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Dove wants to give FOUR of you the opportunity to attend our sold-out #WeAllGrow Summit 2019!

70% of women still don’t feel represented in media and advertising. We are a diverse community of Latinas – join Dove and #WeAllGrow in helping to expand the definition of beauty. #ShowUs your images of real, inclusive beauty as the strong, confident Changemakers you are.


  • One ticket to #WeAllGrow Summit 2019 (does not include hotel and travel) for four winners.


Share an original picture on Instagram that celebrates real beauty by using the hashtag #ShowUs and share in the caption what real, diverse and inclusive beauty means to you.


  • Contest is open to social media influencers, content creators and creative entrepreneurs with a public Instagram account.

  • You must be 18 years or older and a US resident to enter.

  • You must submit via a public Instagram feed.

  • Posts must be featured on your Instagram page main feed and not part of Instagram Stories.

  • You must tag @Dove and @weallgrowlatina and include these hashtags: #ShowUs #DoveUS #WeAllGrow and #WAGgiveaway.

  • You may enter up to five times per day with original posts.

  • All entries must be posted by 11:59 p.m. ET on April 5, 2019 to be considered.

Click HERE for full rules and regulations.


Photos credit from left to right: Peyton Fulford, Constanza Hevia H., Agostina Valle, Isabella Dias / #ShowUs / Getty Images.

Shake, Spray and Discover with DOVE

Recently #LatinaBloggers spent the day with DOVE discovering the arts in the beautiful city of LA with host Yarel Ramos. We kicked off the morning exploring the 20th century Latin American galleries at the Los Angeles Count Museum of Art, which is quite extensive. The best part about it? Marveling at Diego and Frida's work as amigas. 

After perusing our favorite works of art, we headed over to La Guelagetza to test out tamale making skills. With the  help of owners Paola and Bricia, I'd say we did pretty well. They also served a few dishes featuring their favorite mole sauce.  Can you say decadent? 

Thank you to Dove for hosting such a fun event. Deodorant is a key part of every woman’s daily beauty routine, which is why it's so important to use one you can trust to keep feeling fresh and confident as you go about exploring your passions and interests.

With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, you can just #ShakeSprayGo and have the assurance of 48-hour protection that goes on instantly dry and cares for skin with Dove ¼ moisturizers. One less thing to worry about!

Check out our adventures here

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Have you ever wanted to do something crazy with your hair, but never had the guts to? Dove wants women to feel empowered to style their hair how ever they want without the worry of hair damage and ensure hair is a source of confidence that pushes her forward and never holds her back. Dove Regenerative Nourishment with Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex goes beyond repair to regenerate the healthy look and feel of hair, eliminating tell-tale signs of extreme damage to reveal hair that’s perfectly nourished & 100% visibly damage free. So, what are you waiting for? Get styling! Here are some idea starters for great hair this summer! Be sure to share you hairstyles using the hashtag #MyHairStory.

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

En Tus Zapatos

"Todas sabemos que nuestro cabello puede ser sinónimo de confianza, ¿no les pasa que cuando tienen su cabello limpio, brillante y saludable se sienten mejor? "

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

The Fashion Muse

"My hair story is short from boring....I've been blonde, brunette, red, & even had pink streaks at one point (yes, I've had my tacky stages too). I've never been scared to take risks with my hair and those who know me would definitely be a witness to that! Some days I wake up and I want long luscious hair, meanwhile on some other days I just want to sport the chic bob (I'm so erratic when it comes to my hair!)"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Carolina Ortiz

"Hace 2 meses me corte el pelo para ser mas practica con el arreglo, ademas que tenia las puntas que daban vergüenza. Cambiar de look también implica un poco de experimentación con peinados, al menos para mi que me gusta mantenerme el pelo organizado y esto para mi no se refiere a pelo cepillado, sino en peinados, trenzas o coletas lindas."

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

MV Trends

"I need to admit I have dyed my hair to keep it light blond and I love the curly iron! I know that is not good for the hair, that's why I always use products that can help me repair the damage caused by the heat and color. I recently started using Dove's Regenerative Nourishment line and I love it, it is infused with red algae + keratin nutri-complex which makes your hair looking stunning all the time!"

