Meet The 2018 #WeAllGrow Storytellers!

#WeAllGrow Summit 2018 Storytellers

Since our very first #WeAllGrow Summit in 2015, we have been in complete awe for the great response we’ve received from all of you to what is #WeAllGrow Storytellers. We couldn’t have imagined what was intended to be a session to showcase the diverse voices of our community would evolve into an event that is now so much bigger.

But really, #WeAllGrow Storytellers wouldn’t be as special as it is without all of you! Time and time again you keep showing up with your amazing story submissions, even if afraid. You who come on and take command of the stage to share a little bit of your lives allowing us into your world. You who gather in attendance to laugh, cry and empathize with the stories being told.

We received an incredible amount of submissions for Storytellers and we want to thank each and every one of you who submitted! We enjoyed getting to know you and learning about your journeys. Choosing the finalists was not an easy task. Together with Kathy Cano-Murillo and representatives from the #WeAllGrow Latina team, six finalists were chosen to shine on a platform made for their stories this coming March in Long Beach, California.

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 #WeAllGrow Storytellers! Get ready to laugh, cry and be inspired by the beauty of evolution with these spectacular stories.

2018 #WeAllGrow Storytellers

Christina Igaraividez of The Christinal

Jorge Narvaez of Reality Changers

Rachel Matos of Perennial Chic

Samery Moras of Life By Samy

Sitara Monica Perez of Valle Girl Vino

T Lopez of Mom Life Yo

For those of you who weren’t able to snatch an All-Access ticket to #WeAllGrow Summit 2018 before we sold out, we’ll be broadcasting Storytellers via our Facebook Live, so make sure you subscribe to our notifications so you don’t miss any of these fabulous stories.

#WeAllGrow Storytellers 2016, Presented by YouTube


As our second annual #WeAllGrow Summit came to an end, the attendees gathered in the Hotel Maya's Lagunita Pavilion one last time to listen to the much anticipated Storytellers, presented by YouTube. This year the submissions for this event had surpassed our expectations. From over eighty submissions, six storytellers were selected as finalists to present their own unique story and voice to our diverse community.

Our storytellers touched everyone in the room from laughs to tears of emotion, We could not have been more proud.

Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica 


Our host and moderator, Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica shared a story about the time her youngest daughter fell in love for the first time and how she quickly became a helicopter mom. Being the ultimate bohemian couple with her husband, she tried to stay optimistic while her husband knew her daughter’s new boyfriend was oncoming traffic.

While being caught in the middle between her husband and daughter for the first time, Kathy knew she wanted what was best for her daughter but still wanted to respect her and her relationship. She concluded by sharing how it’s a learning process when dealing with your children’s love life and reminded us all to always to stay connected with your child.

Gabby Natale of Super Latina


Gaby Natale of SuperLatina took the stage to share the story of when she was a recent graduate in search of her dream job. Life did not turn our as planned. In 2001, she found herself unemployed. She did not allow that situation to defeat her. She worked that much harder to land a position that would eventually skyrocket her into the super Latina she is today.

During her story, she shared these words from mom with attendees, "Always bring your A-game because you never know when opportunity will come knocking at your door!" Gaby also never takes an opportunity for granted because she knows what it's like to not have any and she encouraged us all to take that approach in life as well.

Showing that women are warriors, she concluded by saying, "Don't play it safe. It could be the riskiest move ever."

Denise Cortes of Pear Mama


Next to take the stage, Denise Cortes of Pear Mama shared the story of when her parenting as a mother came into a full circle. Her story recalls a tense night between her and her husband as they discussed the state of their marriage.

Later that night she was comforted by her first son Noah. “That’s where I felt my parenting came full circle, it was no longer mother and child. I let that pretense down and let my son see me at my weakest point”, Denise recalled. Her story taught us that when we let our guard down as parents, all the love and care that we instill into our children as parents is given back to us in times when we need it most.

Eliana Tardio 


Eliana Tardio took the #WeAllGrow stage and discussed the importance of taking care of children with special needs. She described the heartbreaking first time she heard and felt a prejudice towards her special needs son. After that, she vowed to be one of the voices to make sure something like that never happened again to another child.

She encouraged parents to be the ones to stand up for their children and be their biggest cheerleaders. But the greatest lesson she passed on to us? Her children taught her that people who love you will accept you as you are, which is something we all need to remind ourselves!

Nancy Salas of Simply Nancy 


Next to take the stage was Youtuber Nancy Salas, who shared an emotional childhood story of the time her mother suffered from a terrible stroke and became paralyzed. Through this life changing event at the age of nine, she felt unprepared growing up, as she was sheltered from seeing her mother in this condition. Through this troubling time as a child, she felt she lost her childhood and her family.

Through time she learned how to heal herself inside and bring about this inner peace that was broken for so long.  The lesson she ultimately learned from this tragedy was to prepare your children for the world and the unexpected, embrace your inner child, give love where it is needed and let the pain from the past drive you.

Yvonne Condes of Yvonne in LA


Storytellers continued with Yvonne Condes of Moms LA, who discussed how important it is for Latino children to feel good in their skin. She wanted her sons to understand their Mexican heritage but also to not feel like they didn't belong because of it - something that Yvonne has personally experienced.

She never wanted her sons to feel like they were too Latino or not Latino enough but rather that their Mexican identity is something to be embraced and celebrated. She concluded by saying, "Whatever my boys say about me someday, I hope they say it lovingly and I hope they say it in Spanish!"

