Improve the Psychology of Social Media

In a recent study from The University of Missouri, shows that “Facebook use can lead to symptoms of depression if the social networking site triggers feelings of envy among its users.” Now this might not be you but social media can evoke strong feelings.

Creating or perusing any social media platform can create of FOMO (fear of missing out) or major envy. As you know most social media images are well-orchestrated and not real life.

Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt. This quote couldn’t be more truthful. Comparing yourself to another blogger is dooms’ day. This can leave you feeling jealous, unhappy, and un-motivated. Do yourself a favor and remove yourself from that tactic. Take some time off from viewing certain platforms.

Rather than focusing on someone else’s work, try a different method.

Focus on your work. Keep moving forward with your brand. Find new ways in promoting your next product. Learn new skills to improve your social media. Create a task list in keeping your social media messaging simple. This will result in a new set of procedures and guidelines.

If it means taking a week off from viewing other social media platforms, then do so. If you feel it’s starting to spur up negative feelings, then move away from it.

Take some time to for yourself. Live the perfect picture of paradise and not the ever-so-planned photo shoot you see on Instagram.