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Feel Empowered to Express Yourself #MyHairStory

Lipstick and Brunch

"My latest obsession and signature color would have to be pink. I discovered this is the hair color I have been waiting to try all my life! Pink hair is fashionable, feminine but not too girly, it’s daring but still sweet."

For more hair styling ideas follow #MyHairStory or visit Be sure to check out the Dove Love Your Hair video!

3 Beauty Tips For A Big Night Out

Getting Ready For Girls Night Out With Dove
Getting Ready For Girls Night Out With Dove

Since its 2015 introduction to the U.S., Dove Dry Spray has taken the beauty world by storm as a trending product that has made its way into more than 3 million households to date with momentum continuing into 2016. Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant goes on instantly dry while going beyond 48-hour odor and wetness protection to provide ¼ moisturizers for softer, smoother underarms. Three #LatinaBloggers shared how they incorporated Dove Dry Spray into their beauty routine as they got ready to attend an awards show in Miami. Even more #LatinaBloggers tuned in to watch the awards show from home with their fellow blogueras as they chatted beauty trends and Dove Dry Spray. Check out their tips and what they had to say below!

Kelly's Closet

"One thing I always like to do before an important event is exfoliate my face followed by using a face mask to prepare my skin for a flawless makeup application." Continue Reading ...

Getting Ready with My Girls and Dove
Getting Ready with My Girls and Dove

Nany's Kloset

"One of my favorite tips when getting ready for a big event is to smoothly rub two ice cubes on my face for a couple of minutes (focus on the eye area, especially if you had a busy day before and couldn't get enough beauty sleep). This also shrinks your pores and your makeup will look flawless all night." Continue Reading ... 

Girls Night Out - The Fashion Poet
Girls Night Out - The Fashion Poet

The Fashion Poet 

"Break a sweat by squeezing in a good workout the same day. It’ll keep you energized for the evening & Dove Dry Spray will keep you feeling confident throughout." Continue Reading ... 

Gypsy In The City
Gypsy In The City

Gypsy In The City

"If you are heavy handed with deodorant like me, you will love the fact that Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant does not leave behind visible residue. No more ruined clothes!" Continue Reading ...

Dove Dallas Bloggers
Dove Dallas Bloggers

Ashes Into Fashion 

"During life's biggest moments, Dove Dry Spray is a must have fashion accessory that keeps you feeling confident and fresh all day!" Continue Reading ... 

#WeAllGrow Field Trips Inspired Moments of Awe

#WeAllGrow in Long Beach, CA
#WeAllGrow in Long Beach, CA

#WeAllGrow Summit started with several magical Field Trips filled with enough moments of awe to last a lifetime. Dolphins included!

Our sponsors were so excited to meet everyone and connect with the influencers who have been killing it online (Yes, you!). Several of them joined us in organizing an unforgettable day of tours, sightseeing, relaxation and a few mimosas! Because everyone knows you can’t have a fab day without a bit of champagne. #WeAllGrow sponsors also know that the only way to create long-lasting relationships is by illustrating the mission behind their brands with meaningful experiences, which are rooted in empowerment, cultura y familia.


Select attendees were treated with a cruise to the Catalina Islands for a day of beach-front relaxation, a healthy, beautifying lunch, refreshing mimosas, and yoga under a gorgeous sunlit sky (with SPF, of course!). With scenic views in every corner and a beautiful dolphin sighting to complete the day, Neutrogena’s #VerasQueEsPosible mantra came to life.

