Celebrating el Fútbol with Cacique


Image by Fabiola of Not Just Baked

The soccer viewing season starts today! Many are anxiously awaiting to see their favorite teams play and rooting for them to make till the end. But what's a soccer match without good company and food to celebrate? #LatinaBloggers have teamed up with Cacique as part of a year-long campaign to create fun game-viewing snacks and meals that represent their favorite teams. Each dish was inspired by the colors of a participating country's flag and by the flavors that country has to offer as well. Check out a few of them below!

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Presley's Pantry 

" With complete concentration on every move the athletes make and where the ball will land comes the desire to distract the mind a little with a snack that will help ease the anxiety.  Something edible to celebrate with or cry with, it has to be good.   The first thing that comes to mind is the soothing taste of Cacique crema, then a hard shell crunch, a little pickled chile, some crumbled queso fresco, and it has to represent the colors of Mexico."

Sweet Life Bake

"When deciding on my menu I knew I wanted a Mexican theme to support our beloved Mexican team. The colors of the Mexican flag - yes!" 

Nibbles and Feasts

"It’s that time!  And with that, I don’t mean summer, I don’t mean weekend, and I don’t mean spa day for me.  I mean, it’s that time, every four years when my husband watches soccer at odd hours of the day or night, or both!  Screaming at the top of his lungs when a goal is scored and I’m in a deep slumber."

Cacique Go Auténtico with Latina Bloggers!

Cacique Queso Ranchero - Adriana Martin of

Image by Adriana of Adriana's Best Recipes

A year of culinary adventures awaits us with Cacique! For the launch of their new Go Auténtico blog Cacique asked #LatinaBloggers to share authentic quesadilla recipes which were featured on their blogs in a Quesadilla Cook-Off. The results were ten amazing and unique quesadilla recipes that are good for any party, dinner or snack.

But that's not all! Latina bloggers will be sharing Cacique-inspired recipes all year round, so stay tuned!

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Become Part of the Elite with #AuténticoCheeseSociety and #LatinaBloggers

20 #LatinaBloggers, members of Cacique's Auténtico Cheese Society, have been put to the task of creating a recipe featuring one of Cacique's 12 Hispanic cheeses, which we all absolutely love!  From Queso Fundido con Longaniza to Plátanos Maduros con Queso, we are seeing Cacique cheese being used in all types of mouthwatering recipes.

Cacique Auténtico #CheeseSociety 2013-11-18 11-57-30

If you are seeking culinary adventure, and settle for nothing less than auténtico, you can now join Cacique's Auténtico Cheese Society too, for free!  Become a part of this elite group and every month, when the Cheese of the Month is selected, you will receive a monthly members-only newsletter with product attributes, usage ideas and recipes for the Cheese of the Month.  Make sure to sign up now, as only the first 20,000 members who sign up to the Auténtico Cheese Society will receive a welcome package with $5 in coupons.  Also, every month you will qualify to be one of the 125 randomly selected members to win a free cheese coupon.


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It is time to get creative and auténtico!