The #WeAllGrow Storytellers

craftychica weallgrow latinabloggers
craftychica weallgrow latinabloggers

There was so much to cover, we just felt that the #WeAllGrow Storytellers event, presented by Vive Mejor and sponsored by Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, that took place on the last day of the #WeAllGrow Summit needed its own post.

One of the community’s most loved craft blogger and creator, Kathy Cano-Murillo, set the tone for the event with the ray of sunshine and glitter that she’s known for. She shared her own personal and hilarious accounts of raising her son in a musically and artistically inclined family, and how he used to often unknowingly through them under the bus by voicing the “wrong facts”, which essentially became his nickname.

#weallgrow summit
#weallgrow summit

As the storytellers presented their journeys, there was much laughter and many tears from the audience who resonated with many of the roads traveled and lessons learned along the way.

astrid rivera #weallgrow
astrid rivera #weallgrow

Astrid Rivera shared an emotional story of love and loss, and the very special connection she had with her father-in-law. His dream was to be well enough to see his son be married, and even after suffering a stroke, he promised to be there for that day. He was - not in person, but via Skype. That night, he passed away with comfort that his son was now married. The experience has taught Astrid to wake up knowing that she has dreams to achieve, goals to reach and a heart to love.

anacruz #weallgrow
anacruz #weallgrow

Ana Cruz brought light to the discussion of domestic violence by sharing her personal experiences. Her mother and greatest source of inspiration always encouraged Ana to go to school and chase her dreams of being the radio industry. She did just that. But even after she knew how hard her mother worked and the devastation of domestic abuse, she found herself in a similar situation later in life. After becoming a mother herself, she found the strength to leave and start a new beginning for her and her son. With a lot of determination and a strong work ethic, she got her dream job as a radio host. She is now using her platforms to build communities and raise awareness about domestic violence.

carolcain #weallgrow
carolcain #weallgrow

Carol Cain shared a journey that was just beginning of a new chapter in her life. Just a Facebook friend request away, she was reuniting with her mother after 25 years. At the age of 5, Carol was taken away from everything she knew - her mother, her home and the community she grew to love La Perla, Puerto Rico - by her father. Raised in NYC, at the age of 21, Carol went back to La Perla to visit her mother but wasn’t ready to truly embrace the complexities of the relationship. She is now. Her story is one of second chances and the power of love.

jeannettekaplun #weallgrow
jeannettekaplun #weallgrow

Jeannette Kaplun took the audience on trip a Chile with her story about the obstacles she faced getting into her chosen college to where she is today. Despite her father’s words, who preferred she studied psychology - Es mejor ser cabeza de raton de cola de leon - she chose the path the journalism. Although hurtful at the time, his words encouraged Jeannette to push harder and become the lion’s tale. She did. Not only did she graduated top of her class, she delivered the commencement speech. Jeannette learned that if you have a dream, no matter what anyone tells you, you must work hard for it. Never settle being being the big fish in the small pond. Fast forward to today, Jeannette’s father is glad that she proved him wrong.

claudyamartinez #weallgrow
claudyamartinez #weallgrow

Claudya Martinez shared her relationship with  “La Miedosa” - The inner voice that tries to take over whenever she wants to try something. However, as frustrating as this voice can be sometimes, it saved her life. Her story is one of fear, strength and courage. A survivor of a dangerous encounter, Claudya inspired the audience to embrace their inner miedosas and see her as the guardian angel that is there to keep you safe. Accept her for who she is but know when to put your foot down. You are so much more than your fear.

lorraineladish #weallgrow
lorraineladish #weallgrow

Lorraine Ladish believes in the power of women helping each other. After losing her job and working through a difficult marriage, she walked away with her two daughters. With the help of family and her jewelry box filled with heirlooms and memories, she began process of rebuilding her life. When she found herself unable to pay rent, which led to sell each gold piece one by one - A very painful decision. But it put a roof over her head for one more month. During an evening that would change her life, she met a woman who gave her two diamond rings to sell for her next month’s rent. The gesture fueled and inspired Lorraine so much, she has since been paying it forward through her work as an author and online community, Viva Fifty.

Thank you to our sponsors and all the extraordinary people who joined us for the inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit. We’ve already picked out the new location for next year, and we cannot wait to share the details! Until 2016!

Watch all the Storytellers' videos on the Latina Bloggers Connect YouTube channel.

#WeAllGrow Summit LA Field Trips and Opening Reception

With so many people traveling to Los Angeles for #WeAllGrow Summit from all over the country (Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Dominican Republic, too!), we wanted attendees to really get a taste of our awesome city. But not just any taste. We wanted everyone to really get a feel for the city’s rich culture, history, diversity and hidden gems. To make this happen, the first day of the Summit was completely dedicated to the exploration of Los Angeles. the LINE hotel #weallgrow summit Attendees got to choose one of four options, which all included the world of art, history, technology, business strategies, photography and delicious local cuisine.

Car Free LA with the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of LA? The beach? Hollywood? Traffic? There is so-much-more to this city and we wanted everyone to enjoy it as much as we do (sans the 405, of course!). The Los Angeles Tourism board prepared a field trip for us to explore Downtown Los Angeles on foot. We simply hopped on the L.A. Metro from Koreatown to Downtown, and spent the day like locals. Our first stop was the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), where we got to see extraordinary works of art from artists like Jackson Pollock and Jean Michel Basquiat. This museum has a serious collection of modern and contemporary art and sits just a few blocks away from a Frank Gehry favorite, the iconic Disney Concert Hall. After perusing the MoCA galleries, we walked to Grand Central Market where we ordered lunch from an array of different dining options - favorites were Eggslut and Sticky Rice, followed by G&B for amazing cafecito. After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon touring Downtown Los Angeles on a double decker bus!

grand central market #weallgrow summit Going Green + Fun Under the Sun with Neutrogena

Los Angeles is filled with yogis, vegan foodies and juicing fanatics, so it’s no surprise that Neutrogena decided to plan a fun day under the sun (with plenty of SPF!)  filled with exercise, fitness, health and skincare tips. The invigorating day started at Hollenbeck Park where we were greeted by the Neutrogena Team along with Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Tanya Kormeili and Gloria Baraquio (Yoga Director at The Springs LA). While we prepped for our yoga class, Dr. Kormeili shared everything we needed to know about skin protection and the life-saving steps we can take everyday to keep our skin safe from harsh UV rays.

neutrogena #weallgrow summit After working up a sweat, we hopped on our bus and headed over to The Springs LA, which is a massive wellness center that includes an organic juice bar, a raw vegan restaurant/wine bar, a yoga studio, a holistic healing center and a pop-up shop all under one roof. They seriously have everything you need to live a well balanced and green life. While we were there we were given a tour of the kitchen and learned about cold press juicing, water conservation, detoxification and indulged in some of the best vegan food and cold press juice in Los Angeles!