Neutrogena Field Trips #WeAllGrow #veraqueesposible
Neutrogena Field Trips #WeAllGrow #veraqueesposible

Transitions + VisionWorks

Transitions and VisionWorks kept the day stylish with a fun tour of Los Angeles with hosts, celebrity eyewear designers Coco + Breezy! Attendees learned all about the twins’ humble beginnings in the eyewear industry and connected over a delicious vegan Mexican lunch at the popular LA restaurant, Gracias Madre. Coco and Breezy set the tone for the rest of the day as they DJ’d from their phones on the tour bus and danced with attendees as they headed back to the studio for their very own photoshoot with Transitions + VisionWorks. Latina bloggers and creators were treated to a styling session and finished off their look with a chic pair of Transitions lenses from VisionWorks, perfect for their professional street style photoshoot.

Transitions at #WeAllGrow
Transitions at #WeAllGrow

Long Beach Conventions and Visitor Bureau

As if the #WeAllGrow Summit and Latina Bloggers Connect teams didn’t suffer enough FOMO (we had meetings in lieu of trips), a group of over 40 attendees got to take in the beautiful sites of our host city, Long Beach. They started the day off with a boat tour that revisited the history of Long Beach’s scenic harbor. They were able to sit back and chat with each other while enjoying a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline and world famous Queen Mary. Shortly after their boat tour they headed to the Museum of Latin American Art located in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach. While there, Latina Bloggers had the opportunity to view MOLAA At Twenty 1996-2016 Exhibition, an extensive collection of U.S. Latino and Chicano art. A short bus ride over next led them to the Aquarium of the Pacific for a delicious lunch with a view and a VIP behind-the-scenes guided tour of the aquarium. Lastly, it wouldn’t have been a true tour of Long Beach without visiting the historic Queen Mary. Attendees wrapped up their daylong tour of Long Beach with a guided tour of the legendary ship.

#LongBeach and #WeAllGrow Summit
#LongBeach and #WeAllGrow Summit

Disney Parks

Disney Parks celebrated 60 years of magic with #WeAllGrow Summit attendees! Guests explored both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure and enjoyed rides like Star Tours and Radiator Springs Racers. Rides were followed by a beautiful day listening to the Mickey Mouse marching band and #Disneyland60 celebrations throughout the park. The day ended with a group photo of all the bloggers and creators that attended this fabulous field trip.

disney parks at #weallgrow summit
disney parks at #weallgrow summit


There’s nothing quite like visiting the YouTube Space in Los Angeles to really bring the power of its influence to life. #LatinaCreators were excited to see and experience the place they’ve virtually known and loved for so long! Guests were once again blown away by the size of YouTube Space LA and the amount of resources available to those who wish to create a channel. Many came back from their trip ready to step up their game by perfecting their SEO, upping their video content and making better use of YouTube’s analytics to further understand their audiences.

YouTube Space LA #WeAllGrow
YouTube Space LA #WeAllGrow


Mazda knows that #DrivingMatters, especially when you’re cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway. Attendees drove down Ocean Drive to Huntington Beach Pier in style in the brand new CX-5 before heading to the award-winning Parker’s Lighthouse for a seafood lunch in Long Beach. The day ended with a tour of the beautiful and culturally rich Museum of Latin American Art.

#DrivingMatters with Mazda #WeAllGrow
#DrivingMatters with Mazda #WeAllGrow

As you can see, there’s something about driving a Mazda that makes you whip your hair back and forth!

For more behind the scenes fun, check out our Snapchat story!

Setting the Beauty Bar with Dove

Harsh winter weather can leave skin dry and irritated looking, but the right skincare routine can reveal healthy-looking skin and it starts with choosing the right cleanser. For this campaign we invited a few #LatinaBloggers to ditch the soap, use Dove Beauty Bar exclusively for one week and share their results. Dove Beauty Bar maintains skin appearance, texture, clarity, even tone and brightness over time for more radiant skin! Check out what these lovely ladies had to say after a few days of using the Dove Beauty Bar Setting the Beauty Bar with Dove - Latina Bloggers Connect #SettingtheBeautyBar

Lola Blue Style

"My skin feels soft and radiant and simply: healthy! And a little beauty trick that I discovered... use it to wash your face daily and you will see amazing results."

Setting the Beauty Bar with Dove - Latina Bloggers Connect #SettingtheBeautyBar

The Penny Closet

"The Dove White Beauty Bar is Dermatologist recommended and has a blend of mild cleanses and ¼ moisturizing cream for that soft, smooth and more radiant skin."


