Disney Princess “Dream Big, Princess” is the #WeAllGrow Storytellers 2017 Presenting Sponsor! Submissions Are Now Open!

Storytellers 2017 Disney Princess Dream Big Princess

Each year since 2015, #WeAllGrow Summit has hosted six stunningly brave women from all walks of life as they took the Storytellers stage and opened up their hearts and souls to all of us. They were funny. They were charming. They were emotional. And they all were able to evoke something within each of us - they made us feel compassion, empathy, empowerment, sisterhood, and so much more.

#WeAllGrow Storytellers is all about being vulnerable and facing your fears. About opening yourself up and letting others see the good and even not-so-good parts of your journey. It’s about being courageous even when all the odds are stacked against you. It’s about dreaming big, really really big, and unapologetically going after those dreams. And it’s about being the best version of you no matter what.

It’s our honor and excitement to introduce Disney Princess “Dream Big, Princess” as our official Storytellers sponsor for #WeAllGrow Summit 2017!

What people love about the Disney Princesses are their incredible stories and the qualities that help them achieve their dreams. The “Dream Big, Princess” campaign puts those great stories and qualities front and center and encourages kids around the world to dream big. Whether they want to be brave enough to break tradition like Merida, caring enough to create a community like Snow White, or entrepreneurial enough to build a business like Tiana – there’s a Disney Princess to help inspire them and show them it’s possible. During #WeAllGrow Summit 2017, our Storytellers will share their stories of courage, determination, and pursuing their biggest dreams – encouraging all of us to DREAM BIG.

The six selected Storytellers will attend #WeAllGrow Summit courtesy of Disney Princess “Dream Big, Princess”. That’s right - if selected you will attend our always-sold-out Summit with an all-expenses-paid experience. This includes one conference pass, airfare and three-nights stay at Hotel Maya. We’re not done though! For every one of the six hand-selected storytellers, you will have the option to invite one blogger / creator friend to receive one conference pass and three nights in a shared room with you at Hotel Maya! We want our Storytellers to feel supported as they share their stories, which is why we believe it’s so important to have someone next to you who feels like familia as you take command of that stage.

Per tradition, the amazing Kathy Cano Murillo (the one and only Crafty Chica) will be back as our host and she will provide coaching via Skype in the weeks leading up to the Summit. She’s inspiring, helpful and a storyteller in her own right! This session would not be the same without her.

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges comprised of the Disney Princess “Dream Big, Princess” team, Kathy Cano Murillo and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start brainstorming those pitches and submit! Deadline to submit is Monday, December 5th at midnight PST.

Below find all the details and breakdown of the process. ¡Buena suerte, amigas! We can’t wait to feel your stories!

  • Stories must be original and true
  • 1 to 2-minute video pitch sharing only the main arc of the story.
  • Video pitch must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo (as Unlisted is fine) and link shared for submission
  • Can be bilingual, but at least 80% must be in English
  • Main topics to focus on. Note that we will *only* consider pitches along these topics:
    • What dreaming big means to you / your family
    • How you have dreamed big and achieved your goals
    • Themes that reflect at least one of the values of the Disney Princesses:
      • Snow White – Making new friends / creating a family
      • Cinderella – Never giving up
      • Aurora – Always wondering / hoping
      • Ariel – Exploring new worlds
      • Belle – Seeing the good in others
      • Jasmine – Trying new things / seeing the world
      • Pocahontas – Respecting the earth
      • Mulan – Finding your inner warrior
      • Tiana – Making a dream real
      • Rapunzel – Jumping into adventure
      • Merida – Being brave
      • Elena – Being a leader
  • You do not need to be a parent to apply
  • All pitches must be received via the online form by 11:59pm PST on December 5th, 2016

Full terms and conditions here.