From Dinosaurs and Gems to Popular Art, Capture Your World at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

We fell in love with the staff at the Natural History Museum. Checking out their extensive collection should definitely be on anyone’s must-visit list when traveling to Los Angeles. We took a lot pictures while learning that T-Rex may have had feathers (What? He was a large bird?) and that you do not want to ever get caught red-handed in the museum’s gem vault. Ever.

nhmWe also got to relish in the beauty that is Latino culture with the beautifully curated exhibition Grandes Maestros. From silver artifacts to woven tapestries, the exhibit brings together hundreds of folk art masters from across 22 countries to showcase modern culture, religion and traditions through a celebration of beauty and power. The museum stroll was followed by a delicious lunch at Yxta Cocina. Because no day is complete without amazing tacos!

Vive Mejor Presents an Inside Look into Google

Anyone who went on this trip can tell you that getting a job at Google seems pretty ideal. In fact, some even said that you have all you could possible need right within reach. The amenities, the nearby beaches, the cafeteria, the Juice Bar and free coffee were enough reason to just call it home. Oh, and did we mention that the building aka “Binoculars Building” was originally designed by Frank Gehry? The attendees were given the grand tour of the space along with lunch and a huge dose of inspiration. After all, you can’t enter through the grandiose sculptures of Claus Oldenberg and Coosje van Bruggen and not want to dream BIG.

google #weallgrowsummit After a full day of exploring, attendees were dropped off at the LINE hotel with plenty of time to register at Neutrogena’s hospitality station and a grab a cup of cafecito with friends at the cafe.

neutrogena #weallgrow summit There was also plenty of time to unpack, get comfortable and get dressed for the #WeAllGrow Summit Welcome Cocktail pool-side reception with Vive Mejor.

#WeAllGrow Summit #ViveMejor Vive Mejor outdid themselves with delicious cocktails and h'orderves created from their own special list of fabulous recipes. It was the perfect welcome to what was about to be an amazing conference.

(Photos: Robson Muzel, Lidia Sagastume, Maya Murillo, Kathy Murillo, Monique Frausto)


#WeAllGrow Summit Takes Over YouTube Space LA

As many of you know, we recently celebrated the launch of the much anticipated #WeAllGrow Summit. After four years of a lot of hard work and determination, Latina Bloggers Connect felt it was time to create a platform that will bring together all the voices and stories that have served as an inspiration to us all. From blogs to Instagram to YouTube, there has never been a shortage of inspiration. However, all in one room? It was certainly an experience many of us will remember for a long time. With so many Latinas creating video content, we decided to start the party early at the mecca of digital content creation, YouTube! With informative tours and delicious food on hand, they spoiled #WeAllGrow Summit attendees setting the tone for what is about to become three days of life-changing moments.

#WeAllGrow Summit YouTube Space LA

The #WeAllGrow Pre-Treat at YouTube Space LA started with plenty of LA sunshine and much excitement to see old friends and make new ones. In many ways, it was a lot like a family reunion. After all, we all share so much with each other online by offering support, answering questions and by simply enjoying each other’s updates and stories.

#WeAllGrowSummit YouTube Space LA

We were blown away by the magnitude of YouTube Space LA and the amount of resources available. Did you know that access to their equipment is free? The level of access depends on the amount of subscribers you have and there’s a YouTube Space in LA and NYC in the U.S. and three more across the globe. If you live in LA or NYC, there’s really no excuse to start your channel with such an amazing resource and workshops available to you. YouTube has over a billion viewers and approximately 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It’s time to carve out your space!

#WeAllGrow Summit YouTube Space LA

After taking in all YouTube Space has to offer, we sat down with Dulce, Alba, Daniela and Maiah - four fashion and beauty creators who started their journey with a passion for sharing what they love. As their outlets grew, they quickly became savvy business women, sought-after brand ambassadors and an inspiration to young women all over the world. It was very obvious that they absolutely love what they do and feel a strong connection to their communities. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

#WeAllGrow Summit YouTube Space LA

If you would like to see more pictures of the #WeAllGrow Pre-Treat at #YouTubeSpaceLA visit, check out our album on Facebook. You can also check out recaps by Dulce Candy and Nany’s Klozet! Stay tuned for more!

(Photos: Robson Muzel)

#WeAllGrow Fashion: 5 Tips on Packing for L.A.


This guest post comes from L.A. fashion maven, Monique Frausto of Curves and Chaos.

Los Angeles is a world of it’s own. From our diverse cultures, things to do, the landscape, to the weather—we’re unlike any other city on the planet. OK, this comes from a native Angeleno, but I swear we’re more than palm trees and surfboards. And as you start putting together your packing list for We All Grow, you might have a few questions on what to pack. That’s what I’m here for!

The first thing you should consider when packing for L.A. is the weather is: we don’t have much of a winter. In February, high temperatures average in the upper 60’s. In other words, you can leave the parkas at home. Next, let’s take into consideration what you’ll be doing while you’re here in L.A.—having an amazing time at #WeAllGrow of course! You’ll be learning, growing, and exploring.