Setting the Beauty Bar with Dove - Latina Bloggers Connect #SettingtheBeautyBar

Rossana Vanoni

"And as the seasons change, so should your skincare routine. And as we all know winter can be brutal on our skin. That is why is stopped using soap and started using Dove Beauty Bar and can see the difference. "  

Setting the Beauty Bar with Dove - Latina Bloggers Connect #SettingtheBeautyBar

Alana Marie Style

"I just love how cute the Dove logo on the beauty bar is! After using the soap for about a week my skin felt radiant and smooth after every use. It felt nice to dry myself off and not feel dry and irritated. I ran my hands down my legs and wow what a difference."

Setting the Beauty Bar with Dove - Latina Bloggers Connect #SettingtheBeautyBar

Super Glam News

"Soaps often strip the skin of essential nutrients and end up drying out the skin. Luckily Dove is not a soap and is instead proven to be more gentle and mild than soap. The Dove Beauty Bar is all I’ve been using on my body and face. Yes, face too!"

You can too can get to #SettingtheBeautyBar and follow Dove on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

#SpeakBeautiful with Dove Keynote Panel at #WeAllGrow Summit 2016


#WeAllGrow Summit 2016 is proud to partner with Dove to present three moments of awe that will elevate your inner core, provide a bit of self-care and inspire you to speak with beauty and positivism.

The Dove Suite

Dove invites you to visit the Dove Suite, located at the Luna/Solstice Room for a refresher on the latest hair & skincare trends and to meet our beauty experts, renowned hairstylist Mario Anton and board­certified dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba. Stop by for a personalized dry styling session and Beauty Bar manicure to celebrate your unique beauty. Feel free to relax on our outdoor terrace, taking in the gorgeous waterfront views, while enjoying refreshments and having fun with your fellow bloggers in our photobooth. We’re excited for you to join us in supporting #MujerDove, our message of confidence, empowerment and beauty for Latinas.

Crown Yourself in Confidence: Uncovering the Power of Positive Words

Beautiful. Ugly. Smart. Stupid. The power of words can have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world – whether it’s in real life or online. Too often, social media bombards women and girls with negative content that can damage their self-­esteem. Dove research shows 8 out of 10 women encounter negative comments on social media that critique women’s looks. With this in mind, Dove set out to overturn the pervasive online negativity and embarked on a partnership with Twitter to encourage women to #SpeakBeautiful and turn ugly tweets into beautiful, positive ones. Launching the campaign on Hollywood’s biggest night when online negativity was at its worst, Dove developed a truly unique campaign that leveraged primary research and insights, advocacy partnerships and deep influencer engagement, setting out to help shape the way future generations express themselves online. Since launch, Dove has continued to reach thousands of women and girls with #SpeakBeautiful, truly making social media a more positive place for all.

During Saturday morning’s keynote, therapist and life-­coach, Christine Gutierrez, will explore the journey to finding inner confidence and building self-­esteem in various aspects of our lives – from our careers, being mothers, how we feel about our bodies and how we translate our confidence to the world. After the keynote address, Christine will lead a panel featuring Dove Self­-Esteem Experts, Dania Peguero and Rosie Molinary, along with influential bloggers, Elayna Fernandez and Carolina Ortiz. Each panelist will provide their perspective on the importance of speaking positively and offering solutions for how we can all ignite positive change online and in the world.

Dove #SpeakBeautiful Workshop

Dove Self-­Esteem Educators, Rosie Molinary and Dania Peguero, will lead an inspiring workshop for 50 girls from the local Boys & Girls Club in Long Beach, CA.

The workshop ties to the Dove #SpeakBeautiful campaign that encourages women and girls to realize the role our online words play in impacting our confidence and self-­esteem. Dove research shows 8 out of 10 women encounter negative comments on social media that critique women’s looks. Furthermore, women do not realize messages they post are contributing to negative mindsets and behavior about beauty online. Only 9% of women admit to posting negative comments on social media.

