Transportation Tips: Getting to Hotel Maya From LAX or LGB



As the second annual #WeAllGrow Summit gets closer and closer, many of us are now planning the details of this awe-inspiring weekend. And that includes transportation! #WeAllGrow Summit 2016 is hosted in Long Beach, California at the stunning Hotel Maya.

Depending on which airport you’re flying into, transportation to the Summit will vary. To help our amigas out, we’ve broken down the best options from both Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Long Beach Airport (LGB) to Hotel Maya. Here are a few ideas.

If you’re arriving to Hotel Maya from LAX:

Hotel Maya is only about 22 miles from LA, however heavy traffic can make it feel much further. Estimate anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and a half to Hotel Maya from LAX, depending on your arrival time.

As a brand new offering, which is great for our attendees, FlyAway services from LAX to Downtown Long Beach now has a stop on 1st and Long Beach Blvd. The area is along the Long Beach transit gallery, a major transportation hub with plenty of transportation options, restaurants, bars and hotels. In fact, Hotel Maya is only about a mile and a half away from the stop! So, once you get off your FlyAway bus, take a stroll with a friend or catch a cab or ride service (of course we love Uber or Lyft, too!) to our beautiful host hotel.

The direct, nonstop shuttles run between the hours of 5:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. daily between Long Beach Transit Hub at First Street and Long Beach Boulevard and LAX. But the best part? The fare is just $7 each way! Visit LAX’s FlyAway Long Beach page to review the schedule and pick up locations.

For those looking for the quickest route to Hotel Maya, cab services are plentiful at LAX. They can be found curbside on the lower/arrival levels in front of each terminal; they’re under the yellow sign with the taxi on it. The distance from LAX to the Hotel Maya is about 23 miles and the estimated fares range from $50-$65. Splitting the cost with other attendees can offset the expense of this option for those who are looking to get from LAX to #WeAllGrow as quickly and easy as possible.

Ride services are also an option, although their authority to pick up from LAX or LGB is constantly changing according to local laws. While Uber has historically not been available for transit from LAX, it appears that pick up from LAX is now an option with an airport surcharge. Lyft is a similar ride service that is approved for transit from the LAX airport. Check out the Lyft FAQ page. Regardless of which ride service you use, please be sure to check out their app to ensure availability out of your arrival airport before you depart!

Depending on your itinerary and your adventure level, renting a car might be an option to consider. Approximately 40 car companies operate outside of LAX. There are vehicle rental sites located off the airport and many of the companies provide phone links inside and near baggage claim areas so you can request a free shuttle to the site. For smaller cars, the price is around $45 per day and goes up from there.

Finally, LAX offers shared ride vans that provide transportation to all Southern California counties. Through Prime Time Shuttle and SuperShuttle, you will be picked up at LAX in front of the terminals. You’ll have to schedule a pickup before you arrive and while it is a cheaper option, you may have to pick up others and/or drop them off.

If you’re arriving to Hotel Maya from Long Beach Airport:

The Hotel Maya is only about 11 miles from the Long Beach Airport (LGB), making it an approximate twenty-minute drive.

Many of the same options apply as LAX, just with different companies and fairs. Transportation costs will probably be a tad cheaper because you're in closer proximity to the Hotel Maya when coming from LGB. There are five car rental companies that operate right across from the airport terminal: Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and National/Alamo. While renting a car is definitely the most expensive option (prices can range from $60 to $180 per day) it does make it easier if you want to go exploring after.

If hopping in a taxi is more your speed, many are available at the taxi stand outside the terminal. Long Beach Yellow Cab can take you anywhere in the Long Beach area; to and from the Hotel Maya will only cost you $30. Ride services might be an option out of LGB, too. As of today, Lyft is able to pick up customers from LGB for an approximate $18 fare.

Public transportation is also an option by taking the Long Beach Transit system, which states that the public bus fare is $1.25 for all routes. The only downside is that the trip could take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, if you factor in all the stops. If you're looking to save some money and are patient, consider looking into a public bus.

There are many ways to get you from the airport to the Hotel Maya and it's important to consider all options that suit your travel style best. Coordinate with a friend, ask in our private Facebook group for attendees and come prepared to soak in the beauty of the weekend ahead.