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Latinas Welcome Elena of Avalor

Last month Disney made us very happy with the debut of  their very first Latina Princess, Elena of Avalor.

The #ElenaofAvalor series premiered on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on July 22 and all the little girls and mamas went crazy for this new bold, brave, courageous and compassionate teenager. Our Latina Bloggers received a party kit and shared just how ready they were for a princess our little ones can relate to and look up to and how they celebrated such an important event.

Mami Talks

I feel that through the show Maya can get to know a little more of the Latin culture, my favorite part is definitely the music, I have the song stuck in my head all day and every time I hear it, it makes me want to dance!! I also love that Elena plays guitar with her grandfather.

Criando Ando

Y además pudimos pasar una tarde muy especial con las amigas de Eugenia, conociendo sobre Elena of Avalor mientras comíamos cositas ricas y hacíamos lindos proyectos de arte relacionados con este nueva princesa.


This week Pink and her friends are celebrating the debut of Disney’s newest Princess, Elena of Avalor!  The crown Princess Elena will embark on her greatest journey as the leader and protector of Avalor. Not only is she a princess, she’s a Latina, a sister and a friend! 

At the Fire Hydrant

Honestly, I want her to become just like Elena of Avalor. A strong young lady, that is mature enough to rule a kingdom and keep family and dreams as the center of her universe. In Disney Channel’s new series Elena of Avalor, the sixteen year old Latina, swings into action as the Crown Princess of Avalor, an enchanted fairy tale realm inspired by a variety of Latin cultures and music.


Una Colombiana en California

Decoramos la mesa con manteles y accesorios de colores vivos. Adornamos con coronas y flores, y hasta pegamos unos letreros festivos en la pared.

After Princess Elena of Avalor premiered on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, she made her royal debut at Walt Disney World Resort on Thursday, August 11 and made it official. You can watch the royal debut HERE.