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Smiling It Forward with Tylenol

Last month, our Los Angeles, New York and Miami #LatinaBloggers were invited to a luncheon event sponsored by Tylenol® and hosted by Dr. Aliza Lifshitz.  The ladies got to experience an afternoon full of blogger friends, delicious food and wonderful talk about how to keep their family healthy during these colder months.  Part of the event was to learn about The Children's Health Fund mobile clinics for disadvantaged children and all the wonderful things they are doing for families across the country. To learn more about Smiling It Forward and The Children's Health Fund check out the following posts. display

One Sunday Morning

"At this brunch, we had a chance to pick the brain of an expert and boy did we. She gave us some great tips on how to keep our babies healthy and we even got to ask her about all those "old wives tales" and myths our abuelas told us. It was great!"


Viva Fashion

"Last week I was invited to the TYLENOL SMILING IT FORWARD Sobremesa event with Dr. Aliza, a renowned physician and founder of Vida y Salud. It was a brunch style event with several bloggers where we got to learn and ask questions on how to keep our little ones smiling and healthy through the cold and flu season."


My Friend Betty

"Unfortunately, not every child in this country has what really should be basic medical care; thankfully, Tylenol is doing their part. We all can too. By supporting Children’s Health Fund, Tylenol can help bring smiles to the thousands of undeserved children who receive high-quality healthcare via their fleet of over 50 mobile medical units across the country."


Lola Blue Style

"And all this is possible through The Children's Fund and Tylenol is one of their advocates who provide the funds needed to make this amazing cause possible."


Pear Mama

"I think this is such a wonderful program. There are so many children in need (even those with working parents) who just can't afford proper healthcare. Now these families can visit one of these "doctor's office on wheels" and take care of their kids."


Estilo Familiar

"La detalles decorativos y arquitectónicos del lugar dieron pie a un almuerzo muy ameno con las compañeras blogueras. Estuvimos conociendo más a fondo el porqué blogueamos y cuál es nuestra visión. Un momento lindo para ponernos al día y sincronizar nuestros pensamientos en nuestras familias y la comunidad que se nutre de la información que le brindamos." To read more about Tylenol® and Smiling It Forward follow #SmilingItForward.

#LatinaBloggers Live Event with Avocados from Mexico

#LatinaBloggers Acovados from Mexico eventOne of the greatest things about our job is that we get to indulge in some of the best, and most authentic, culinary experiences anyone could ask for. Spending an afternoon with wonderfully talented food and lifestyle bloggers while enjoying homemade dishes designed around one specific ingredient that not only speaks to us culturally, but brings us back to our fondest family dinner memories, is what I call an afternoon well-spent.

We took the #ILoveAvocados campaign from the blogosphere, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to the kitchen by inviting several Los Angeles bloggers to experience the delectable taste of Avocados from Mexico. Our host, Maura Hernandez of The Other Side of the Tortilla, spoiled us with her creations - Guacamole with mango and pomegranate, Guacahummus, Agua de Albahaca, paletas and more.

As each dish came out, it was a lot of fun to see (and taste) the versatility of avocados. From spicy to sweet, each bite was a pleasant surprise. Thank you to Avocados from Mexico for being a delightful staple in our kitchens and for being there as we create memories with family and friends!

If you'd like to try some of the recipes we had during our live event, check out The Other Side of the Tortilla. You can also dive into the world of avocado recipes with Avocados from Mexico, follow the #ILoveAvocados hashtag or like them on Facebook!