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Bringing the Latino Voice to the Forefront With The Latino Voice 2012 Survey

 We have joined a group of Latinos online, led by the relentless and inspiring Kety Esquivel (@KetyE), to make sure the Latino voice in America is heard and counted every day, but especially during this very important Presidential election year. The first part of this mission is to get you to take a very short survey created on the Votifi platform: Latino Vote-Latino Voice 2012 survey.

In Kety's words:

Our community is confronted with a number of issues and as we flex our collective muscles in the American political process I share the views of Votifi Founder Lou Aronson that as the people grow more connected to each other the elected officials will come to them.

Votifi, a mobile polling and analytics company is using their influence and innovative platform to engage communities on political issues in the social and demographic space.

The purpose of the Votifi platform is to connect people based on the issues that matter most within the community, especially since a number of these issues hit home for many.

We urge you to use your powerful bloguera voices online and help us by taking the survey and letting your readers, friends and family know about it. We hope to gather enough responses to generate valuable insights about our community.

Take a minute have your voice counted and another few seconds to share the survey. Click here 

Want it even easier? Click to tweet below:

Make your voice heard & counted! Take the short Latino Vote-Latino Voice 2012 survey: #latinovoice

Thanks for all you do!


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