The Power of Pine Sol Has You Covered

Life is not about having things, but about living each day to the fullest no matter what. Happiness is not about how much is spent, but about experiencing moments - with your senses, with the heart, and with those around you. But carving time for fun and family while setting those daily house duties aside can be very hard.  Luckily no matter what stinks, Pine-Sol® has you covered and our #LatinaBloggers share some very cool tips and tricks to help keep your house clean with the #PowerOfPinesol. Romina

Romina Tibytt

Hogar con niños limpio y saludable

"Pasos sencillos y eficientes para mantener la casa con niños limpia todos los días, sin perder la cordura en el intento. ¿El secreto? Limpiar a fondo una vez a la semana y mantener durante el resto."

#PowerofPineSol Romina Tibytt


Adriana Escalante Calderón

Aromatiza y desinfecta en 1-2-3

"Aromatizar y desinfectar la casa no requiere de gran esfuerzo. Desde la cocina hasta los baños y dormitorios pueden quedar oliendo delicioso y 99% libres de gérmenes con Pine Sol en 3 fáciles pasos.  No solo es fácil sino económico."

#PowerofPineSol Adriana Eacalante


Michelle Cantu

Get Rid of Pet Messes

"Accidents happen and those mysterious messes left by Fido and Fluffy are not always easy to explain. Get them out without any lingering traces with these easy-to-follow steps."

#PowerofPineSol Michelle Cantu


Staci Salazar

Keep Your Home Clean With Kids

"Keeping a clean house with kids in the home can be a chore and taxing on your sanity. Learn to enjoy your kids more and stress less by doing a little each day."

#PowerofPineSol Staci Salazar

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