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Discover the Benefits of Tennis and How #TennisOpensDoors With Net Generation and the USTA

Imagine all the lessons and new skills our kids can acquire from getting involved in a new sport. Tennis is a fantastic sport that offers a great number of benefits for the entire family and, unlike popular belief, it is a sport that is accessible to everyone. ¡El deporte es una maravilla!

We have partnered with USTA and a group of influencers to showcase all the opportunities that come from playing tennis and how those opportunities benefit children and their families on and off the court.

#tennisOpensDoors 1 Carla.jpg

Carla Gutierrez - Notas de Mama

“Los instructores de Net Generation se especializan en trabajar con niños. Desde la primera clase mi niña de 4 años (que nunca había jugado tenis en su vida) ya estaba golpeando la pelota y estaba muy concentrada en la clase. La paciencia metodología y paciencia del instructor es pieza clave en la enseñanza de un nuevo deporte.”

#tennisOpensDoors 2 Ursula.jpg

Ursula Herrera - Creative Healthy Family

“From getting a good workout to bonding with your family and friends, to traveling and even the possibility of getting a college scholarship, this wonderful sport has a lot to offer.”

#tennisOpensDoors 3 Romina.jpg

Romina Tibytt - Mama XXI

“El tenis, es un deporte accesible para todo el mundo. Hay que sacarse la idea de que es exclusivo para ciertos sectores, y en la actualidad se pueden encontrar escuelas o clases de tenis hasta en los parques públicos.”

#tennisOpensDoors 4 Laura.jpg

Laura Rodriguez - Mama Especial Cuenta Conmigo

“El tenis es un deporte donde la concentración es fundamental, por eso se practica en silencio, esto nos lleva a valorar el respeto desde otro nivel, uno aprende a respetar el rival, las reglas, la cancha, el profesor y el árbitro. Yo creo que este es un valor tremendo para nuestros niños, incluso a temprana edad.”

To find out more about how to sign up for tennis lessons, visit the Net Generation website.

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online with Google’s Se Genial en Internet

Google took the launch of its new program Be Internet Awesome, Se Genial en Internet en Español, to Chicago! The program aims to teach kids about digital citizenship and internet safety through its fun, interactive game, Interland.

We have once again partnered with Google and a group of influencers to learn about the program and its five foundational lessons about digital safety and citizenship to help kids be safe, confident explorers of the world. 

Be Internet Awesome

Laura Muller - Las Recetas de Laura

“Google entiende que no siempre es fácil enseñar cosas a un niño con claridad, por eso eso incluyeron juegos para aprender de manera interactiva y además es totalmente gratis. Se Genial en Internet se trata sobre enseñarles a ser: Inteligentes, Alertas, Seguros, Amables y Valientes cuando hagan uso del Internet de una forma divertida.”


Jessica Castaneda - Easy Living Today

“One of the resources they offer is a super fun game called Interland. It is browser based and it makes learning all of these skills fun and interactive. I actually had the pleasure of seeing kids play Interland live at a Google event last week called Genial en Internet. Let me tell you, the kids were having a blast and the game is awesome.”

Be Internet Awesome

Deborah Cruz - The Truth About Motherhood

“Last week, I saw the program in action at an event hosted by Google for students and their parents at Gallistel Language Academy in Chicago. It was moving to see all these parents show up for their children on a weekday, in the middle of the day. They know that it’s important that we teach our kids to be safe online because we can’t watch them every minute of every day.”

Check it out for yourself by visiting its website and follow #genialeninternet for more on the launch event.

Celebrate el #SabordelFutbol with Rumba Meats!

It’s no secret that Latinos are super passionate about fútbol. We don’t need a big excuse to make every fútbol match a party and there’s nothing like a soccer game to get together with family and friends to root for our favorite teams. This fútbol championship season, we partnered with Rumba Meats and a group of Latina influencers to celebrate el #SabordelFutbol through food. See below what they cooked up.

6-Papas con Carne _

Dolores ‘Lola’ Dweck - Lola’s Cocina

“One of the things I love about soccer is how it brings people together from all over the world and all facets of life, to support their favorite team. In our family, summer fútbol is a celebration of heritage, familia, and comida. And since we’re always looking for an excuse to entertain, it provides us with the perfect reason to gather around food while enjoying the partidos.”



Cristina Duffy - Una Colombiana en California

“El desayuno trancao fue el plato elegido para celebrar el estreno de la selección Colombia en el campeonato internacional de fútbol. Perfecto porque con seguridad nos dejará sin hambre durante toda la mañana y así veremos tranquilos todos los partidos. Y además, porque tenía antojos inmensos de esta deliciosa combinación de sabores.”



