How to throw a Saucesome Twitter Party

The sound of boiling water, the aroma of fresh parmesan cheese, the taste of chunky tomato sauce are some of the things that make spaghetti night special at our house. They are closely followed by laughter, inside jokes, and slurpy sounds of pasta wrapping around the fork and the sight of mozzarella melting under our favorite Ragú® sauce. Those are some of the things I cherish about my family's mealtime and what makes it #Saucesome, every time. ragu-party-final-6-25

We, at Latina Bloggers Connect, wanted to know what makes your mealtimes special - so we did what families do! We invited a group of our friends to talk about food and throw a Twitter Party. The result? An hour of mouth-watering conversation where ten amazing #Foodie bloggers, their communities, Ragú® Sauce and the LBC familia talked about what #Saucesome feels, smells, looks, sounds and tastes like.

Here's a taste of what our guests had to say...

Penelope's Oasis_Mama's Best ever Linguine & Meatballs

What makes your #Saucesome family mealtime special?

#Saucesome Official Taste-testers

Mi Diario de Cocina_ Mama's best ever Spaghetti and Meatballs with Cheese

#Saucesome Memories


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