Marines Duarte of En Tus Zapatos 


Lastly, Marinés Duarte of En Tus Zapatos Blog shared the story of when she was a little girl with big dreams of moving to the U.S. to study and play tennis. She faced many obstacles before her dreams came true but she did not let those hurdles keep her from achieving what she wanted.

She practiced tennis day and night, every afternoon and weekend in hopes of gaining a sports scholarship. All her hard work paid off. By the age of sixteen, she was ranked top ten in the nation. And year later, she was in the U.S. ready to play tennis.

Her excitement for what she had anticipated for so long quickly diminished, as she found herself not fitting with her new team. While her coach made her time miserable, she kept focused and determined to make it to the national championships. Eventually she did just that for four years in a row. Marinés continues to still hold the school's record till this day .

She concluded our #WeAllGrow Summit 2016 with one key message that we could not agree more with, “Latinas are the perfect combination between a warrior and a princess.”

Through all of our diverse stories and backgrounds our voices as Latinas come together because when one grows, we all grow.

Meet the #WeAllGrow Storytellers Finalists

#WeAllGrow Storytellers
#WeAllGrow Storytellers

We know this community is passionate. We know you're eager to tell your stories and embrace a path to growth.

And yet, we never expected all that to amount into the overwhelming response and eagerness we received from you at the announcement of #WeAllGrow Storytellers, brought to you by Vive Mejor, and Dove Dry Spray's commitment to fully sponsor the six selected Storytellers and their blogger besties to attend the conference with an all-expenses paid experience.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is an innovative new product that women just can’t keep to themselves and want to share with their friends. And share is what sixty-one of you amazing mujeres did!

Sixty-one pitches from Storytellers is what we received. Sixty-one heartfelt, gut-wrenching, soul-revealing, funny, endearing submissions from Latina influencers all over the country.

As tough as it was, a panel comprised of Kathy Cano-Murillo, Dove Dry Spray, Vive Mejor and Latina Bloggers Connect have selected the six finalists who will shine on the Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers stage on Saturday, February 27.

Join us in congratulating them as our inaugural group of #WeAllGrow Storytellers and in thanking Dove Dry Spray and, the one-stop destination for Latinas for expert beauty advice, quick and delicious recipes and more, for making it possible.

Ana Cruz of Rollos de Mujeres


Astrid Rivera of LatinBlah!


Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel


Claudya Martinez of Unknown Mami


Jeannette Kaplun of Hispana Global


Lorraine C. Ladish of Viva Fifty


#WeAllGrow Storytellers, Presented by Vive Mejor, Open for Submissions!

Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers
Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers

At #WeAllGrow, we honor the influencers with a mission to tell their stories and connect communities. As content creators, we know that part of living una vida mejor is telling the stories that are fundamental to our lives with the community that we've built. It feeds the soul and captures our purpose for creating an online presence. Do you consider yourself a storyteller? We hope you do and want to encourage your growth!

To celebrate the art of storytelling, we’re excited for the inaugural launch of #WeAllGrow Storytellers, presented by Vive Mejor, an engaging session that aims to celebrate the best storytellers amongst us while providing them with a platform to elevate their voice.

And because we value your voices, selected #WeAllGrow Storytellers will be fully sponsored by new Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant to attend the conference with an all-expenses paid experience! Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is an innovative new product that women just can’t keep to themselves and want to share with their friends.

That’s right amigas, every one of the six #WeAllGrow Storytellers that will be hand-selected can also invite one blogging friend to be fully sponsored by Dove Dry Spray to attend the conference with them! We want our Storytellers to feel supported as they share their stories, and what better way than having a dependable, caring and trustworthy friend in attendance.

New Dove Dry Spray wants to celebrate that spirit of sharing by partnering with Vive Mejor and #WeAllGrow to bring us Storytellers, bound to be one of the main highlights of the conference. Pero, we know it’s not easy; standing in front of a crowded room can be a daunting – if not exhilarating - and sweat-inducing task. So why not ask your most-beloved and supportive blogging friend to come along and cheer you on?

#WeAllGrow Storytellers will evoke emotions that follow life's reoccurring threads: hope, struggle, inspiration and more. #WeAllGrow Storytellers, presented by Vive Mejor, will be hosted by Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica, a master storyteller of glittery proportions, and Storytelling Advisor. Kathy is a veteran blogger, author with nationally distributed craft products and is recognized for her ability to convey messages of love, hope and friendship. Thanks to Kathy's mentorship (via Skype) and Dove Dry Spray's sponsorship of the six Storytellers and their blogger bestie, our #WeAllGrow Storytellers will be ready to present conference attendees with an experience they won’t soon forget.

Dove Dry Antiperspirant Spray
Dove Dry Antiperspirant Spray

We’re thankful to Vive Mejor and the new Dove Dry Spray for making #WeAllGrow’s vision for Storytellers a reality.

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Are you ready to become a #WeAllGrow Storyteller?

Criteria for #WeAllGrow Storytellers Submissions Process

  • Stories must be original and true
  • 5 to 8 minutes long
  • Can be bilingual, but at least 80% in English
  • Story must be supported by visual elements (pictures projected on a screen to enhance story)
  • Main topics to focus on:
    • Personal Growth
    • Living the best life you can live
    • Friendship
    • Connections
    • Family
    • Food
    • Cultural traditions

Submission process:

  • 1 to 2-minute video or audio pitch sharing the main arc of the story.
  • Video pitch to be sent via dropbox file or private YouTube video link
  • All pitches must be sent by 11:59pm PST on January 9th, 2015

Submit your information and upload or share link to video or audio HERE