Michelle Chavez - Sweet Molcajete

“Y al ser los tacos uno de los platillos más icónicos de México, tenemos opciones de carne para tacos hasta para aventar para arriba. Así que hoy les quiero enseñar a preparar unos deliciosos Tacos de Lengua que los van a conquistar. Y aprovechando que estamos en época del mejor torneo internacional de fútbol (también conocido como “mundial”😉), qué mejor que festejar el #SaborDelFutbol con rica comida y la buena compañía de familia y amigos.”

To learn more about Rumba Meats and how to celebrate el #SabordelFutbol, visit the Rumba Meats website.


Moms Own Soccer with Comcast

It’s the summer of soccer y la fiebre del fútbol is now in full effect. The many unexpected moments that have caught fans by surprise at the soccer championship has us all screaming and celebrating with excitement. Go, Mexico! ¡Arriba Colombia!

Comcast understands this and has created the best way to experience soccer through its Xfinity platform. We partnered with Comcast and a group of influencers in the San Francisco area to attend an event and learn about the Xfinity X1’s unique features to experience soccer this summer.


Claudia Candelas

“Comcast integrated an entire section that is a hub for all the games, highlights, standings, scores, clips, and more. Also, the X1 remote now has Spanish-voice activated demands. You just speak into the remote in either Spanish or English, and you’re set. I showed my mom this feature, and she loved it!”


By Claudya

“No offense to my husband–I love you, BOO!–but I met a remote that is a WAY better listener than he is. This remote is such a good listener that it will listen to me in English or in Spanish and it can even understand my mom, who has a heavy accent when she speaks in English. That’s WAY more than my husband can do.”


IMG_2749 (1).jpg

Crystal Carabajal

“You can now view every big moment from the Soccer Championships with DVR Highlights.  On completed match recordings, X1 customers who have DVR service can browse and jump between high impact plays. With many matches airing while people are away from their TV’s or at work, DVR Highlights ensure that X1 customers never miss a goal.  How cool is that?”

To learn more about Xfinity’s new features, visit their website and follow the hashtag #ExpertoFutbolero.


Help Your Children Stay Safe Online with Google’s Se Genial en Internet

A few weeks ago, Google launched its new program Be Internet Awesome, Se Genial en Internet en Español, to teach kids about internet safety. We partnered with Google and a group of influencers to attend the launch event in Los Angeles to learn about the program and its five foundational lessons about digital safety and citizenship to help kids be safe, confident explorers of the world.  And who better to tell you about it than these five expert parenting creators!


Dariela Cruz

“Who doesn’t worry about kids safety while going online? Right now Adrian and Maya are in the stage where they both love to spend hours on the Internet more than anything else and we have to be very careful to regulate their time but also to teach them to take care of themselves and protect them from the risks that the digital world can bring. Se genial en internet, is a wonderful way to help Latino families discuss internet safety at home together.”


Vanessa Bell

“If they know how to do anything, Google knows how to communicate and spread information. That’s exactly why their digital citizenship for kids program is so effective. (And the fact that they also made it available entirely in Spanish so that all families can benefit is even more amazing.) Their robust digital citizenship curriculum can be downloaded by parents AND teachers (making this an awesome resource for teaching digital citizenship in schools), has received the Seal of Alignment from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and comes with all the digital citizenship lesson plans a teacher would need.”


Mayra Rodriguez

“El internet tiene un mar de información, pero no podemos tirar a nuestros hijos a nadar en él sin la guía y el enfoque adecuado porque se nos van a ahogar e ir a la deriva.  Con Interland, un juego gratuito e interactivo, los niños de 8-12 años aprenderán los conceptos de seguridad que harán que tengan una experiencia positiva en las redes. Para aprender a ser geniales en Internet, los niños pueden jugar con Interland, una aventura en línea que pone en práctica las lecciones clave sobre seguridad digital con cuatro juegos desafiantes.”

Jorge Narvaez

Make sure to check out Se Genial en Internet with your kids to help them learn more about internet safety.

Poetry and Inspiration with Dove Hair

Dove Love Your Curls Earlier this year Dove Hair launched the Love Your Curls campaign, which featured real girls and women around the world sharing their own curly hair stories. It's an amazingly beautiful and empowering campaign, and we are honored to be a part of it.

The campaign also comes with a lovely book filled with poetry by award winning author Taiye Selasi and illustration by renowned illustrator Annick Poirier. We love so much and think it would be a lovely gift for that special curly hair girl in your life. You can download and personalize it here! .

Our #LatinaBloggers and #LatinaCreators know the curly hair story all too well, and shared what they're passing down to their girls and their own journey of loving their curls.