JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

For any new mom, sleep is a very important topic. In fact, a survey has shown it's their number one challenge, ahead of time and money and is typically ranked among the highest in search terms.  Luckily JOHNSON’S® has launched a new global campaign called Tonight We Sleep™, which focuses on a proven sleep routine for baby’s happy, healthy development: Warm bath, Gentle Massage and Quiet Time. JOHNSON’S® multi-sensorial 3-Step BEDTIME® Routine consistently improves baby’s sleep and is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Our mommy bloggers downloaded the JOHNSON’S® Tonight We Sleep™ App and tried the routine on their little ones last week. Below they share if it made a difference for their babies.

Munchkins and Military

"I’ve been using the app for a week, and just love all of the features it has. One specific thing that we’ve been doing with Ju is the Tonight We Sleep™ 7-day Challenge. Through the challenge, we can track how Ju has been sleeping, and the progress we’re making while adjusting to our new normal. I happy to learn that although our routine isn’t perfect, we’re not doing too bad!"

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

Criando Ando

"Este camino con mi chiquitín apenas comienza, pero ser la tercera vez tiene muchos beneficios como aprender de los errores cometidos con mis otros hijos, tener un poco más de confianza y experiencia y contar con herramientas que me ayuden como la rutina desarrollada por JOHNSON’S®."

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

5 Eyeliners and 1 Gloss

"Nothing gets a child down better than a lullaby. In the app, JOHNSON’S is also unveiling the first lullaby that leverages the science of sound and of moms, to aid in the bedtime process."

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

Mi Carita Feliz

"Las canciones de cuna Tonight We Sleep™ incluyen sonidos únicos que se utilizan alrededor del mundo para ayudar a que el bebé se duerma, tales como el océano, animales del bosque y hasta los latidos del corazón de mamá, y la preferida de mi bebe: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge
JOHNSON’S® #TonightWeSleep™ 7-day Challenge

Not Your Ordinary Mamas

"There are some nights when Shiloh is a doll to put to sleep, and there are some nights I want to pull my hair out. Sleep for adults and children is a very big necessity. Sleep for the little ones is essential because that is when they grow and develop the most. Sleep allows them to physically, emotionally, and cognitively grow. All of this helps with memory support, being active, and less tantrums. When I learned about Johnson's® Tonight We Sleep™7-day Challenge."

Visit Johnson's® to download the app and give it try on your little one!

Post-Game Snacks with Nesquik

After playing a great game of soccer, snacks are a must for those hungry and thirsty players.  Nesquik is a quick and easy way to get kids the nutrition they need. #QuikWins celebrates the steps parents take to keep their kids healthy and happy. As parents ourselves, we understand the daily food struggles that parents face to ensure that their children receive nutrient-rich foods to live a healthy and active lifestyle. So every snack counts! Our #LatinaBloggers hosted postgame playdates for those little athletes and share their stories, snack ideas and activities. 


Mama Latina Tips

"Now that soccer season is in full swing, we thought it would be fun to have some of our sons’ friends over for a post game soccer party and play date including fun and nourishing soccer snacks for kids."


Grow Up Bilingual

"We hosted a fun soccer play date after the game this weekend and aside from the regular healthy snacks like granola, fresh fruit and cheese we replenish all our guests with Nesquik chocolate milk."


Creative and Healthy Fun Food

Estos inseparables amiguitos se divierten sanamente.  Me da gusto verlos jugar fútbol disfrutando de un maravilloso día.  Algunos les gusta lucir la camiseta de sus equipos y se sienten orgullosos de sus raíces hispanas.


Mama XXI

"Después de una práctica o juego intenso, los estudios sugieren que la leche de chocolate baja en grasa, como Nesquik, puede contener la proporción ideal 3: 1 de carbohidratos-a-proteína que puede ayudar a restaurar los músculos. Este equilibrio adecuado proporciona a tu atleta con el alimento que necesita después de un partido duro."



"Al llevar las meriendas, recordemos que estas deben ser unas que no se dañen por el calor y que se mantengan frescas durante el tiempo que los niños estén jugando. Llevar una hielera es una opción para mantener el Nesquik frío y listo para cuando sea la hora de tomar."

For more about Nesquik visit their website and Facebook page.

The Power of Pine Sol Has You Covered

Life is not about having things, but about living each day to the fullest no matter what. Happiness is not about how much is spent, but about experiencing moments - with your senses, with the heart, and with those around you. But carving time for fun and family while setting those daily house duties aside can be very hard.  Luckily no matter what stinks, Pine-Sol® has you covered and our #LatinaBloggers share some very cool tips and tricks to help keep your house clean with the #PowerOfPinesol. Romina

Romina Tibytt

Hogar con niños limpio y saludable

"Pasos sencillos y eficientes para mantener la casa con niños limpia todos los días, sin perder la cordura en el intento. ¿El secreto? Limpiar a fondo una vez a la semana y mantener durante el resto."