Packing for #WeAllGrow and L.A. Adventures

Keeping the unique qualities of L.A. in mind, here are a few things to consider when packing for your trip to #WeAllGrow:

  1. The sun is shining, so make sure to bring your favorite sunscreen, swimsuit, and paparazzi-blocking sunglasses. Whether you’re taking a dip in the hotel pool or making some time for a visit to Malibu beach—these are necessities.
  2. L.A. is all about the laid back lifestyle, so think comfort when planning your outfits. Like bringing your favorite pair of denim. And If you want to take a walk down Melrose Ave, comfortable shoes are a must. But, when you’re at the summit, business casual is ideal. Think a printed blazer or colorful flats to liven things up for the summit. Always keeping your personal style in mind.
  3. Accessories are your best friend. When packing light, bring key pieces that you can mix and match, and pair with standout fashion accessories. I’m all about scarves and jewelry that can be worn from day to night.
  4. Always be prepared...for a change of weather! OK, sunny L.A. can have an occasional rainy day or cool night in February. Make sure to pack a travel-size umbrella (in case we get rain) and a light coat for those Santa Ana winds.
  5. Call me a bag lady if you want, because I’m all about my handbags. Don’t forget to bring your carry-all bag with you. I’m a fan of cross-body or messenger bags that leave my hands free for tweeting during the summit and snapping photos on Hollywood Blvd. Besides, you might need something to carry all your swag home!


These are just a few of my suggestions that will make packing for The City of Angels a lot easier! Have any other questions on what to pack? Leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Find Monique's L.A. Packing Recommendations Here:

  1. Front Zip Swimsuit at Nordstrom
  2. Preppy Round Sunglasses at TopShop
  3. Dry- Touch Sunscreen by Neutrogena
  4. Mid-rise Jeans by Old Navy
  5. Dot Scarf at Nordstrom
  6. Faux Leather Tote at Nordstrom
  7. Pointed Cutout Flats at Forever 21
  8. Belted Trench Coat at Forever 21
  9. Print Blazer ASOS

Monique Frausto is a full-time blogger and freelance writer living in Los Angeles. In 2008, she created Blogs by Latinas, a blog directory specifically for Latina bloggers. She is also the founder of Curves and Chaos, a plus-size fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. She has been featured in Latina Magazine, Hispanic Business Magazine, Fox News Latino, and various web sites.

Monique will be speaking at #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 as part of Top Inflencers Share Secrets of Building Traffic and Community's powerhouse panel.

Dulce Candy to Share Beauty Tips and Tricks With NEUTROGENA at #WeAllGrow Summit 2015

Dulce Candy Neutrogena #WeAllGrow Summit We’re super excited to reveal the first surprise that Neutrogena has in store for us… Beauty Influencer Dulce Candy will be joining us at our first #WeAllGrow Summit! She will be sharing her top beauty tips and tricks and more at Neutrogena’s social media sanctuary.

As part of the social sanctuary, Neutrogena will also be giving away a variety of amazing prizes throughout the day. Stay tuned for details on location and timing – you won’t want to miss this! Can’t wait to see what other surprises Neutrogena has up their sleeve!

Follow #MisMomentosNeutrogena and #WeAllGrow on Twitter and Instagram to join the action from February 26 - 28!

#WeAllGrow Field Trips: 4 Unique Ways to Explore L.A.


#WeAllGrow L.A. Field Trips

Our mission for #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 is to cultivate an environment that nurtures progress and growth. And while the summit is packed with expert sessions and networking opportunities galore, we know that for a seed to blossom, it needs sun. In this spirit, we've arranged for 4 unique experiences that gets our attendees outside to explore the beauty and diversity of L.A.

Happening on Thursday, February 26th from 10am to 5pm (depending on each itinerary), we've worked closely with each field trip sponsor to make sure each experience is valuable for our groups of 15 to 25 influencers. We hope you become inspired by the nuances of L.A., connect with fellow influencers, as well as the sponsors making the field trips happen and, perhaps even find a few gems to share with your readers.


Car Free L.A. with the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

Time: 10:45 am to 5:00 pm Location: Downtown L.A. Hot Spots

The car is no longer king in LA. Spend the day getting to know the City of Angels in a new and exciting way -- car free! As a group, we’ll Metro from The Line Hotel into the heart of the city, spend the morning at The Museum of Contemporary Art perusing the over 6,800 pieces of work in their permanent collection before strolling to Grand Central Market, a buzzing open air venue that showcases various global cuisine. Options range from the ever popular, egg centric menu at Eggslut and massive portions of Texas-style BBQ at Horse Thief to delicious Thai food at Sticky Rice and fresh shellfish at The Oyster Gourmet. Be sure to finish the meal off with a scoop of Turkish Coffee or Eureka Lemon & Marionberries ice cream at McConnell’s! Complete the day by taking in the sights of downtown via a Starline double-decker bus, with multilingual audio commentary. Drive through downtown’s various cultural enclaves including Little Tokyo, Chinatown and Olvera Street, the birthplace of Los Angeles, take in the scenery of the flower, jewelry and theatre districts and see Los Angeles landmarks including City Hall, Staples Center, Union Station and Walt Disney Concert Hall.


Going Green + Fun Under The Sun with Neutrogena

Time: 9:30 am – 2:30 pm Location: Hollenbeck Park and The Springs LA Wellness Center

Neutrogena will guide you on a journey to experience a green & natural lifestyle while staying protected from the sun! Start off your day by basking in the sun and breathing in the cool L.A. air while enjoying a yoga session led by a professional yoga instructor at Hollenbeck Park. After that, we’ll head over to the Springs Wellness Center to enjoy a green juice while attending a juice press demonstration and learning all the benefits juicing has to offer. A nutritious, light lunch will also be offered. To complete your experience you will also receive tips for living a healthier lifestyle from a wellness practitioner! Going green, figuring out how to live a more natural lifestyle and making sure that you have all the tools to stay protected from the sun is not always easy. After this experience with Neutrogena, you will have all the tips and tricks for a better lifestyle.


From Dinosaurs and Gems to Popular Art, Capture your World at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM)

Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 p.m., including 2-hour lunch Location: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County + Lunch in Downtown L.A.

