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Social Media Influencers On The Rise

According to a report released by Chute and Thuzio 360 (a social influencers procurement platform), 66% of the more than 200 marketing professionals surveyed used social influencers as part of their marketing strategies in 2016.

So what is a social influencer? They are individuals who have established a strong online presence through multiple channels and have created a large following. Influencer marketing is the ability to sway the actions and opinions of an audience of prospective customers.

The main reasons companies use social influencers is their concerns about ad blocking and ad avoidance. This fact is that many Americans will use ad blockers. Can you blame them? People don't want to be bothered and simply are overwhelmed with ads popping up everywhere. The social influencer is the perfect solution. You would most likely trust the social influencer because of their authenticity and persona.

That's why brands seek social influencers with high numbers. It's a matter of the audience reach, click-throughs, impressions, and demographics.

If a social media influencer is attached to a brand, then it can be a win-win on both ends. The why comes into play. Why is a social influencer more trusting than an ad? Why does a social influencer get more likes than the retailer themselves?


Loyal audience followers will most likely trust the influencer than the brand themselves. For bloggers, it's an ideal way in marketing their brand and in turn gaining more online presence.

So if you're a blogger with a strong online presence, you might want to consider becoming a social influencer. ¡Buena suerte!


By Maritza Diaz


Blogging Trends for 2017

¿Donde se fue este año? This year went as fast as the year before! It's time to plan your blogging strategy for the new year! Don't let it scare you. It's a great way to become inspired and envision great results for your business. The following trends may not fit at all. However, it can provide you with tools to work with in expanding your brand. Experiment on what works best for your blog.


Visual Content Is Still King

Pictures do tell a thousand words. There are posts that can total over 500 words. Depending on the topic, it can be effective. However, adding high-quality images will help in telling your story. With the right image, it can help in breaking up the text. You can get away with writing about 250 words or less. Of course, if you're working with a brand, there are certain guidelines you might have to follow and would consist of writing an extensive article.

Video is Still On the Rise

From this recent article, video is still highly effective! Bloggers generate stronger results than any other mediums. If it fits your brand, consider implementing video to your strategy.

Promote Your Blog

This trend fits all blog categories. How do you get your blog to be seen? There are many ways and promoting it via social media is a great way to do. After you create the content, promote it on your favorite social media platform. Create a budget that works best for your brand and go for it!

What are other tips will you be implementing?


By Maritza Diaz











How To Make An Impact In 2017

As a blogger, visual content, and storyteller, you have the platform to inspire and motivate others. The impact of a blogger is far more effective as ever. Bloggers are most than just posing for a selfie. Bloggers are influencers.


Amidst the political, social, and cultural differences we have experienced this year, we still have the opportunity to come together and study all sides. Embrace our differences. We can have healthy debates on differences while understanding each other. Remember that you're not alone. There is always someone else experiencing your same sentiments.

Hope, joy, and prosperity are attributes we all want to experience. There is no shame in 'making it to the top.' However at what cost? We come from various economic backgrounds and strive for a better future. Would you rather see a stronger union for all then a divisive community? Break down the barriers of those stepping on others for the sake of elevating their success. Speak on behalf of those who may not have the voice to be heard. Speak on behalf of those who have been living in oppression and want nothing but to be heard. With differences, comes knowledge which can result in compassion.

As we move into 2017, take the time to reflect and reach impactful strides. What type of causes gets you to spark action? Next year and all the years following is the time to act on compassion. It's a chance for bloggers to banish negativity and exude hope.

Wishing you all a healthy and positive new year!

By Maritza Diaz

Choose Your Words Wisely

As important it is to create positive circumstances, it's just as important to attract pleasant emotions. The power of words can help to shift your emotion in any situation. Choosing words of affirmations can help with your daily work life and create better relationships.

Being mindful of what you say can elevate your day as well as others. Certain words used a daily basis can shift your mindset and can also influence others to be let into positive space rather than remaining into a negative space.

Speak Confidently

When speaking of your projects, be proud of it. Often times, we may feel shy about talking about our latest project. Expressing your excitement about your latest adventure can be done in a confident and humble way.

Would've, Could've, Should've

Do you find yourself saying, “I should've gone to the gym" or "I could've created a better video for YouTube.” We're our own worst critics. Using words such as would've, could've, should've brings a negative connotation. Replace those words with “I will feel better by going to the gym" or “I'm going to create a great video to inspire others.” As words are replaced, there's a shift in the energy of your words.


Running the rate race is tricky. It's normal to have a bad day. However, it's damaging to your spirit to let the bad day take over. In the morning, choose an affirmation that will keep you going. This affirmation is a simple sentence easy to remember. Writing it down on a post-it and stick it to your computer. If you fall off track, observe the post-it.

Be kind to yourself. Remember you're number one!


By Maritza Diaz

#WeAllGrow Sessions For Growth And Inspiration

There was nothing like waking up on the second day of #WeAllGrow Summit to a view of Los Angeles while enjoying breakfast in bed? Compliments of Latina Blogger Connect, attendees started day two of the Summit with breakfast in bed hand delivered to their rooms, allowing for optimal rest for the busy day ahead. weallgrow-day2-1

Once fueled for a day of growth, attendees were blanketed in a message of empowerment with the morning’s Keynote presented by Pine-Sol. Shelly Ulaj of Women Empowered took the #WeAllGrow stage with a powerful message of female mentorship, sharing her story of building relationships in business and life.

