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#LatinaBloggers Unite in Sharing What Being #LaFamiliadeHoy Means to Them

Have you ever sat and thought of what being una "Familia de Hoy" means to you?  Johnson & Johnson and Univision have launched a campaign to find an authentic, modern and active family to become “La Familia de Hoy" and 100 #LatinaBloggers will be sharing exactly what being una "Familia de Hoy" means to them.  Three families have been chosen to run for the role of spokesfamily for Johnson & Johnson in 2014 and the 100#LatinaBloggers are choosing their favorite family of the three who, in their opinion, best represents La Familia de Hoy. familadehoycollage

We encourage you to follow #LaFamiliadeHoy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to learn more about what each and every one of the 100 #LatinaBloggers thinks being "La Familia de Hoy" means.

We invite you to log on to and vote for your favorite familia and help them become the spokesfamily for Johnson & Johnson in 2014.

Become Part of the Elite with #AuténticoCheeseSociety and #LatinaBloggers

20 #LatinaBloggers, members of Cacique's Auténtico Cheese Society, have been put to the task of creating a recipe featuring one of Cacique's 12 Hispanic cheeses, which we all absolutely love!  From Queso Fundido con Longaniza to Plátanos Maduros con Queso, we are seeing Cacique cheese being used in all types of mouthwatering recipes.

Cacique Auténtico #CheeseSociety 2013-11-18 11-57-30

If you are seeking culinary adventure, and settle for nothing less than auténtico, you can now join Cacique's Auténtico Cheese Society too, for free!  Become a part of this elite group and every month, when the Cheese of the Month is selected, you will receive a monthly members-only newsletter with product attributes, usage ideas and recipes for the Cheese of the Month.  Make sure to sign up now, as only the first 20,000 members who sign up to the Auténtico Cheese Society will receive a welcome package with $5 in coupons.  Also, every month you will qualify to be one of the 125 randomly selected members to win a free cheese coupon.


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It is time to get creative and auténtico!