How can we help the next generation ignite positive change online? Dove invites #WeAllGrow attendees to join our workshop – to serve as mentors and to interact with girls from our partner organization. To date, Dove has reached 17 million girls globally. We look forward to working with you to impact more lives in our local communities.

Meet the #WeAllGrow Storytellers Finalists

#WeAllGrow Storytellers
#WeAllGrow Storytellers

We know this community is passionate. We know you're eager to tell your stories and embrace a path to growth.

And yet, we never expected all that to amount into the overwhelming response and eagerness we received from you at the announcement of #WeAllGrow Storytellers, brought to you by Vive Mejor, and Dove Dry Spray's commitment to fully sponsor the six selected Storytellers and their blogger besties to attend the conference with an all-expenses paid experience.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is an innovative new product that women just can’t keep to themselves and want to share with their friends. And share is what sixty-one of you amazing mujeres did!

Sixty-one pitches from Storytellers is what we received. Sixty-one heartfelt, gut-wrenching, soul-revealing, funny, endearing submissions from Latina influencers all over the country.

As tough as it was, a panel comprised of Kathy Cano-Murillo, Dove Dry Spray, Vive Mejor and Latina Bloggers Connect have selected the six finalists who will shine on the Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers stage on Saturday, February 27.

Join us in congratulating them as our inaugural group of #WeAllGrow Storytellers and in thanking Dove Dry Spray and, the one-stop destination for Latinas for expert beauty advice, quick and delicious recipes and more, for making it possible.

Ana Cruz of Rollos de Mujeres


Astrid Rivera of LatinBlah!


Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel


Claudya Martinez of Unknown Mami


Jeannette Kaplun of Hispana Global


Lorraine C. Ladish of Viva Fifty


#WeAllGrow Storytellers, Presented by Vive Mejor, Open for Submissions!

Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers
Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers

At #WeAllGrow, we honor the influencers with a mission to tell their stories and connect communities. As content creators, we know that part of living una vida mejor is telling the stories that are fundamental to our lives with the community that we've built. It feeds the soul and captures our purpose for creating an online presence. Do you consider yourself a storyteller? We hope you do and want to encourage your growth!

To celebrate the art of storytelling, we’re excited for the inaugural launch of #WeAllGrow Storytellers, presented by Vive Mejor, an engaging session that aims to celebrate the best storytellers amongst us while providing them with a platform to elevate their voice.

And because we value your voices, selected #WeAllGrow Storytellers will be fully sponsored by new Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant to attend the conference with an all-expenses paid experience! Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is an innovative new product that women just can’t keep to themselves and want to share with their friends.

That’s right amigas, every one of the six #WeAllGrow Storytellers that will be hand-selected can also invite one blogging friend to be fully sponsored by Dove Dry Spray to attend the conference with them! We want our Storytellers to feel supported as they share their stories, and what better way than having a dependable, caring and trustworthy friend in attendance.

New Dove Dry Spray wants to celebrate that spirit of sharing by partnering with Vive Mejor and #WeAllGrow to bring us Storytellers, bound to be one of the main highlights of the conference. Pero, we know it’s not easy; standing in front of a crowded room can be a daunting – if not exhilarating - and sweat-inducing task. So why not ask your most-beloved and supportive blogging friend to come along and cheer you on?

#WeAllGrow Storytellers will evoke emotions that follow life's reoccurring threads: hope, struggle, inspiration and more. #WeAllGrow Storytellers, presented by Vive Mejor, will be hosted by Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica, a master storyteller of glittery proportions, and Storytelling Advisor. Kathy is a veteran blogger, author with nationally distributed craft products and is recognized for her ability to convey messages of love, hope and friendship. Thanks to Kathy's mentorship (via Skype) and Dove Dry Spray's sponsorship of the six Storytellers and their blogger bestie, our #WeAllGrow Storytellers will be ready to present conference attendees with an experience they won’t soon forget.