At the Natural History Museum (NHM) discover your world past and present, from dinosaur bones to natural gems. Your group will accompany Rachel Matos (art historian and former gallery lecturer for the Guggenheim NYC; founder of theartmuse.net and Director of Social Media and Influencer Relations for Latina Bloggers Connect) on a special photojournalist-style tour through the many halls and attractions of NHM.

You’ll encounter dinosaurs, experience nature, explore dioramas and marvel at one of the most impressive gem and mineral collections in the world. And that’s just the beginning. NHM is also a place where natural history   and popular art meet, and where you can truly see the stepping stones of history. This merging is best exemplified by the museum’s current special exhibition, the extraordinary Grandes Maestros: Great Masters of Iberoamerican Folk Art, Collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex. The exhibition is a showcase of colorful masks, intricate textiles, hand-carved miniature sculptures, yarn paintings, clay animals, religious and political altarpieces — associated with daily use or ritual purpose, and immersed in the traditions and identity of Iberoamérica. These works give life to tradition, inviting viewers to discover the color and grandeur of the cultures represented while reconnecting the many Latinos of Los Angeles with the beauty of their homelands through spectacular works of art.

The museum’s indoor and outdoor scenery offers different types of lighting and perspectives, making it an excellent venue for both amateur and advanced photographers to explore. From its beautiful nature gardens to the museum’s renowned Dinosaur Hall, which boasts more than 300 real fossils and 20 complete dinosaurs and ancient sea creatures, the NHM offers an array of colors and textures that together create a truly unique experience for visitors.


Vive Mejor Presents An Inside Look Into Google

Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Location: Google Venice Beach Headquarters

Vive Mejor is excited to announce that it will be hosting an exclusive trip to the Google Headquarters in Venice Beach, CA. A lucky group of #WeAllGrow Summit attendees will be treated to a private session with content experts who will share a Vive Mejor curated presentation on best practices in video content. The excursion will serve as an amazing look into one of the world’s most iconic and innovative companies, encouraging bloggers to be innovative within their own work.

The trip will kick off with a lunch at the famed Google cafe, featuring an array of cuisines. Following, attendees will view a presentation, where learning how to both better engage and grow their audience, as well as how to maintain that audience. The presentation, led by the head of Strategic Partner Development for US Hispanic, Alejandro Duque, will feature expert advice on content strategy, channel and video optimizations, brand identity, and interacting with fans. The presentation will also feature best in class examples in video content from Unilever. The engaging session will close with a Q&A, allowing attendees to gain personalized advice on how to further elevate their blog content.

Each field trip offers attendees a chance to explore a crevice of L.A. and our wish is for attendees to find value in these experiences that speak passionately to your mission as influencers. Use #WeAllGrow's L.A. Field Trips to become inspired, connect with sponsors or simply learn something worthy of sharing with your readers. Just remember to fill out this Sign Up Form with your preferred Field Trip.

In the spirit of #WeAllGrow, we want all of those interested to get a chance to attend. Please select a field trip in order of preference from #1 to #4 on the Sign Up Form. We can not guarantee placement, but will do our best to accommodate selections based on the form submitted.

Make sure you fill out the form by Wednesday, Feb. 18 at noon PST. It's better to just do it now so you don't forget and miss out as the deadline will be firm and no exceptions will be made. You will be sent your assigned field trip confirmation, itinerary and details by Monday, February 23rd.

#WeAllGrow and Vive Mejor Instagram Contest: Last Chance to Win!


The inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit has officially sold out, but there's still one last chance to attend! Join us in an Instagram challenge to share the best parts of your life and the chance to win a ticket and travel stipend to the landmark Latina conference of the season.

#WeAllGrow and Vive Mejor Instagram Challenge

Everyday this week, Febuary 10th to Feburary 17th, we'll announce the day's theme that showcases a part of life that brings us happiness and joy. How that looks to you will certainly be different from the next influencer. It can be a simple expression of love; an everyday part of life. Or it can be the big stuff that defines el amor de su vida. No matter what, Vive Mejor and #WeAllGrow wish to celebrate the parts of life that you love most by spreading the amor through an Instagram Challenge.

Here's how the Vive Mejor Instagram Challenge will work:

  • Enter as often as you'd like throughout the week of the challenge. The more love the better!
  • You must include the following hashtags for your submission to be considered: #ViveMejor and #WeAllGrow
  • You must follow @ViveMejor on Instagram
  • Your submission should be applicable to the prompt, but can be shared any day throughout the challenge. Check @WeAllGrow and @ViveMujer on Instagram for each day's prompt.
  • Your submission should describe why your image represents a #ViveMejor lifestyle: one that wholeheartedly defines the things you love most and that helps you live your best life.

Winners and Prizes

One winner will be selected at random from all the submissions - so share as much love as you can muster! The winner of the #WeAllGrow and Vive Mujer Instagram Challenge will win one Influencer Pass to #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 in Los Angeles and a $250 travel stipend.

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must NOT have been previously registered to #WeAllGrow Summit 2015
  • Travel, meals or accommodations are not provided
  • You must be 18 and older to participate
  • Winner will be notified via email and Twitter tag and will have 24 hours to respond. If there is no response we will select another winner at random.
  • All decisions are final
  • Void where prohibited
  • Valid U.S. only

As influencers we know: when love and positivity is shared, the results are powerful. We can't wait to see all the ways love is poured into your life. Porque, así se #vivemejor.

All-Star YouTube Vloggers to Speak at #WeAllGrow Pre-Treat


YouTube and #WeAllGrow Announce All-Star Vlogger Panel

To much anticipation, the #WeAllGrow Pre-Treat sponsored by YouTube has quickly filled to capacity by registered attendees of the inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 excited to catch a glimpse inside the heart of the mega-platform. This half-day event is taking place at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, one of only five around the world and two in the U.S., on Wednesday, February 25th from 2pm to 7pm.

The event will feature a tour of YouTube facilities, sessions with Google and an expert panel moderated by Juanjo Duran, Head of Hispanic Content at YouTube, with some of the hottest Latina Vloggers ready to share and inspire fellow YouTubers!

With their powerhouse following and innovative content, we are proud to announce this All-Star panel.


