#SpeakBeautiful with Dove Keynote Panel at #WeAllGrow Summit 2016


#WeAllGrow Summit 2016 is proud to partner with Dove to present three moments of awe that will elevate your inner core, provide a bit of self-care and inspire you to speak with beauty and positivism.

The Dove Suite

Dove invites you to visit the Dove Suite, located at the Luna/Solstice Room for a refresher on the latest hair & skincare trends and to meet our beauty experts, renowned hairstylist Mario Anton and board­certified dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba. Stop by for a personalized dry styling session and Beauty Bar manicure to celebrate your unique beauty. Feel free to relax on our outdoor terrace, taking in the gorgeous waterfront views, while enjoying refreshments and having fun with your fellow bloggers in our photobooth. We’re excited for you to join us in supporting #MujerDove, our message of confidence, empowerment and beauty for Latinas.

Crown Yourself in Confidence: Uncovering the Power of Positive Words

Beautiful. Ugly. Smart. Stupid. The power of words can have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world – whether it’s in real life or online. Too often, social media bombards women and girls with negative content that can damage their self-­esteem. Dove research shows 8 out of 10 women encounter negative comments on social media that critique women’s looks. With this in mind, Dove set out to overturn the pervasive online negativity and embarked on a partnership with Twitter to encourage women to #SpeakBeautiful and turn ugly tweets into beautiful, positive ones. Launching the campaign on Hollywood’s biggest night when online negativity was at its worst, Dove developed a truly unique campaign that leveraged primary research and insights, advocacy partnerships and deep influencer engagement, setting out to help shape the way future generations express themselves online. Since launch, Dove has continued to reach thousands of women and girls with #SpeakBeautiful, truly making social media a more positive place for all.

During Saturday morning’s keynote, therapist and life-­coach, Christine Gutierrez, will explore the journey to finding inner confidence and building self-­esteem in various aspects of our lives – from our careers, being mothers, how we feel about our bodies and how we translate our confidence to the world. After the keynote address, Christine will lead a panel featuring Dove Self­-Esteem Experts, Dania Peguero and Rosie Molinary, along with influential bloggers, Elayna Fernandez and Carolina Ortiz. Each panelist will provide their perspective on the importance of speaking positively and offering solutions for how we can all ignite positive change online and in the world.

Dove #SpeakBeautiful Workshop

Dove Self-­Esteem Educators, Rosie Molinary and Dania Peguero, will lead an inspiring workshop for 50 girls from the local Boys & Girls Club in Long Beach, CA.

The workshop ties to the Dove #SpeakBeautiful campaign that encourages women and girls to realize the role our online words play in impacting our confidence and self-­esteem. Dove research shows 8 out of 10 women encounter negative comments on social media that critique women’s looks. Furthermore, women do not realize messages they post are contributing to negative mindsets and behavior about beauty online. Only 9% of women admit to posting negative comments on social media.

How can we help the next generation ignite positive change online? Dove invites #WeAllGrow attendees to join our workshop – to serve as mentors and to interact with girls from our partner organization. To date, Dove has reached 17 million girls globally. We look forward to working with you to impact more lives in our local communities.