Vintage Looks & OOTD's Inspired By The CANTINFLAS Movie

To celebrate the release of the CANTINFLAS DVD during December, #LatinaBloggers joined in on a fun and unique style campaign. We first got to know all about the movie which tells the story of Cantinflas, one of Mexico’s most beloved comedy film stars, during the exclusive #LatinaBloggers screening back in August. The movie shows us various decades in Cantinflas' life. During these scenes we get to see the fashion trends of the times that the female characters wore. From the everyday elegance of Valentina's character, Mario Moreno's wife,  to the glitzy glamour of celebrities like Maria Felix and Elizabeth Taylor, the film provides and array of beautiful looks that reflect the decade.

Check out some of the looks that #LatinaBloggers came up with below for some retro inspiration in your next outfit!

Styled by Syzy's Cantinflas inspired vintage look

Styled by Suzy

"This past weekend I watched the new Cantinflas DVD and I was inspired to create a look straight from the genre depicted in the movie."

Cantinflas vintage style outfit

Lynnette Joselly

"Now here is a blast from the past, this was a fun style challenge I participated in, where the outfit was inspired by the film 'Cantinflas: From Mexico to the Big Screen.'"

Estilo Chic 1's Cantinflas inspired vintage waves hair tutorial

Estilo Chic

"El dia de hoy quiero compartir con ustedes este peinado tipo vintage que me encanto cuando lo mire en la pelicula de CANTINFLAS la actriz Barbara Mori lo luce hermoso en la escena al iniciar la película."

Tanya Kara's Cantinflas inspired vintage outfit of the day

Tanya Kara

"This movie also inpsired me to be myself.  Sometimes I can get caught up into trying to "fit in" or do things that are "cool" but in the movie Cantinflas became successful by being the quirky, funny guy that everyone grew to love."

Jay Miranda's Cantinflas inspired vintage outfit of the day

Jay Miranda

"I decided to focus on my favorite dynamic in the movie, the love story between Cantinflas and his wife Valentina."

CANTINFLAS And Latina Bloggers Connect Screening Event


Recently Latina Bloggers Connect along with Pantelion Films organized a special screening of the much-anticipated biopic of the great CANTINFLAS. #LatinaBloggers in the Los Angeles area were invited to view the film and even got to enjoy a surprise appearance by the lead star of the movie, Óscar Jaenada, whom really brings to life in an uncanny way the iconic Cantinflas.

The film tells the story of Mario Moreno, better know as Cantinflas, one of Mexico's all time greatest and most beloved comedy film stars. From the humble beginnings that inspired much of his work to his days in Hollywood, the movie tells of his many triumphs and struggles stirring up tears and much laughter along the way. 

After the movie, attendees enjoyed margaritas and lunch at Loteria Grill. Fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle bloggers alike all joined in spreading the word about this special film with something for all audiences to enjoy.

We hope you see CANTINFLAS  this Friday, August 29th and love it as much as we did! #LatinaBloggers all accross the states were also invited to view the film so follow the #CantinflasMovie hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to join the conversation!

Check out what Carmen of Latino Fit Club , Diana of LadyDeeLG and Xenia of Raised by Culture have to say in their posts!

"En el preestreno de la película Cantinflas aquí una foto con Óscar el protagonist." - Verito Garcia

"It's always a treat to see the lovely @carmenmelgoza, but it's double sweet with Cantinflas in the picture! No pun intended."

"#OOTD for the Screening of Cantinflas ....such a great movie! A MUST SEE! Termine de ver la pelicula de Cantinflas y estuvo espectacular, tienen que verla. August 29th @CantinflasMovie " - Claudia Felix-Garay