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Latina Bloggers' Kids Ride Safely and Comfortably With Evenflo

One of the most important things a mamá worries about is keeping our children safe. These days we spend most of our time in our cars commuting to work and taking the kids to school or daycare.  Even on weekends we find ourselves driving to places to do things with the family. Thankfully Evenflo® takes our children's safety pretty seriously. With its introduction of the Platinum Protection Series car seats, mamás can relax and enjoy the ride.  Check out some of the Latina Bloggers we selected for this campaign and  how their kids got to experience the seats' amazing features and rode with style!

Little Inspiration Evenflo

Little Inspiration

"When I’m looking for a car seat for our children, we first look for safety features, style and then price. The Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat seems to have it all."

My Friend Betty Evenflo

My Friend Betty

"This is Jordi, our third baby boy. He knows he is about to climb into a new car seat and he can’t wait! It is amazing how kids this young get so excited about these things! I hope that all my boys know that Mami and Daddy only look for the absolute best when making a decision in regards to their safety."

Princess Martha Evenflo

Princess Martha

"All in all, Mia gives this car seat a high five on awesomeness. And trust me, a happy baby is a happy mommy."

Hott Mama in the City Evenflo

Hott Mama In The City

 "Temperature regulating fabric in the padding of the seats to keep babies and toddlers comfortable during hot or cold weather. I love this new feature, it gets very hot in south Texas during the Summer and it's good to know that Maddox will be as comfortable as possible in his seat."


Follow the #EvenfloPlatinum hashtag for more adorable pics. For more info on the new Platinum Protection Series car seats visit or buy yours today at Baby's R Us.