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#LoveYourHair with Dove

It's no secret that Latinas have beautiful hair. We have an array of colors, textures and lengths and Dove wants to create a world where hair is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Through research they have found that there is a narrow depiction of what “beautiful hair” is traditionally thought to look like, which is why they want to encourage all women to love their hair whether is straight or curly, purple or black. By showcasing all hair types, textures, styles & colors we can change these standards and empower more women to love their hair. Three of our beautiful Latina bloggers were invited to try Dove products and share with us why they love their hair.


Cindy Limon

"Aprendí a querer mi cabello sobre todas las cosas. a sentirme segura de cualquier color que lo tenga, por que todo depende de la actitud que mostremos, seamos felices que la vida es hermosa. Ama tu cabello, cuídalo y se feliz."

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Beauty By Nena

"Aunque me imagino que para muchas es difícil de imaginarse el sufrimiento y la ansiedad que pase dolo por causa de mi cabello, se que al mismo tiempo hay muchas que se ven reflejadas en mi historia y están pensando 'si así me siento yo!'... Fue entonces que empece a sentirme con mucha confianza de soltarme el cabello"

Daily Curlz

"It took me a long time to get along with and fall in love with my hair. Now every special event is the appropriate moment to show the world that my hair is beautiful and it is better than yours."

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Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Have you ever wanted to do something crazy with your hair, but never had the guts to? Dove wants women to feel empowered to style their hair how ever they want without the worry of hair damage and ensure hair is a source of confidence that pushes her forward and never holds her back. Dove Regenerative Nourishment with Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex goes beyond repair to regenerate the healthy look and feel of hair, eliminating tell-tale signs of extreme damage to reveal hair that’s perfectly nourished & 100% visibly damage free. So, what are you waiting for? Get styling! Here are some idea starters for great hair this summer! Be sure to share you hairstyles using the hashtag #MyHairStory.

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

En Tus Zapatos

"Todas sabemos que nuestro cabello puede ser sinónimo de confianza, ¿no les pasa que cuando tienen su cabello limpio, brillante y saludable se sienten mejor? "

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

The Fashion Muse

"My hair story is short from boring....I've been blonde, brunette, red, & even had pink streaks at one point (yes, I've had my tacky stages too). I've never been scared to take risks with my hair and those who know me would definitely be a witness to that! Some days I wake up and I want long luscious hair, meanwhile on some other days I just want to sport the chic bob (I'm so erratic when it comes to my hair!)"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Carolina Ortiz

"Hace 2 meses me corte el pelo para ser mas practica con el arreglo, ademas que tenia las puntas que daban vergüenza. Cambiar de look también implica un poco de experimentación con peinados, al menos para mi que me gusta mantenerme el pelo organizado y esto para mi no se refiere a pelo cepillado, sino en peinados, trenzas o coletas lindas."

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

MV Trends

"I need to admit I have dyed my hair to keep it light blond and I love the curly iron! I know that is not good for the hair, that's why I always use products that can help me repair the damage caused by the heat and color. I recently started using Dove's Regenerative Nourishment line and I love it, it is infused with red algae + keratin nutri-complex which makes your hair looking stunning all the time!"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Lipstick and Brunch

"My latest obsession and signature color would have to be pink. I discovered this is the hair color I have been waiting to try all my life! Pink hair is fashionable, feminine but not too girly, it’s daring but still sweet."

For more hair styling ideas follow #MyHairStory or visit Be sure to check out the Dove Love Your Hair video!

Poetry and Inspiration with Dove Hair

Dove Love Your Curls Earlier this year Dove Hair launched the Love Your Curls campaign, which featured real girls and women around the world sharing their own curly hair stories. It's an amazingly beautiful and empowering campaign, and we are honored to be a part of it.

The campaign also comes with a lovely book filled with poetry by award winning author Taiye Selasi and illustration by renowned illustrator Annick Poirier. We love so much and think it would be a lovely gift for that special curly hair girl in your life. You can download and personalize it here! .

Our #LatinaBloggers and #LatinaCreators know the curly hair story all too well, and shared what they're passing down to their girls and their own journey of loving their curls.