Say Something

How many of you will actually say something and FINALLY get a little uncomfortable? Why are you scared? How are you an influencer if you don't say the things that matter?

Luvvie of asked a variation of those questions to a room full of bloggers, vloggers, content creators and influencers at a conference last year. Those are the exact questions I posted after the blinding silence from those in our community after Alton Sterling’s death. We’re paid to speak. So why aren’t we speaking up? These are real questions we should be asking ourselves. Not only in international tragedies but national tragedies too.

The truth about racism and violence in America hurts. This might not be your reality but we cannot continue to be silent. People are dying. People are hurting. There is a fear that naturally comes with our territory. Do I want to hit publish? Do I want to alienate brands, my readers and my colleagues? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, amplify those that do. You don’t have to write on your blog, share a quote on Twitter, post to your personal Facebook, retweet. But I beg you not to be silent. Use your platform. We each have different audiences, we will reach different people. We alone cannot make these changes. We need your help. Help us.

Say Something
Say Something

Jeannette Kaplun wrote an amazing piece you should read: No More Silence, Even If We Get It Wrong

My friends + family are hurting. Have you seen these videos from Brandi Riley, Amiyrah Martin, A’Driane Nieves, Amber Dorsey? LISTEN. LEARN.

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For some Latinos and Asian-Americans, black lives do matter

Design Mom Founder and Alt Summit co-founder Gabrielle Blair wrote a piece on #BlackLivesMatter, read it.

A lesson in using your platform. Do not be scared. This is authenticity. These are the voices that should be front + center Issa Rae raises $450K for Alton Sterling’s children

Ad agencies are doing the work too 

Beyonce is doing the work too

Say Something
Say Something

Do the work. Say something.