Dulce Ruiz of Dulce Candy

Dulce Ruiz is Dulce Candy, one of the top beauty & fashion influencers in the YouTube space with over 2.1 million subscribers and 288 million views across her two channels. As a young wife, mother and army vet, Dulce is a role model for an up-and-coming generation of women. She has been featured in Seventeen Magazine, The Stylist, Regard Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, People Style Watch as well as being named one of Latina Magazine’s “Latinas of the Year.” In addition to joining our All-Star YouTube panel, Dulce Candy will be sharing her top beauty tips and tricks at Neutrogena’s Social Media Sanctuary throughout the #WeAllGrow Summit.

Dulce continues to build her business and expand her expertise as well as her audience. Dulce will be pushing her first book, “The Sweet Life,” in August 2015 under Penguin Random House’s imprint Avery.

In 2013, Dulce signed with manager Petar Mandich at ADDITION and has been member of Style Haul, the premiere fashion and beauty network on YouTube, since 2011.


Alba García of SunKissAlba

Alba Garcia is SunKissAlba, a Latina bi-lingual, beauty vlogger with nearly half a million subscribers. Alba's YouTube channel takes a natural approach to beauty, hair and health while staying on-trend and inspiring her viewers. While she wasn't always on the natural route, Alba began to attract a large audience through documenting her journey back to natural, curly hair with proper care and styling without using any heat for over 4 years. Along the journey of recovering her hair's natural state (and helping her son heal from health issues), Alba's eyes open to the power of natural nutrition and beauty.
Today, SunKissAbla on YouTube has a dedicated following of nearly 500,000 subscribers. By sharing her beliefs of natural beauty, Alba has created easy to follow tutorials, while also shedding light on the bigger picture: awareness of the many ingredients that we don't understand and tend to disregard in our food and beauty products.
Alba's vision is to turn SunKissAlba into a trusted beauty and health brand that is all organic, eco-friendly, cruelty free and toxic free. In the meantime, her focus is on creating inspiring content and continuing to learn new ways to help her viewers through her own lifestyle experiences.

Daniela Ramirez of Nany's Klozet

Daniela Ramirez, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, is a personal style influencer based in Miami. She studied Marketing and Fashion Merchandising and is currently pursuing a masters degree in Design and Media Management. Daniela started blogging in 2009, but opened her bilingual blog, Nany’s Klozet, in 2011. Her mission is to inspire women to express who they are and who they want to be through fashion and style.
You can find Daniela at her Nany's Klozet YouTube Channel, in both English and Spanish, as we shares tips on hair, beauty and fashion.

Maiah Ocando of Visto Bueno

Maiah is an explosive talent and rising superstar of the digital world who has conquered the internet with her fresh and fiery insights on fashion and beauty. Her tireless energy, sharp sense of humor, and pop sensibility has quickly made her one of the most sought after Latin social influencers today and the new favorite of TV networks.

Maiah's premium produced, tightly packaged videos reveal inside industry secrets that celebrities use everyday to look and dress fabulous, useful tips that help viewers achieve the looks they want, music videos, as well as comedy sketches about relationships, food and the daily struggles of the millennial generation.

With over 300,000 subscribers to her Spanish Visto Bueno YouTube channel and nearly 10,000 viewers coming to catch her English content, it's no wonder this high-energy millennial is an All-Star YouTube vlogger.

Follow along for all the great Pre-Treat moments at #WeAllGrow and #WAGpretreat.

From LAX to The LINE Hotel for $10: Conference Transportation

LINE Hotel and #WeAllGrow Summit We're so excited to see you at #WeAllGrow in just a few short weeks! With all the excitement brewing, we know you're wondering: what's the best way to get to the LINE Hotel anyway?

In addition to the popular modes of transportation for conference attendees  - taxis, Uber, shuttles, etc - we wanted to offer an alternative. We think it's a great option for traveling in and around LA!

Here's how to get from LAX to The LINE Hotel for about $10...

Step 1: Take the FlyAway Bus from LAX to Union Station

The LAX FlyAway® bus offers convenient, regularly scheduled, round- trips, seven days a week, between each terminal at LAX and various locations in the Los Angeles area.

To get to the LINE Hotel, you'll want to take the green FlyAway bus from your terminal at LAX to Union Station in Downtown LA (800 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles, 90012).

A one way ticket costs just $8.00 and can be purchased at the bus with a credit or debit card (no cash) or online.

Passengers leaving LAX may board buses on the Lower/Arrivals Level in front of each terminal under the green "FlyAway® Buses and Long Distance Vans" sign. Each bus is marked with its service location. Check the LAX - Union Station Schedule for approximate times.


Step 2: From Union Station, Take the Metro to LINE Hotel

Now that you've made it to Downtown LA and Union Station, all you have to do is jump on the LA Metro!

You can use the Metro Mobile Trip Planner to plan your route or download the Metro app on your phone, but we promise it's really easy...

Just take the Purple Line to the Normandie exit. The LINE Hotel is right across the street! The Metro can be used to access many of LA's great destinations, including Hollywood.

The fare for a single ride (without transfers) is $1.75... that's a deal for LA transportation! You'll have to pay $1 for a TAP card before loading your fare.

In a rush or not on a budget?

Getting to the LINE Hotel from LAX is affordable and easy using the FlyAway bus and Metro, but we totally understand if you're not up for the adventure or need to get here fast.

LA has tons of transportation options!

Everyone's favorite Uber is great in LA, but you can't get picked up at LAX. We suggest you download the Opoli app if you want to leave LAX and arrive to the LINE in style. There will also be plenty of taxis to take at your convenience once you arrive at LAX.

The LINE Hotel is located between Wilshire and Normandie at:

3515 Wilshire Blouavdard Los Angeles, California 90010

Their phone number is: (213) 381-7411.

#WeAllGrow Opening Keynotes: A Celebration of Growth with Cristy Marrero and Natalie Boden

WeAllGrow-Keynotes-1Do you know how inspiring you are? Because you’re here – at the inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit – you must truly understand the most fundamental value that keeps our niche thriving; our influence rising; the doors opening…

When one grows, we all grow.

