Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Have you ever wanted to do something crazy with your hair, but never had the guts to? Dove wants women to feel empowered to style their hair how ever they want without the worry of hair damage and ensure hair is a source of confidence that pushes her forward and never holds her back. Dove Regenerative Nourishment with Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex goes beyond repair to regenerate the healthy look and feel of hair, eliminating tell-tale signs of extreme damage to reveal hair that’s perfectly nourished & 100% visibly damage free. So, what are you waiting for? Get styling! Here are some idea starters for great hair this summer! Be sure to share you hairstyles using the hashtag #MyHairStory.

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

En Tus Zapatos

"Todas sabemos que nuestro cabello puede ser sinónimo de confianza, ¿no les pasa que cuando tienen su cabello limpio, brillante y saludable se sienten mejor? "

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

The Fashion Muse

"My hair story is short from boring....I've been blonde, brunette, red, & even had pink streaks at one point (yes, I've had my tacky stages too). I've never been scared to take risks with my hair and those who know me would definitely be a witness to that! Some days I wake up and I want long luscious hair, meanwhile on some other days I just want to sport the chic bob (I'm so erratic when it comes to my hair!)"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Carolina Ortiz

"Hace 2 meses me corte el pelo para ser mas practica con el arreglo, ademas que tenia las puntas que daban vergüenza. Cambiar de look también implica un poco de experimentación con peinados, al menos para mi que me gusta mantenerme el pelo organizado y esto para mi no se refiere a pelo cepillado, sino en peinados, trenzas o coletas lindas."

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

MV Trends

"I need to admit I have dyed my hair to keep it light blond and I love the curly iron! I know that is not good for the hair, that's why I always use products that can help me repair the damage caused by the heat and color. I recently started using Dove's Regenerative Nourishment line and I love it, it is infused with red algae + keratin nutri-complex which makes your hair looking stunning all the time!"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Lipstick and Brunch

"My latest obsession and signature color would have to be pink. I discovered this is the hair color I have been waiting to try all my life! Pink hair is fashionable, feminine but not too girly, it’s daring but still sweet."

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Dove Silky Hair Dare #MujerDove

Oils are a miraculous, age-old beauty secret that are known to provide countless benefits to hair. However, one out of four women are unsure how to use oils on their hair and many have concerns it will leave it weighed down or looking greasy. The New Dove® Pure Care Dry Oil collection is designed to provide hair with nourishment and silkiness without weighing hair down. We asked six fabulous #LatinaBloggers to take the Dove® Silky Hair Dare, and here is what they had to say!silky-hair-dare

Living Mi Vida Loca

"I’ve been a Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products for months now. I have super frizzy hair and I need all the help I can get. Couple that with my ultra busy schedule and my need for a quick fix, well Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products just make sense" Kika-Collage

De Tacones y Más

"Vean en estas fotos tomadas en el centro de San José el brillo y manejabilidad de mi cabello mientras corría por la fuentes de la plaza central"


Curves and Chaos

"Maybe you should only read this post if you really want silky soft hair—just saying. Personally, I’m a big fan. I’m that one person who’s always touching and running their fingers through their hair. And I love testing out different products to see what will and won’t work"

jasminmakeup1 mujerdove

Jasmin Makeup 1

"Por eso les presento la nueva lines de Dove® Pure Care Dry Oil. Una formula no grasosa que fomenta la sedosidad y el brillo para todo tipo de cabello. Me encanto el aroma tan rico. Te invito a que cuando vayas a la farmacia te atrevas a abrir la tapa y olerlo, se que te encantara"


A Love Affair with Fashion

In the shower, I use Dove's Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Both of these are infused with African Macadamia Oil and Coconut Oil. They nourish and condition the hair without making it feel greasy or heavy. Love the smell too! In the past, I've been skeptical of using products with oil because I was nervous that it would make my hair look too greasy. Thankfully though, that is not an issue with these products!



"La verdad es que pude sentir la diferencia en un par de días, y fui feliz porque mi melena lució de 10 en la gala a la que asistí en Washington"


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