AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Last month AT&T worked with local nonprofits in Los Angeles and Houston to surprise seniors with smart devices they can use to stay connected. Four of our bloggers were able to go along and spread the cheer when the lucky seniors were presented with their devices. During the live event, a camera crew was able to capture those moments and an amazing video was created to show the gratitude expressed by the seniors about something as simple as receiving a smartphone or tablet.

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"Señora Sarellan was so happy to finally get an upgraded tablet from @ATT @ATTLatino. Now she can share photos of the holidays with her family. #ATTImpact #SpreadTheCheer #ad#LatinaBloggers #LosAngeles #MyDayInLA"

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"Today started a little differently. I partnered with AT&T as they delivered smart phones to five special senior citizens along side Meals on Wheels. The first woman we visited was so sweet as she told us about her family in El Salvador and how she had recently been hit by a drunk driver as she was walking home. I'm glad we could put a smile on her face during rough times. She was so excited to receive a couple extra gifts, especially when she noticed that her new phone has a camera! No more flip phone for Maria. :) #ATTImpact #ad#LatinaBloggers"

Isolation and loss of independence are two of the biggest threats aging seniors face, but through initiatives like AT&T's Digital You, which provide online tools, apps and resources for people of all ages to learn how to have a safe and secure online experience, they can say good-bye to isolation and losing independence. Our Latina Bloggers shared all about the Digital You Program and the adorable video made during the delivery of the devices.

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Mama XXI

"Los dispositivos móviles nos permiten de una manera fácil y muy eficiente, recordarnos citas, cuando debemos tomar medicamentos, seguir de cerca nuestra salud, la alimentación, la cantidad y calidad de sueño y mucho otros aspectos de la vida cotidiana tan importantes."

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Mommy Teaches

"She loves being independent so having to rely on others to take her to run her errands, take my uncle to his appointments, do grocery shopping or even help with the use of a cell phone can feel a little demoralizing. I loved hearing that AT&T has got that last part covered! I love the way they thought about the seniors and partnered with local nonprofits to surprise them with smart devices they can use to stay connected"

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

Rockin Mama

"AT&T worked with local nonprofits to surprise seniors with smart devices to help them stay connected. I personally loved watching this video and the authentic gratitude expressed by something as simple as receiving a smart phone."

AT&T Digital You Program Offers Great Tools for Seniors

A Thrifty Diva

"It’s so important for us to stay connected to my grandmother and we depend on her smartphone to keep us all connected. This time of year is not only difficult for my abuela,but it’s difficult for millions of seniors. The 3 biggest threats of aging include hunger, isolation and loss of independence."

For more information about the AT&T Digital You Program visit their website, Facebook or Twitter.


Stay Connected All Summer No Matter Where You Are #LifeConnected

Whether you're away on vacation, working on the road or simply on a summer weekend getaway with the family, it's important to stay connected.  The AT&T Unite Express by NETGEAR is an ultra-sleek mobile hotspot that makes it easy to connect to the Internet while on-the-go.  It lets you enjoy secure, reliable, affordable WiFi when you need it.  Our #LatinaBloggers share their experiences using this mobile hotspot and all its great features. Stay Connected All Summer No Matter Where You Are #LifeConnected

Mom's Buzz

"Depender de tu celular o del proveedor de Internet de tu casa para tener acceso a wifi sin interrupción es cuestión del pasado.  Ahora, puedes estar conectado permanentemente con tu wifi personal o hotspot movíl para el mejoramiento de tu estilo de vida."

Stay Connected All Summer No Matter Where You Are #LifeConnected

A Thrifty Dive "No more unneeded hiatus for this blogger. I am zooming through the internet with my new AT&T Unite Express mobile hotspot. Forget having to use only my phone to keep me connected, this baby does it all."

Stay Connected All Summer No Matter Where You Are #LifeConnected

Rollos de Mujer

"Para mantenernos conectados todo el tiempo, ya sea para buscar un mapa, los restaurantes mas cercanos o para enviarles fotos y vídeos a tus seres amados de lo padrísimo que la estas pasando en tus vacaciones, AT&T Unite Express by NETGEAR te permite disfrutar tu conexión a internet de una manera muy accesible"

Stay Connected All Summer No Matter Where You Are #LifeConnected

Just JP

"The AT&T Unite Express by NETGEAR was easy and fast to turn on and her laptop was connected in minutes. This allowed me to have a conversation on my phone with a work colleague while my daughter enjoyed watching YouTube videos on her laptop."

The AT&T Unite Express gives you secure Internet access via AT&T’s 4G LTE network (where available).  For more information follow #LifeConnected or visit their Facebook and Twitter.

#LatinaBloggers Take AT&T’s #ItCanWait No-Texting-While-Driving Pledge

Our society is becoming aware that texting and driving can be fatal but far too many people still ignore the risk.  AT&T has begun a movement called #ItCanWait which is geared towards making texting and driving as unacceptable as drinking and driving.


Since the movement was launched in 2009, more than 2 million no-texting-while-driving pledges have been logged through, social sites including Facebook, text-to-pledge and events.

We're working together with AT&T to help spread the word and have engaged a select group of #LatinaBloggers who want to work with us to encourage their readers to take the pledge. These bloggers are aware that texting while driving is involved in 100,000+ vehicle crashes each year, often causing injuries and deaths, and have decided to take the pledge themselves and join us in promoting this important movement.  Visit their blogs to read more!

Maybelline Valenti – Naturalmente Mama

Liz Cerezo – Family is Familia

Marta Darby – My Big Fat Cuban Family

Mari Hernandez Tuten – Inspired by Family Mag

Staci Salazar – 7 on a Shoestring

Vanessa Diaz – The Queen of Swag

Silvia Martinez – Mama Latina Tips

Yolanda Machado – Sassy Mama in LA

Eva Smith – Tech Food Life

Denisse Icaza – Ahorros Para Mama

AT&T’s goal is to save lives and #ItCanWait’s main and powerful message is that no text is worth dying for.

Get involved now by logging on to (English) or (Español), by taking the no-texting-and-driving pledge and by sharing your promise with others via Twitter (#itcanwait) and Facebook at