Sick Day Activities for Kids During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu season has hit some of us very hard.  Especially these past few weeks with cold fronts and blizzards, it's practically unavoidable to get sick.  Having the kids home during sick days can be a little stressful on mom and the kids.  Check out some of the essentials items our #LatinaBloggers are sharing to keep our kids from getting those pesky colds and some activities you can do when they've already brought it home.

Pediacare 7onashoestring

7 On A Shoestring

"The winter months typically bring cold and flu season. It is that time of year when illness strikes and we often find ourselves at home with a sick child. This can translate into the need for sick day activities for kids along with plenty of PediaCare®."

Pediacare El Tintero de Mama

El Tintero de Mama

"Y no te abrumes, si la enfermedad llega a casa, puedes mantener a tu pequeño ocupado y relajado realizando pequeñas actividades para evitar el aburrimiento y ayudarlo a mejorar su estado de ánimo."

Pediacare Notas De Mama

Notas De Mama

"Estas son 5 ideas que puedes utilizar para mantener entretenido a tu pequeño mientras descansa y se recupera del resfrío, además de utilizar uno de los medicamentos especializados para niños que tiene PediaCare® y ahora pueden encontrarse en su tienda Dollar General más cercana."

Pediacare - At The Fire Hydrant 3

At The Fire Hydrant

"I have to say that I am not looking forward to runny noses and fever spikes, but I love spending time with my little one and if I can help her feel a little better when she’s feeling crummy then I am happy to do it."

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