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The Benefits of Soybean Oil In Everyday Cooking

Soybean oil is one of the most versatile ingredients in your pantry. Though you may not realize it, there’s a good chance soybean oil is part of your cooking routine. In fact, soybean oil accounts for approximately 55% of vegetable oil used in U.S. homes! Just check the ingredients label to be sure.  Some of our #LatinaBloggers share their #SoyParaSoy recipes, stories and all the benefits of using this oil. Flourless Choconut Cake - #SoyParaSoy

From Brazil to You

"And not only that… unsweetened cocoa powder and dark chocolate (loaded with nutrients and antioxidants) combined with soybean oil make this cake a healthy yet scrumptious dessert."

Baked Tostones with Guasacaca Sauce - #SoyParaSoy

Living Sweet Moments

"Both dishes are made with soybean oil. One of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. And guess what? A lot of you already have it inside your cupboard."

Chicken and Linguica Taquitos Dorados Recipe - #SoyParaSoy

Mama Latina Tips

"I like to crisp them up using soybean oil. It’s a great choice because it has the benefit of a very clean, neutral flavor, and doesn’t compromise the taste of traditional dishes. Also, it doesn’t hurt that soybean oil is a great source of vitamin E and has 0 grams of trans fats per serving."

Beer Battered Cauliflower Tacos - #SoyParaSoy

Adriana's Best Recipes

"In fact my mom loved soybean oil she was always looking for ways to offer meals that were better for us and soybean oil is a good option since it contains 0g trans fats per serving, serves as a principal source of  omega‐3s which can help reduce blood  pressure and prevent heart disease."

Share Your Label - #SoyParaSoy

Mommyhood's Diary

"The United Soybean Board invites you to check your label and upload a photo of your oil ingredients label highlighting its soybean oil content for a chance to win $100 gift cards.  Visit to share your labels."


Check out the Soy Connection website for more information on all the benefits of soybean oil.