At the first #WeAllGrow Summit, we wish to honor your growth - your work ethic and tenacity to thrive - with two inspiring keynote presentations from Latinas who understand how to hone creative power to catapult personal and professional success.

From becoming the youngest Latina in leadership and editorial roles to balancing motherhood and a million dollar business, these opening keynote speakers dare #WeAllGrow attendees to grow. Whether in business or personal ambitions, we celebrate you. Because when you grow, we all grow.

CristyMarrero-WeAllGrow-1Balance Your Creative Energy (At Last!) with Cristy Marrero

As the Editor-in-Chief of Siempre Mujer magazine, published by Meredith Corp., Cristy Marrero is the youngest Latina in the U.S. to assume that position. Launched in 2005, Siempre Mujer is the only magazine written for, by and about the modern U.S. Hispanic woman who is actualizing her goal of success. With fresh, authentic and inspiring content, Siempre Mujer has become one of the leading Spanish language women’s magazines and the Latina’s source for the things she cares about most: beauty, style, fitness, fashion, arts, culture and career. Siempre Mujer reaches 1.7 million readers every issue, and is published on a bi-monthly basis. Siempremujer.com provides the latest in beauty and fashion trends, and original editorial content about relationships, current events, celebrity news and entertainment.

Under Cristy’s leadership, Siempre Mujer was named “Best Women’s Magazine” on Adweek's Hot List in 2011. Most recently, she was promoted to Group Content Chief for all Meredith Hispanic Media titles – including the ever popular Ser Padres, which has been celebrated today’s Latina mom since 1990 - and once again become the youngest Latina to assume this leadership role.

However, of Cristy’s most proud accomplishment is becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and Reiki master. Cristy attributes these disciplines to her professional and personal success, as well as her ability to hone the creative energy that fuels stellar content as a top influencer.

Have you ever felt like you are in a creative limbo? During her keynote, Cristy hopes to inspire #WeAllGrow attendees to set free the creative animal that dwells within them by understanding that a “creative block” is a symptom rather than a constant. Following Yogi Bhajan’s—master of Kundalini Yoga— premise, Cristy will share the 7 basics steps to achieve happiness and creative balance, while sharing her personal walk through self-exploration and healing.

NatalieBoden-WeAllGrow-1Say Yes to Growth: How One Latina Mom Built a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Natalie Boden

As Managing Director and Founder of BodenPR, Natalie Boden is no stranger to launching campaigns, pursing balance and analyzing growth. Named one of PRWeek's 2014 "Top 40 under 40" Heavy Hitters in PR, Natalie has succeeded in building BodenPR into one of the country's fastest growing U.S Hispanic PR & Social Media agencies, scaling the business across offerings from social media to content development and influencer engagement. In just the last few years, with clients such as Target, McDonald's and AT&T/Cricket Wireless business, BodenPR was nominated for PR Week's "Best Multicultural Campaign of the Year" for McDonald's #ViveTuJuego.

In addition to growing a million dollar company, Natalia is also a full time, Latina mom and champion of women and girls’ empowerment causes. Natalie’s work as an advocate at Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence and member of the Latina Advisory Board of Girls Inc. fuels her creativity and passion, translating to growth in her professional life as well.

During her keynote presentation, Natalie hopes to inspire #WeAllGrow attendees to say yes to growth by understanding the creative and practical elements that impact your brand.

Do you ever feel like “growth” is an illusive word plagued by missed opportunities or failed initiatives? Do you ever feel like you’re standing in your own way?

By celebrating how one Latina mom dared to build a multi-million dollar business centered on the culture and language of her childhood, Natalie will uncover the methodology of developing landmark campaigns and how those principles universally apply to your brand’s potential to grow beyond your wildest dreams. From one Latina mom and business woman to the next, Natalie hopes to inspire you to actualize your own growth by daring to say yes.

We welcome you to the opening keynote presentations on Friday, February 27th at 9am.

#WeAllGrow Welcomes Michelle Freyre, General Manager Neutrogena

  Michelle Freyre - Neutrogena

#WeAllGrow is honored to welcome Michelle Freyre, General Manager of Neutrogena, to the inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit. Michelle will deliver a key note speech at our event, and participate in a Q&A session with our very own Latina in business, Ana Flores.

Michelle Freyre will speak to WAG attendees about her experience as a Latina in a leadership role at a leading skincare and beauty company within the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. By sharing her story, Michelle hopes to provide insights and encourage Latina influencers and those looking to grow in business to embrace their culture, passions and aspirations.

We invite you to be a part of this candid, sit-down conversation with Michelle as she seeks to inspire and aid in our growth as bloggers, social media influencers and Latina business owners.


Neutrogena is #WeAllGrow Summit’s Title Sponsor

As long time supporters of the Latina Bloggers Connect community, Neutrogena has joined our team as the exclusive Title Sponsor for the inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit and is committed to our growth as bloggers and business owners.

Neutrogena will welcome all attendees as they register at the Summit and will be hosting a lunch on Friday, February 27th where the Brand’s latest secrets and innovations will be unveiled. In addition, you’ll be able to connect with Neutrogena at their beauty suite on Friday and Saturday.

Meet the #WeAllGrow Storytellers Finalists

#WeAllGrow Storytellers
#WeAllGrow Storytellers

We know this community is passionate. We know you're eager to tell your stories and embrace a path to growth.

And yet, we never expected all that to amount into the overwhelming response and eagerness we received from you at the announcement of #WeAllGrow Storytellers, brought to you by Vive Mejor, and Dove Dry Spray's commitment to fully sponsor the six selected Storytellers and their blogger besties to attend the conference with an all-expenses paid experience.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is an innovative new product that women just can’t keep to themselves and want to share with their friends. And share is what sixty-one of you amazing mujeres did!

Sixty-one pitches from Storytellers is what we received. Sixty-one heartfelt, gut-wrenching, soul-revealing, funny, endearing submissions from Latina influencers all over the country.

As tough as it was, a panel comprised of Kathy Cano-Murillo, Dove Dry Spray, Vive Mejor and Latina Bloggers Connect have selected the six finalists who will shine on the Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers stage on Saturday, February 27.

