heritage guided by the five archetypes of female energy – Diosa (goddess), Loba (wolf), Bruja (healer), Guerrera (warrior) and Sabia (wise) – brought to life by the Brooklyn Bruja’s surrealist art for each archetype.


The Diosa archetype reminds us of our power and how it’s transmitted throughout generations.


The Loba archetype channels the fearless leader within.


The Bruja archetype celebrates and embraces our capacity to heal.


The Guerrera archetype honors the strength we use to fight injustice and uplift our communities.


The Sabia archetype encourages us to trust our intuition and knowledge.

Flower crowns by PrettyLilThings greeted and encouraged Changemakers to crown themselves poderosas and get on the same vibration to welcome the magic of community in store for #WeAllGrow Summit. The soundtrack of the evening was provided by a live performance courtesy of Las Cafeteras and the musical stylings of DJ Chava.

AARP was on hand and determined to disrupt the conversation around aging by reminding us that female energy is ageless and that we are all a force to be celebrated at every age. The Ceremonia may be over, pero ¡seguimos poderosas!

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