Be Part of the Hola! USA Art Installation at #WeAllGrow Summit 2016


As an opportunity to appreciate the growth and connection we're set to embark on, #WeAllGrow Summit 2016 is proud to announce an exciting experience for attendees:

Hola! USA's Art Installation with artist Carolina Rubio MacWright

Hola! USA’s art installation will be an artist- led collaboration with participation from #WeAllGrow Summit 2016 attendees. Our community of Latina creators will take part in personalizing an origami globe of multiple colors by writing onto them a wish or desire before then blowing life into them, symbolizing our intentions at #WeAllGrow Summit.

The 400 globes will then hang from a gazebo and display the collective dreams and desires of the #WeAllGrow Latina creators community. We will also be displaying an original painting made by the artist, inspired by the Latinas of this year's event. This installation serves as an opportunity for #WeAllGrow attendees to honor their success stories, while accepting the challenge of saying HOLA! USA.

Carolina Rubio MacWright, lead artist of the Hola! USA Installation at #WeAllGrow Summit 2016, was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where she lived until age 20, when a need for a safer place to call home was necessary. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Fine Art. After graduation, she felt the need to understand the legal system, at which point she moved to Oklahoma City where she received her Juris Doctorate Degree. Her time in Oklahoma's legal world, practicing criminal law, civil rights and mostly immigration law opened her eyes to the realities of the broken American criminal and immigration law system. Inspiration that keeps her up at night, making pieces that memorialize these stories. She is currently a full-time activist artist-mom in Brooklyn, NY.