#PowerofPineSol Romina Tibytt


Adriana Escalante Calderón

Aromatiza y desinfecta en 1-2-3

"Aromatizar y desinfectar la casa no requiere de gran esfuerzo. Desde la cocina hasta los baños y dormitorios pueden quedar oliendo delicioso y 99% libres de gérmenes con Pine Sol en 3 fáciles pasos.  No solo es fácil sino económico."

#PowerofPineSol Adriana Eacalante


Michelle Cantu

Get Rid of Pet Messes

"Accidents happen and those mysterious messes left by Fido and Fluffy are not always easy to explain. Get them out without any lingering traces with these easy-to-follow steps."

#PowerofPineSol Michelle Cantu


Staci Salazar

Keep Your Home Clean With Kids

"Keeping a clean house with kids in the home can be a chore and taxing on your sanity. Learn to enjoy your kids more and stress less by doing a little each day."

#PowerofPineSol Staci Salazar

For more tips and tricks using the #PowerofPinesol visit

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier

Back to school is already here! It's time to get back to our regular routines of evenings helping with homework and early bedtimes.  But even before we begin to think about school nights, we still have a long list of to-do's to get our kids ready for this school year. JCPenney® offers the convenience of shopping for all your back to school apparel needs under one roof. They offers a variety of styles to fit the entire family’s needs with affordable quality brands we all trust.  Our #LatinaBloggers show just how fun, easy, and convenient it is to #BendTheTrend at JCPenney. Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Conserva Mom

Back to school  time has arrived. But getting ready doesn’t have to be a nightmare. That is if you head to your nearest JCPenny’s and take care of all your back to school shopping under one roof.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

The Mom's Buzz

I thought to myself, “I just found the one-stop store to dress my entire family for back to school…why go elsewhere?”

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Penelope's Oasis

Back to school fashion is probably the only time the words fashion are on the mind of my sons, but the truth is most kids love shopping for back to school clothes. Especially if they get to Bend the Trend and express their quirky, unique sense of style with mashed up outfits that mix totally different styles into one really cool look.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Hispana Global

Me encanto el concepto de #DaleTuGiro #BendTheTrend en ingles, ya que invita a los jovenes a expresar su individualidad aun cuando tengan que usar un uniforme.

Getting Ready For Back To School Has Never Been Easier #BendTheTrend

Mama Contemporanea

Lo mejor es que yo dependo de JCPenney para encontrar marcas de calidad en las que confío a precios accesibles.

JCPenney® declared August 12th as “National Shout-Out Day,” encouraging kids and teens to post a shout-out of online compliments to friends, parents and neighbors using #ShoutOutDay. JCPenney celebrated the occasion by giving shout-outs to anyone and everyone talking about their personal style on social media.  For more outfit ideas for back to school, check out #BendTheTrend and #ShoutOutDay

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town

Oh to be a little girl again! The #ViandVa dolls are a recently launched line of adorable Latino culture inspired dolls that help girls honor and embrace their heritage.  These little adolescent muñecas focus on both family and culture and are available exclusively at Target.  They are not just friends, but sisters and cousins.  Our #LatinaBloggers were recently introduced to Viviana, Valentina, Roxxi and Felicia and shared their experiences with us.

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

Marlita On The Run

"But how's this for cute? There is a new line of dolls that embraces Latinos and their (our) sense of family and friendship. But that's not the only thing the Vi and Va dolls embrace. They were created for Latino kids to embrace their personalities, goals, and even flaws. Love that."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

The Yellow Scarf Mom

"My little friend AnaKaren, she was so happy when she knew about the new Vi & Va Dolls. She got all excited and want it to play with them right away."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

El Tintero De Mama

"Que maravilla es poder pasar tiempo en familia disfrutando del juego. Hace unos días Elena cumplió sus cuatro años de edad y se nos ocurrió realizar una pequeña “fiesta de muñecas” donde Vi and Va nos acompañaron al festejo."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

Modern Tejana

"My cousins and I, like so many young girls, let our imaginations run wild with our dolls. We turned shoeboxes into doll cars, we turned bookshelves into apartments, we made slips of paper into doll books. Taking some inspiration from each doll’s own personality and a little child-like ingenuity, I thought of a few fun ways girls can play using the dolls, their big personalities and items around my home."

Vi and Va The New Latina Girls in Town #ViandVa

Mami Talks

"Maya picked her favorite right away, she picked Felicia, she is an artist. The first thing Maya asked me was: Why is her name in Spanish?"

To follow more on Vi and Va be sure to like their Twitter and Facebook pages.