Immediately following the morning Keynote, representatives from top public relations firms took the stage for a high energy discussion that attendees just couldn’t get enough of! Moderated by LBC’s own Roxana Sarmiento, the panel discussed the nuances of influencer/brand relationships; what works, what doesn’t and exactly how brands select influencers for their campaigns (tip: it’s not always about the numbers!). This electrifying panel consisted of Jesus Chavez, Sr. VP of the creator network for mitú network; Holly Hamann, co-founder and CMO of TapInfluence; Debra Hotaling, leader of Ford Motor Company's communications team in the western United States; Danica Kombol, the CEO of the Everywhere Agency; Hugo Perez, Executive Vice President of Global Content & Digital Innovation at Zeno Group; Robins Santos, PRWEEK Multi-Cultural Campaign of the Year award winner at the Clorox Company, where her brands encompass the entire Clorox Equity division and Pine-Sol; Susan Stipcianos, co-founder of The Dream Team Agency.


After the fast paced panel of public relations experts revved up the guests, they set out to meet sponsors during Suites Snack + Connect. Getting their Passport to Growth Ticket stamped at each suite, influencers networked with sponsors while enjoying giveaways and goodies. #WeAllGrow’s Summit Title Sponsor, Neutrogena, hosted glam sessions and an exquisite Social Media Sanctuary. Attendees strutted the runway in gorgeous ANDREA shoes and shared their fashion for their chance to win a huge giveaway. Guests got their cacariture drawn at the suite in celebration of ME day, a wonderful opportunity to honor the things that make us great. Pine-Sol continued their work empowering #WeAllGrow attendees with one on one business consultations and success mediation. And did you notice some influencers wearing the new Crest test strips? They work so fast, you likely didn’t! Crest was also taking gorgeous new head shots of #WeAllGrow attendees.


Inspired by the morning keynotes, attendees couldn’t wait for the day’s sessions to begin. From fashion influencers to mom bloggers, #WeAllGrow Summit promised something for everyone. Alejandra Ayala of Styled by Ale, Claudia Garay of The Penny Closet and Bertha Hildalgo of Chic in Academia shared their tips on Achieving Fashion Blog Success on a Budget.

Vanessa Bell of De Su Mama, Yolanda Machado of Sassy Mama in LA, Betty Galvan of My Friend Betty Says, Silvia Martinez of Mama Latina Tips and Maria Jose Ovalle of Very Busy Mama opened a dialogue during Growing up With Mom Bloggers, a panel focused on growth, focus and how to move beyond the baby years.

Attendees laughed and learned during Niche Monetization: Creative Business Model That Work. With speakers like Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel, Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica and Carolyn Scott-Hamilton of the Healthy Voyager, tips to help grow and monetize niche blogs were as plentiful as the belly-wrenching jokes.

Cynthia Sanchez, CEO and founder of Oh So Pinteresting, shared her tips on generating traffic, build community and access new audiences. As a leading Pinterest expert, Cynthia gave attendees inspiration for harnessing the powers of this mega-platform.


There was a quick break after the morning’s session, but then it was back in the trenches to learn and be inspired by the afternoon’s experts. Adriana Castro of El Diario de la Moda, Melissa Flores of Super Glam News, Katherine Lauren of On the Kattwalk and Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina discussed success tips to blog success on The Fashion and Beauty of Monetization.

Yvonne Condes of MomsLA, Stacey Ferguson of Blogalicious, Monique Frausto of Blogs by Latinas and Curves and Chaos and Ana Villegas of Mama Gallina shared their secrets to staying engaged with their fast growing communities. From tips on moderating and how to lead by example, these top influencers shared their approach for collaborations and building traffic.

In Podcasting 101: Connect with Fans, Spread Your Message and Build with Audio, Laura Elgueta Sanchez encouraged attendees to speak authentically to engage with a dedicated audience. At the same time, SEO From The Start with social savvy Latinas, Maura Wall Hernandez and Yoly Mason was teaching attendees how to set up their platforms with strategy in mind.

Our #WeAllGrow sponsors were thrilled to be there inspiring Latina influencers, too! Our thriving community is made even better by their dedicated support. Origami Owl gave out beautiful lockets designed per influencer’s niche. Vive Mejor was freshening up manicures and giving out sweet treats. Scholarshare was giving away a jumpstart to a college fund. Opoli included discount codes to every attendee and beautiful journals to document our growth were privided by minted.

After a full day of sessions, attendees were inspired to grow their business and influence with new techniques and philosophies. Yet, as another stellar lunch was served at the LINE Hotel, the anticipation was growing for the main event of the night: #WeAllGrow Summit’s inaugural Storytellers event presented by Vive Mejor. We'll be back to relive #WeAllGrow Storytellers in a separate post, as the emotional experience is filled with details we don't want you to miss.

As the Summit drew to a close, attendees bonded during a Sunset Fiesta to engage with friends and colleagues. A toast was made to our community and influencers who dare to thrive and grow. Together.

#WeAllGrow Summit