Mother's Day

The Power of a Mother's Touch

The best gift any mom can receive on Mother’s Day is an expression of love from her children. And for those who have a baby at home know that the sweet giggle from their little one is more than special.  This is why on Mother's day JOHNSON’S® Baby wanted you to enjoy those moments and to remember that every touch, every hug and every smile stimulates your baby’s senses and helps his/her healthy development.  Our #LatinaBloggers shared their touching baby stories and photos of those special moments. The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

My Friend Betty Says

"The power of touch has always worked with my babies and as they grow into young men, it will continue to do so."

The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

Live Colorful

"We also go out a lot, we smell the flowers, we talk about colors, and I let him play in the water during his bath. We are trying stimulate his senses in a fun and natural way."

The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

Nina on the Moon

"El contacto piel-con-piel de 25-120 minutos post parto, puede afectar positivamente las interacciones entre mama y bebe un año mas tarde."

The Power of a Mother's Touch #SoMuchMore

Criando  Ando

"Y es a través de los sentidos que nos hemos querido tanto, es así como nos hemos demostrado lo importante que somos el uno para el otro."

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Every Day is Mother's Day with Pangea Money App

Every year Mother's Day brings the opportunity to celebrate and honor our the special moms in our life! For those of us far away from home, it also brings up the question "que le regalo a mi mamá?". Undoubtedly sending money and allowing our moms to choose their gift is one of the top choices but then the "how do I send it?" takes over. Enter Pangea Money App a fast, reliable and easy way to send money. Currently, Pangea is available in only certain States and only transfers money to México but they are rapidly expanding. Just in time for Mother's Day, Latina Bloggers Connect partnered with Pangea to show that sending money to México is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Don't believe us? Watch the video below and see for yourself.


Here's what a few of our #LatinaBloggers and #LatinaCreators had to say about Pangea.


img_5549 MamiGlammy "One of the gifts my mom will receive this year for Mother’s Day is no more visits to the bank for me."

IMG_1007 Growing up Bilingual

"I love that there is a better option for sending money to loved ones in Mexico through Pangea, so this Mother’s Day make sure you do something special for your mom, your abuela, your tia or any of those wonderful women who inspire you back home by sending them money through Pangea!"