Meet Our Top 35: Lorraine Ladish of Viva Fifty

For the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our #WeAllGrow Summit Top 35. ¿Qué es eso? It’s a special group of blogueras that believed so much in #WeAllGrow Summit, that they jumped on the opportunity to grab a very specially discounted ticket within hours of our announcement. Because of their commitment and passion, we celebrate them now in a series of small, yet passion-filled, interviews. Meet Lorraine of Viva Fifty, a bilingual and multicultural on-line community that celebrates life at fifty. Lorraine is also a bilingual author of seventeen books, a former editor-in-Chief of and much more. Prepare yourself to be inspired and find out what drives Lorraine forward in the world of blogging.


1. What does the word "Grow" mean to you in your blogging career?

"Grow" to me means learn, expand, go far and beyond my comfort zone. It means mentoring and being mentored. And most importantly, building a community with which my messages of empowerment resonate. My concept of growth evolves as I acquire new skills and amplify my reach. What I think of as growing today may not be the same concept as six months to a year from now. The Internet is a fast-paced and ever changing medium, and you need to be adaptable and course-correct as you advance in it.

2. What excites you about growth?

The never-ending possibilities, the opportunities of reaching more people and making a positive impact on readers, communities and peers.

3. How can one community grow together?

One word: support. There is room for everyone at the top, so let´s help one another on our way up. I only compete with myself. And that in itself is pretty daunting.

4. How do you proactively help others grow?

I mentor, but this has to happen naturally. If I see potential and I´m in a position to help, I give a hand up. I exchange information and knowledge with my peers. When I recognize a can-do attitude, I gravitate towards it. As redundant as it may sound, it´s empowering to empower others.

5. What do you hope to get out of #WeAllGrow Summit?

Share knowledge, make new contacts, strengthen relationships with those I already know, explore new opportunities and possibly establish partnerships.