Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier

Back to school is already here! It's time to get back to our regular routines of evenings helping with homework and early bedtimes.  But even before we begin to think about school nights, we still have a long list of to-do's to get our kids ready for this school year. JCPenney® offers the convenience of shopping for all your back to school apparel needs under one roof. They offers a variety of styles to fit the entire family’s needs with affordable quality brands we all trust.  Our #LatinaBloggers show just how fun, easy, and convenient it is to #BendTheTrend at JCPenney. Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Conserva Mom

Back to school  time has arrived. But getting ready doesn’t have to be a nightmare. That is if you head to your nearest JCPenny’s and take care of all your back to school shopping under one roof.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

The Mom's Buzz

I thought to myself, “I just found the one-stop store to dress my entire family for back to school…why go elsewhere?”

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Penelope's Oasis

Back to school fashion is probably the only time the words fashion are on the mind of my sons, but the truth is most kids love shopping for back to school clothes. Especially if they get to Bend the Trend and express their quirky, unique sense of style with mashed up outfits that mix totally different styles into one really cool look.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Hispana Global

Me encanto el concepto de #DaleTuGiro #BendTheTrend en ingles, ya que invita a los jovenes a expresar su individualidad aun cuando tengan que usar un uniforme.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Mama Contemporanea

Lo mejor es que yo dependo de JCPenney para encontrar marcas de calidad en las que confío a precios accesibles.

JCPenney® declared August 12th as “National Shout-Out Day,” encouraging kids and teens to post a shout-out of online compliments to friends, parents and neighbors using #ShoutOutDay. JCPenney celebrated the occasion by giving shout-outs to anyone and everyone talking about their personal style on social media.  For more outfit ideas for back to school, check out #BendTheTrend and #ShoutOutDay

Small Changes for a Better Life with Tide Pods and Gain Flings

We all know what it's like to be pressed for time.  The last thing on our mind is getting the laundry done, but it's a necessary evil we all just have to do.  The revolutionary laundry pacs developed by Procter & Gamble’s Tide and Gain brands have reinvented the laundry process to provide excellent cleaning and freshness results, with minimal time and effort. Great innovation means more than just creating something new – it can actually help improve lives.  These #LatinaCreators share the ways they use their laundry pacs and how these little things have helped better their everyday lives.


"We´ve taught each of our older children to just fling the laundry pac into the washer, then load their clothes, shut the door and press “start.” No more wasting time and money on different products!"

Crafty Chica

"They are pretty genius. Each pod is made up of a three-chamber laundry pac that has double the concentration as regular liquid detergent."

Maya in the Moment

"There’s actually an easy one step way of doing laundry now, with Tide Pods. Did you hear me?! EASYYYY!"

Courtney Sweets

"With a toddler in the house we’re constantly battling… battling stains in the laundry room!  We’re so excited to be sharing our first time trying Gain Flings!  It’s a 3 in 1 laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover."

To learn more about these amazing little pacs follow the conversation with #NuevaFormaDeLavar or follow Tide and Gain on Twitter.