Fun Summer Hairstyles with JOHNSON'S #NoMoreTangles

Summer braids seem to be the go-to hair style for mom's with little girls.  Why not? They look beautiful! With JOHNSON'S® No More Tangles® Three-step hair care regimen it is as easy as 1-2-3 to get those beautiful locks healthy and easy to style.  Check out all the do's #LatinaBloggers created for some fun in the sun.

No More Tangles Mami Talks

Mami Talks

"For busy outings under the sun I realize I have to be creative with Maya's hair, she needs to have a hairdo that lasts a lot and that looks good plus her hair needs to be protected."

No More Tangles Family Love in My City

Family Love In My City

"But when swimming or heading to my daughter's outdoor soccer camp, my favorite look for her is the braided bun. It keeps her hair secure, out of her way and cute, so she can swim and run her little heart out!" No More Tangles Kinda Silly Mommy

Kinda Silly Mommy

 "Being a Mom means making sure they are always protected and safe. I protect their skin with SPF and moisturizer and to protect their hair we use Johnson's No More Tangles."

No More Tangles Motherhood The Truth

The Truth About Motherhood

"I want my girls to remember their childhood summers with fond memories of sleeping in, lazy days spent playing in backyard tents, bike riding, road trips and sweet memories of their mommy brushing their hair as we have long talks about life and not that I pulled their hair and made them cry."

No More Tangles Reel Mama

Reel Mama

"Summer is time for fun in the sun. Whether it’s in the pool, at the beach or in the sprinklers, water play is the favorite summer pastime for cooling down and having fun. But all that time in the sun, plus the salt and chlorine, can be hard on our daughters’ hair, causing it to be brittle and dry with frizzy flyaways.”

Looking for more adorable hairstyles you can create?  Check out the hashtag #NoMoreTangles or you watch video tutorials on the JOHNSON'S® Baby Channel.

Spring & Summer Hairstyles with JOHNSON'S® #NoMoreTangles

Most mothers dream about picking cute outfits for their little girls and doing their hair with bows and braids.  But if you have a little girl you know it's not all sugar and spice when brushing out tangles.  Mornings can be a struggle when getting them ready and beautiful.  Luckily, JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TANGLES offers a wonderful alternative to simply brushing with water.  These #LatinaBloggers know how important it is to keep their little girls' hair healthy and ready for any style.  Looking for some cute hair dos for  your princess?  Check out these adorable little models that were selected for our #NoMoreTangles campaign and their hair makeovers.


Mami Talks

"Not long ago I was asking for advice and I didn't know how to do many hairstyles on Maya, but now I am learning tons and part of it thanks to these wonderful new products from Johnson's® new line No More Tangles®."

No More Tangles Little Inspiration

Litte Inspiration

Bonding with my daughter as much as possible is so important to me, it’s our “girl time” I always look forward to. One special bonding moment is when I brush her hair every night after a nice bubble bath.


Hott Mama In The City

"Emma lee loves having long hair that she can have fun trying new hair styles with. It's important that we take good care of her hair so it's healthy, shiny and easy to manage. We use JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® line of hair care products because it's formulated with hair conditioners that gently moisturize as they cleanse, to nourish hair as it grows."


Casa Moncada

 "It has become my “go-to” hair style for special occasions because it is easy and all you need is some Johnson’s detangling spray and leave in conditioner. You do not need any heating tools or hair spray!"


El Mundo De Patricia

"Sin duda que Johnson’s® No More Tangles® se ha convertido en un producto escencial a la hora de cuidar del cabello de mi niña, facilitándonos mucho las mañanas de peinados antes de ir a la escuela y antes de dormir."

Want to see more? You can view some step-by-step videos with lifestyle expert Marines Duarte on the Latina Bloggers Connect and the Johnson's Baby YouTube channels. Get some inspiration for your very own style on our Pinterest board.  Be sure to follow #NoMoreTangles for more adorable looks.