Join us in congratulating them as our inaugural group of #WeAllGrow Storytellers and in thanking Dove Dry Spray and ViveMejor.com, the one-stop destination for Latinas for expert beauty advice, quick and delicious recipes and more, for making it possible.

Ana Cruz of Rollos de Mujeres


Astrid Rivera of LatinBlah!


Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel


Claudya Martinez of Unknown Mami


Jeannette Kaplun of Hispana Global


Lorraine C. Ladish of Viva Fifty


#WeAllGrow Pre-Treat at YouTube Space Los Angeles

#WeAllGrow YouTube Space We promised you it would just keep getting better and we're sticking to that promise!

Please join us in welcoming YouTube as a Presenting sponsor of the inaugural #WeAllGrow Summit! 

We have joined forces to put together a half-day, pre-treat event at the state of the art YouTube Space in Los Angeles. The #WeAllGrow Pre-Treat, brought to you by YouTube, is a special event offered only to registered attendees (Influencer or Speaker pass only) of #WeAllGrow Summit 2015.

The event will feature a tour of their facilities, sessions with Google, YouTube experts and well-known YouTubers, as well as one of their infamous happy hours to bask in the California sunset.

YouTube Space Los Angeles

This half-day event is taking place at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, only one of five around the world and two in the U.S., on Wednesday, February 25th from 2pm to 7pm.

We'd LOVE nothing more than to be able to invite all, however, attendance is limited to 40 #WeAllGrow registered attendees due to space capacity. Therefore, priority will be given to those attendees who already have a confirmed flight arriving in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning or earlier and then to those with a currently active YouTube channel.

Please be mindful of registering if you're not sure you can make it because you will be taking up a much-coveted spot.

Confirmations will go out via email no later than this Friday, January 23rd.

We will also have a waiting list that will be first come, first serve.


#WeAllGrow Storytellers, Presented by Vive Mejor, Open for Submissions!

Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers
Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers

At #WeAllGrow, we honor the influencers with a mission to tell their stories and connect communities. As content creators, we know that part of living una vida mejor is telling the stories that are fundamental to our lives with the community that we've built. It feeds the soul and captures our purpose for creating an online presence. Do you consider yourself a storyteller? We hope you do and want to encourage your growth!

To celebrate the art of storytelling, we’re excited for the inaugural launch of #WeAllGrow Storytellers, presented by Vive Mejor, an engaging session that aims to celebrate the best storytellers amongst us while providing them with a platform to elevate their voice.

And because we value your voices, selected #WeAllGrow Storytellers will be fully sponsored by new Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant to attend the conference with an all-expenses paid experience! Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is an innovative new product that women just can’t keep to themselves and want to share with their friends.

That’s right amigas, every one of the six #WeAllGrow Storytellers that will be hand-selected can also invite one blogging friend to be fully sponsored by Dove Dry Spray to attend the conference with them! We want our Storytellers to feel supported as they share their stories, and what better way than having a dependable, caring and trustworthy friend in attendance.

New Dove Dry Spray wants to celebrate that spirit of sharing by partnering with Vive Mejor and #WeAllGrow to bring us Storytellers, bound to be one of the main highlights of the conference. Pero, we know it’s not easy; standing in front of a crowded room can be a daunting – if not exhilarating - and sweat-inducing task. So why not ask your most-beloved and supportive blogging friend to come along and cheer you on?

#WeAllGrow Storytellers will evoke emotions that follow life's reoccurring threads: hope, struggle, inspiration and more. #WeAllGrow Storytellers, presented by Vive Mejor, will be hosted by Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica, a master storyteller of glittery proportions, and Storytelling Advisor. Kathy is a veteran blogger, author with nationally distributed craft products and is recognized for her ability to convey messages of love, hope and friendship. Thanks to Kathy's mentorship (via Skype) and Dove Dry Spray's sponsorship of the six Storytellers and their blogger bestie, our #WeAllGrow Storytellers will be ready to present conference attendees with an experience they won’t soon forget.

Dove Dry Antiperspirant Spray
Dove Dry Antiperspirant Spray

We’re thankful to Vive Mejor and the new Dove Dry Spray for making #WeAllGrow’s vision for Storytellers a reality.

New Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry (for a cleaner feel) and leaves underarms soft and smooth. It also offers the brand’s signature ¼ moisturizers to provide all the care of Dove in a surprising new Dry Spray, leaving underarms feeling soft and smooth while providing 48-hour odor and wetness protection.

ViveMejor.com serves as the one-stop destination for Latinas for expert beauty advice, quick and delicious recipes and more - everything needed to live fabulously better. Check out their enhanced recipes, cooking tips, and up-to-date beauty and lifestyle solutions from trusted brands by visiting them at www.vivemejor.com, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Are you ready to become a #WeAllGrow Storyteller?

Criteria for #WeAllGrow Storytellers Submissions Process

  • Stories must be original and true
  • 5 to 8 minutes long
  • Can be bilingual, but at least 80% in English
  • Story must be supported by visual elements (pictures projected on a screen to enhance story)
  • Main topics to focus on:
    • Personal Growth
    • Living the best life you can live
    • Friendship
    • Connections
    • Family
    • Food
    • Cultural traditions

Submission process:

  • 1 to 2-minute video or audio pitch sharing the main arc of the story.
  • Video pitch to be sent via dropbox file or private YouTube video link
  • All pitches must be sent by 11:59pm PST on January 9th, 2015

Submit your information and upload or share link to video or audio HERE

Vive Mejor Joins #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 as a Presenting Sponsor

Vive Mejor -- #WeAllGrow Summit Presenting Sponsor Vive Mejor® is joining #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 to provide attendees and speakers with unique experiences during the conference that will elevate your brand both online and off, and encourage you to live better every day. We're thrilled to connect with Vive Mejor as a Presenting Sponsor, uniting our missions of growth for all and inviting Latinas to reinvent ourselves, embrace our new essence, while continuing to celebrate the roots of our bicultural heritage.