Dove Dry Antiperspirant Spray
Dove Dry Antiperspirant Spray

We’re thankful to Vive Mejor and the new Dove Dry Spray for making #WeAllGrow’s vision for Storytellers a reality.

New Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry (for a cleaner feel) and leaves underarms soft and smooth. It also offers the brand’s signature ¼ moisturizers to provide all the care of Dove in a surprising new Dry Spray, leaving underarms feeling soft and smooth while providing 48-hour odor and wetness protection. serves as the one-stop destination for Latinas for expert beauty advice, quick and delicious recipes and more - everything needed to live fabulously better. Check out their enhanced recipes, cooking tips, and up-to-date beauty and lifestyle solutions from trusted brands by visiting them at, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Are you ready to become a #WeAllGrow Storyteller?

Criteria for #WeAllGrow Storytellers Submissions Process

  • Stories must be original and true
  • 5 to 8 minutes long
  • Can be bilingual, but at least 80% in English
  • Story must be supported by visual elements (pictures projected on a screen to enhance story)
  • Main topics to focus on:
    • Personal Growth
    • Living the best life you can live
    • Friendship
    • Connections
    • Family
    • Food
    • Cultural traditions

Submission process:

  • 1 to 2-minute video or audio pitch sharing the main arc of the story.
  • Video pitch to be sent via dropbox file or private YouTube video link
  • All pitches must be sent by 11:59pm PST on January 9th, 2015

Submit your information and upload or share link to video or audio HERE

Dove Silky Hair Dare #MujerDove

Oils are a miraculous, age-old beauty secret that are known to provide countless benefits to hair. However, one out of four women are unsure how to use oils on their hair and many have concerns it will leave it weighed down or looking greasy. The New Dove® Pure Care Dry Oil collection is designed to provide hair with nourishment and silkiness without weighing hair down. We asked six fabulous #LatinaBloggers to take the Dove® Silky Hair Dare, and here is what they had to say!silky-hair-dare

Living Mi Vida Loca

"I’ve been a Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products for months now. I have super frizzy hair and I need all the help I can get. Couple that with my ultra busy schedule and my need for a quick fix, well Dove Pure Care Dry Oil products just make sense" Kika-Collage

De Tacones y Más

"Vean en estas fotos tomadas en el centro de San José el brillo y manejabilidad de mi cabello mientras corría por la fuentes de la plaza central"


Curves and Chaos

"Maybe you should only read this post if you really want silky soft hair—just saying. Personally, I’m a big fan. I’m that one person who’s always touching and running their fingers through their hair. And I love testing out different products to see what will and won’t work"

jasminmakeup1 mujerdove

Jasmin Makeup 1

"Por eso les presento la nueva lines de Dove® Pure Care Dry Oil. Una formula no grasosa que fomenta la sedosidad y el brillo para todo tipo de cabello. Me encanto el aroma tan rico. Te invito a que cuando vayas a la farmacia te atrevas a abrir la tapa y olerlo, se que te encantara"


A Love Affair with Fashion

In the shower, I use Dove's Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Both of these are infused with African Macadamia Oil and Coconut Oil. They nourish and condition the hair without making it feel greasy or heavy. Love the smell too! In the past, I've been skeptical of using products with oil because I was nervous that it would make my hair look too greasy. Thankfully though, that is not an issue with these products!



"La verdad es que pude sentir la diferencia en un par de días, y fui feliz porque mi melena lució de 10 en la gala a la que asistí en Washington"


For more on the Hair Dare from #LatinaBloggers, follow #MujerDove.

20 #LatinaBloggers Share What It Means To Be A #MujerDove

We're beyond excited about our collaboration with Dove this season! Not only do we love all of their products and their outstanding message of empowerment but we get talk about our spotlight moments, what it means to be a #MujerDove and try their much coveted Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant. Twenty #LatinaBloggers were selected to write three posts and participate in tomorrow's #MujerDove Bilingual Twitter Party with Vive Mejor and host Beauty and fashion expert Kika Rocha. Join us tomorrow and check out what these fabulous bloggers are saying. Better yet, follow them for beauty tips and more!