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coLAB with #LatinaBloggers, Blogalicious and Alt Summit

altsummit blogalicious latinabloggersconnect colabImage: ALT

We recently attended Altitude Summit's 9th conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was everything we expected ALT to be - creative, inspirational, lively and fun! We love when a conference leaves no stone unturned when it comes to details. And ALT delivered on every front when it came to making everyone feel like they were part of something special and that includes the announcement of coLAB. coLAB_logo

coLAB is collaborative project between three communities - Latina Bloggers Connect (that’s the L), Alt Summit (that’s the A) and Blogalicious, (that’s the B). We’re all teaming up to cross connect our communities and share ideas!

Alt Summer attendees, Latina Bloggers Connect and Blogalicious attendees can opt into this program and will be partnered with a member of the other community. Together, partners will come up with a fun, collaborative project (large or small) and share their creation across their platforms. Some of these great projects will be feature on Alt’s social channels as well!

coLAB latinabloggersconnect blogalicious altsummit Sound like something you'd like to be a part of? Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas to kick start your brainstorming, as per Alt Summit's list of suggestions:

  • Engaging in specific collaborative projects (perhaps 2 takes on the same DIY, or two essays on a related topic), that would be presented on both participant’s blogs and/or social media outlets.
  • Introducing and interviewing each other on corresponding sites or social media to highlight each partner and what they have accomplished in their own community.
  • Consulting with each other on how each of you have achieved brand growth, what has worked, what has not worked, sharing information about blogger-friendly brands and contacts, and engaging in a conversation about the future of blogging as a business.
  • Creating a project (artist/crafter) sold on another partner's site (shop owner).

If you’d like to participate, please fill out this Latina Bloggers Connect coLAB form. by June 20th. We would like to get this going by the end of the month!