Vive Mejor Joins #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 as a Presenting Sponsor

Vive Mejor -- #WeAllGrow Summit Presenting Sponsor Vive Mejor® is joining #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 to provide attendees and speakers with unique experiences during the conference that will elevate your brand both online and off, and encourage you to live better every day. We're thrilled to connect with Vive Mejor as a Presenting Sponsor, uniting our missions of growth for all and inviting Latinas to reinvent ourselves, embrace our new essence, while continuing to celebrate the roots of our bicultural heritage.

We have some very special things planned together!

Vive Mejor will welcome attendees to the conference with the Vive Mejor Welcome Cocktail reception, serving as the official kick-off for our three days in Los Angeles. There will be food, there will be style, there will be música y muchas amigas por abrazar y conocer.

The Vive Mejor® Concierge Station at the LINE Hotel will provide an on-site sanctuary for a much needed break between full conference sessions. Just make sure to keep your business cards handy! The Vive Mejor Concierge Station will be busy with knowledge-building and networking with plenty of opportunity to grow your business! We're making sure of that.

Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers

As content creators, we know that part of living un vida mejor is telling the stories that are fundamental to our lives with the community that we've built. It feeds the soul and captures our purpose for creating an online presence. To celebrate the art of storytelling, we are proud to announce a very special and unique event presented by Vive Mejor: “#WeAllGrow Storytellers".

#WeAllGrow Storytellers is an engaging session that aims to celebrate the best storytellers amongst us while providing them with a platform to elevate their voice. #WeAllGrow Storytellers will evoke emotions that follow life's reoccurring threads: hope, struggle, inspiration and more! Attendees will be encouraged to live better by learning and engaging within our community. offers Latinas the opportunity to simplify and improve their lives via enhanced recipes, cooking tips, and up-to-date beauty and lifestyle solutions from trusted brands. serves as the one-stop destination for Latinas for expert beauty advice, quick and delicious recipes and more - everything needed to live fabulously better. Check out their enhanced recipes, cooking tips, and up-to-date beauty and lifestyle solutions from trusted brands by visiting them at, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.