Post-Game Snacks with Nesquik

After playing a great game of soccer, snacks are a must for those hungry and thirsty players.  Nesquik is a quick and easy way to get kids the nutrition they need. #QuikWins celebrates the steps parents take to keep their kids healthy and happy. As parents ourselves, we understand the daily food struggles that parents face to ensure that their children receive nutrient-rich foods to live a healthy and active lifestyle. So every snack counts! Our #LatinaBloggers hosted postgame playdates for those little athletes and share their stories, snack ideas and activities. 


Mama Latina Tips

"Now that soccer season is in full swing, we thought it would be fun to have some of our sons’ friends over for a post game soccer party and play date including fun and nourishing soccer snacks for kids."


Grow Up Bilingual

"We hosted a fun soccer play date after the game this weekend and aside from the regular healthy snacks like granola, fresh fruit and cheese we replenish all our guests with Nesquik chocolate milk."


Creative and Healthy Fun Food

Estos inseparables amiguitos se divierten sanamente.  Me da gusto verlos jugar fútbol disfrutando de un maravilloso día.  Algunos les gusta lucir la camiseta de sus equipos y se sienten orgullosos de sus raíces hispanas.


Mama XXI

"Después de una práctica o juego intenso, los estudios sugieren que la leche de chocolate baja en grasa, como Nesquik, puede contener la proporción ideal 3: 1 de carbohidratos-a-proteína que puede ayudar a restaurar los músculos. Este equilibrio adecuado proporciona a tu atleta con el alimento que necesita después de un partido duro."



"Al llevar las meriendas, recordemos que estas deben ser unas que no se dañen por el calor y que se mantengan frescas durante el tiempo que los niños estén jugando. Llevar una hielera es una opción para mantener el Nesquik frío y listo para cuando sea la hora de tomar."

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Celebrating el Fútbol with Cacique


Image by Fabiola of Not Just Baked

The soccer viewing season starts today! Many are anxiously awaiting to see their favorite teams play and rooting for them to make till the end. But what's a soccer match without good company and food to celebrate? #LatinaBloggers have teamed up with Cacique as part of a year-long campaign to create fun game-viewing snacks and meals that represent their favorite teams. Each dish was inspired by the colors of a participating country's flag and by the flavors that country has to offer as well. Check out a few of them below!

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Presley's Pantry 

" With complete concentration on every move the athletes make and where the ball will land comes the desire to distract the mind a little with a snack that will help ease the anxiety.  Something edible to celebrate with or cry with, it has to be good.   The first thing that comes to mind is the soothing taste of Cacique crema, then a hard shell crunch, a little pickled chile, some crumbled queso fresco, and it has to represent the colors of Mexico."

Sweet Life Bake

"When deciding on my menu I knew I wanted a Mexican theme to support our beloved Mexican team. The colors of the Mexican flag - yes!" 

Nibbles and Feasts

"It’s that time!  And with that, I don’t mean summer, I don’t mean weekend, and I don’t mean spa day for me.  I mean, it’s that time, every four years when my husband watches soccer at odd hours of the day or night, or both!  Screaming at the top of his lungs when a goal is scored and I’m in a deep slumber."