We have some very special things planned together!

Vive Mejor will welcome attendees to the conference with the Vive Mejor Welcome Cocktail reception, serving as the official kick-off for our three days in Los Angeles. There will be food, there will be style, there will be música y muchas amigas por abrazar y conocer.

The Vive Mejor® Concierge Station at the LINE Hotel will provide an on-site sanctuary for a much needed break between full conference sessions. Just make sure to keep your business cards handy! The Vive Mejor Concierge Station will be busy with knowledge-building and networking with plenty of opportunity to grow your business! We're making sure of that.

Vive Mejor #WeAllGrow Storytellers

As content creators, we know that part of living un vida mejor is telling the stories that are fundamental to our lives with the community that we've built. It feeds the soul and captures our purpose for creating an online presence. To celebrate the art of storytelling, we are proud to announce a very special and unique event presented by Vive Mejor: “#WeAllGrow Storytellers".

#WeAllGrow Storytellers is an engaging session that aims to celebrate the best storytellers amongst us while providing them with a platform to elevate their voice. #WeAllGrow Storytellers will evoke emotions that follow life's reoccurring threads: hope, struggle, inspiration and more! Attendees will be encouraged to live better by learning and engaging within our community.

Vivemejor.com offers Latinas the opportunity to simplify and improve their lives via enhanced recipes, cooking tips, and up-to-date beauty and lifestyle solutions from trusted brands.

ViveMejor.com serves as the one-stop destination for Latinas for expert beauty advice, quick and delicious recipes and more - everything needed to live fabulously better. Check out their enhanced recipes, cooking tips, and up-to-date beauty and lifestyle solutions from trusted brands by visiting them at www.vivemejor.com, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Meet the First Round of #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 Speakers!

WAG_speakers_collag The day is finally here! We were so anxious to show you the faces de las increíbles mujeres that will be passing along their knowledge, expertise and good will to #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 attendees.

To check them all out, go to the Speakers page.

Visit the Sessions page for an overview of all confirmed sessions. More will be added soon.

This is the first round of speakers and more will be announced the second week of January.  Stay tuned for keynote speakers, more fabulous sponsor announcements and updates on unique happenings during our 2-3 days together at the LINE Hotel in Los Angeles from February 26-28!

¡Se va poner bueno!

So, are you ready? We will sell out soon, so make sure you register early, book your hotel room and invest in growing with us.

Neutrogena is the Exclusive Title Sponsor of #WeAllGrow Summit 2015

Neutrogena -- #WeAllGrow Summit Title sponsor When Latina Bloggers Connect started back in 2010 we had no idea exactly how far that vision would take us. We knew we were on to something and we knew we were breaking ground within the Latino social media space and making a difference in the lives of many mujeres.

But it was when we started collaborating with brands like Neutrogena that it felt like real growth. In many ways, Neutrogena helped LBC grow and through them we were able to nurture a community of bloggers and influencers looking for original, creative and successful ways to partner with brands they love.

It's been almost four years now and we've worked on close to twenty campaigns and events together.

Now, we can thank Neutrogena for once more believing in us and, most importantly, in the power of you. Neutrogena wants to grow with you at #WeAllGrow Summit 2015 as the exclusive Title sponsor.

We couldn't be more thrilled to count on their continued support and partnership.

Having Neutrogena as a Title sponsor means you will be pampered como una reina! Get ready for some star-quality beauty action y muchas otras sorpresitas we'll be announcing soon. Make sure you've subscribed to our newsletter to keep up-to-date!

Let's make them feel el amor de una!

Just tweet to click: [Tweet "Excited that @Neutrogena is Title sponsor for @WeAllGrowSummit ! Ready to grow with #Neutrogena in Los Angeles! #WeAllGrow"]

[Tweet ".@WeAllGrowSummit is already looking fabulous with @Neutrogena as a Title sponsor! #WeAllGrow beautifully!"]

[Tweet "Que emoción que @Neutrogena es el Title sponsor de @WeAllGrowSummit !"]

[Tweet "Estoy lista para el #WeAllGrow Summit con @Neutrogena y @lbconnect !"]

About Neutrogena® A worldwide leader in premium, dermatologist-recommended skin, hair and cosmetics products, Neutrogena® Corporation has been providing consumers with health and beauty improvements for over 40 years. The Company manufactures and markets a line of premium-priced skin and hair care products that are distributed in more than 70 countries. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Neutrogena® is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the world's most comprehensive and broadly based health care products company.

A Visual Tour of the #WeAllGrow Summit Venue: The LINE Hotel

How excited are we that The LINE Hotel, by the Sydell Group, is our host hotel? MUCHO. Not only because it's the #3 new best hotel in the world according to Condé Nast Traveler, but also because their whole concept is built around growth based on collaborations. Sounds familiar? Yes, definitely something we truly believe in as the basis of inner and outer growth.

Love for the #WeAllGrow Top 25!

WAG-post-top25 #WeAllGrow Summit has really been born from the passion, commitment, drive and ambition you all have, but mostly because you have let us know there's a need for a hands-on experience to gain the tools needed to create a path for success.

We know it won't be easy for all of you to get to Los Angeles in February, but we sure want to try to make it possible for many of you to do so.

The full price conference pass is $350, but we'll have special prices to motivate you to invest in YOU.

Here's the first one: a super, never-to-be-repeated price of $150 for a full, all-access conference pass to the first 25 bloggers and social media influencers to purchase. It will only last until Monday, June 9 at 10PM PST, so if you get that tingly, gut feeling that you must be here with us, this is your chance to do  so!

You will also become our #WeAllGrow Top 25! What?!! ¿Y eso qué quiere decir?

It means that you'll receive special acknowledgements (i.e.: mucho amor!!) before and during the conference, as well as unique gifts along the way.

Are you ready to become a #WeAllGrow Top 25?


 UPDATE: Since the Top 25 sold out within hours, we added 10 more discounted tickets and those sold out within a few hours as well. We now have a very special group of Top 35 blogueras to celebrate! Thanks for believing in us.

Photo courtesy of Lidia Sagastume, All Rights Reserved.