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#LatinaBloggers Live Event with Avocados from Mexico

#LatinaBloggers Acovados from Mexico eventOne of the greatest things about our job is that we get to indulge in some of the best, and most authentic, culinary experiences anyone could ask for. Spending an afternoon with wonderfully talented food and lifestyle bloggers while enjoying homemade dishes designed around one specific ingredient that not only speaks to us culturally, but brings us back to our fondest family dinner memories, is what I call an afternoon well-spent.

We took the #ILoveAvocados campaign from the blogosphere, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to the kitchen by inviting several Los Angeles bloggers to experience the delectable taste of Avocados from Mexico. Our host, Maura Hernandez of The Other Side of the Tortilla, spoiled us with her creations - Guacamole with mango and pomegranate, Guacahummus, Agua de Albahaca, paletas and more.

As each dish came out, it was a lot of fun to see (and taste) the versatility of avocados. From spicy to sweet, each bite was a pleasant surprise. Thank you to Avocados from Mexico for being a delightful staple in our kitchens and for being there as we create memories with family and friends!

If you'd like to try some of the recipes we had during our live event, check out The Other Side of the Tortilla. You can also dive into the world of avocado recipes with Avocados from Mexico, follow the #ILoveAvocados hashtag or like them on Facebook!

#LatinaBloggers get creative with Avocados from Mexico #ILoveAvocados

We're so excited to announce that we've collaborated with Avocados from Mexico once again! Last year, #LatinaBloggers turned Pinterest into a beautiful avocado haven with their creative and delicious recipe ideas! This summer, we are taking it one step further! From breakfast, to salads, soups, sandwiches, smoothies and desserts, be on the look out for fun and innovative ideas. avocado-naan

To get in on the fun and learn a recipe or two, follow the #ILoveAvocados hashtag on Twitter! You can also keep checking Pinterest and Instagram for updates. And if you're an avocado lover like us, make sure you bookmark the Avocados from Mexico recipe page. You can also submit one of your own creations. For more information, follow Avocados from Mexico on Facebook.

Connecting with Avocados from Mexico for the holidays

avocados from mexicoThis holiday season Latina Bloggers Connect is celebrating the avocado with our friends over at Avocados from Mexico. Be on the look out for the hashtags #ILoveAvocados and #AmoLosAguacates on Twitter, as 6o bloggers tweet their favorite avocado recipes throughout December. This time we will be focusing on traditional Posadas, Parranda, Noche Buena, etc dishes using Avocados from Mexico.

A lot of us are all too familiar with the tradition of Posadas as they are celebrated across Mexico and Latin America. This special time of year is full of traditional dishes to share and celebrate. Everything culminates on Noche Buena which of course is celebrated with more yummy dishes! So check out how this group of bloggers incorporates Avocados from Mexico in their holiday feasts. With so much Avocado goodness going around you might find yourself starting new meal traditions this Christmas eve!

You can also check out their favorite dishes on the Avocados from Mexico Facebook page (Spanish version) and on Pinterest! All bloggers will be pinning a picture of their delicious dishes using the #ILoveAvocados and #AmoLosAguacates hashtags, and their recipes will be uploaded to the Avocados From Mexico English and Spanish fan pages.

Connected: I Love Avocados from Mexico

Time to serve up the guacamole and chips because Latina Bloggers Connect is celebrating the avocado with our friends over at Avocados from Mexico this summer! Be on the look out for the hashtag #ILoveAvocados and #AmoLosAguacates on Twitter, as 8o bloggers tweet their favorite avocado recipes throughout the entire summer. You can also check out their favorite dishes on the Avocados from Mexico Facebook page (Spanish version). Posts will also include a coupon, so get your shopping lists ready! We're also excited to spread the Avocado love on Pinterest! Each blogger will create a board filled with pins highlighting the beauty of this tasty, versatile fruit. Check out the #ILoveAvocados and #AmoLosAguacates hashtags on Pinterest for great ideas and gorgeous pictures.

And it wouldn't be an avocado party without these five extraordinary blogs to serve as Ambassadors - Presley's Pantry, Nibbles and Feasts, Spanglish Baby, Mama XXI and Sweet Life Bake. If you're going to BlogHer in New York City this year, watch out for these ladies. They may just ask you a few questions on video about avocados and recipes!

To kick off the fiesta, make sure you join Avocados from Mexico for a Twitter Party hosted by our amigos at #LATISM on July 26th from 9:00pm-11:00pm EST. We will keep you posted on Facebook and Twitter!