Second Act with Jennifer Lopez

A big thank you to THE MRKT team for inviting #WeAllGrow to attend an exclusive roundtable discussion for the new film “Second Act” with the one and only Jennifer Lopez, yes as in J.Lo aka Jenny from the Block, actress Leah Remini and director Peter Segal. See the trailer below;

“Second Act” is a rom-com, romantic comedy, that follows the story of Maya Vargas, played by J. Lo. Maya is a woman in her early 40’s who gets a second chance in life to pursue her career goals and in the process she reinvents herself.

Despite the challenges and obstacles Maya has to overcome in both her personal and work life she pushes herself to grow. This is such a powerful message for mujeres of all ages and career levels who want to take the leap and follow their dreams. Not only does this message resonate with Latinas, seeing J.Lo as the protagonist – a Latina who has pushed herself in every way – is even more inspiring for our community.

You won’t get any spoilers here, but let’s just say J.Lo and her character, Maya, embody the true meaning of #girlpower, #goals and the #WeAllGrow philosophy!

When asked about the message behind the film this is what J.Lo had to say;

“It’s just about finding your passion and your talent and putting it out there. And that is what the movie is about. Understanding that the only thing holding you back is not that you don’t have a degree, it’s you.”

And without revealing too much because we promised no spoilers, the film is guaranteed to make you laugh, and yes, there are quite a few “aww” moments. Oh, and J.Lo’s real-life bestie, Leah Remini, also stars in the film, alongside the talented Vanessa Hudgens and heartthrob, Milo Ventimiglia!

Some last words of inspiration from the Queen of the Bronx;

“You can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. You need only work hard at it and not give up. The people that don’t succeed are the ones who give up. The people who succeed are the ones that never did.”

“Second Act” opens in theaters this Thursday, December 20th! So grab your amigas and/or significant other and make your way to a theater near you!

Yes! That’s Jennifer Lopez in the middle and Leah Remini in shades!

Yes! That’s Jennifer Lopez in the middle and Leah Remini in shades!