Say #NoMasPoros with Neutrogena Pore Refining Line

Minimized pores and super soft skin, yuck!  Said no person EVER!  NEUTROGENA® knows that having beautiful and healthy skin is important to all women and they make it easy with their Pore Refining Line.  You can say #NoMasPoros too,  just like the #LatinaBloggers who took the seven day Pore No More challenge. Check out their experiences and transformations using the NEUTROGENA®  Pore Refining Line.

Neutrogena nomasporos My Friend Betty

My Friend Betty

"Having a healthy, radiant complexion with minimized pores is key for a flawless look for all women!  It’s important to take good care of our skin and NEUTROGENA® knows that smaller pores means smoother, younger-looking skin. "

Neutrogena-Pore-Refining-Moisturizer La Moda By Andriana

La Moda By Andriana

"It’s so important for me to have a healthy radiant complexion. I recently reviewed the Neutrogena Pore Refining line and seen amazing results in as little as seven days."

Neutrogena NoMasPoros Hott Mama In The City

Hott Mama In The City

"The Neutrogena Pore Refining collection is proven to visibly tighten and shrink the appearance of pores for smoother, younger looking skin."


Pretty In Pigment

"So here is the moment of truth. After taking the challenge for 7 days, my pores have definitely decided to take a hike."

Neutrogen No Mas Poros The Penny Closet

The Penny Closet

"I love being able to use the toner everyday and not having any dry skin and feeling my face a lot smoother every time. The Pore Refining Moisturizer is something like a final sealing coat for your face."

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