Feel Orgullosa to Blend the Best of Your Traditions for the Perfect Celebration

During the winter holidays, we were all bombarded with so many fun and creative ideas, projects and recipes from our #LatinaBloggers! Orgullosa asked some of our bloggers to share their holiday celebrations and  favorite Latino-inspired recipes. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! Our DIY creatives shared their adorable projects, like present wrapping and how to decorate your office space, while the cooking experts made our mouths water with so many sweet and savory treats. You can check out some of their creations below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.11.29 PM

Little Inspiration

"Have you ever thought of using paper towels to wrap gifts? Add a little color by letting the kids paint over the Bounty paper towels, let dry and use to wrap small gifts."

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.42.41 AM

Lola Blue Style

"I am so happy to share that I've partnered with Orgullosa to share my tips on how to decorate your space this holiday season. I love making my home feel festive and cozy all year round but especially during this time of the year."

And let's not forget about some of delectable dishes that make the holidays the best time of the year! 


Venezuelan Polvorosas Cookies from Mommyhoods Diary


Coquito Puertorriqueño from


Chipotle Bacon 7 Layer Dip from Hott Mama in the City

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Holiday Tradiciones Call For Snail Mail

The holidays are the perfect occasion to connect and celebrate with friends and family. It's a time to give a new touch to your abuela's pernil recipe, track Santa as he leaves the North Pole and dance the night away. It's also a time where your two worlds collide, mixing and matching la cultura de allá con la de acá. Hallmark helps us celebrate important occasions, connect with friends and relatives, cultivate traditions and raise families in ways that are uniquely our own. One thing I've learned over the years is that as much as we love email, nothing is better than finding your mailbox full of Holiday cards.

¡Viva el snail-mail!

To help us celebrate the Holidays, 26 bloggers shared their Tradiciones, find out more following hashtag #HallmarkTradiciones.

Krista Sugar Love Chic

Sugar Love Chic

"Once Noche Buena comes along, which is a Latin “the night before Christmas” celebration, I deliver my cards personally to my abuelos and primos. And for those few out of town loved ones, sending holiday cards is one of my favorite past times. #Snailmail is making a come back people! Or maybe it was never gone. If you want to guarantee a smile on someone’s face, send them a holiday card. I know I’m always happy to know someone was thinking of me during this wonderful season."


Una Colombiana en California

"Como somos una familia colombo-estadounidense, la Navidad es uno de los momentos en los que las tradiciones más arraigadas salen a relucir. Y ahora con dos niños en la casa, se están celebrando aun con mayor intensidad, fechas especiales como estas."


The Penny Closet

"I love that Hallmark has the Spanish cards so that I can send them to my family in Mexico, wether it be a birthday, holiday or a little just “because card”. These Hallmark cards have a variety of options in Spanish and English and sending them to my family just always brightens up my day and makes their day better when they receive them with a special note from me. I love to decorate the cards and make some cute drawings or send them a cute picture of us together, to remember a fun time that we had."

Jennifer Priest

"With Hallmark, we can send messages that are funny, lighthearted, religious or heartfelt in both English and Spanish. Hallmark cards speak to the language that everyone understands — the heart, whether it’s for mama, papa, los abuelos, brother, sisters, the kids, or other loved ones."

Check out Hallmark's collection of Holiday and everyday cards, in English y español here.