Orgullosa to be Latina!

Hispanic Heritage Month set the stage for Latinas all over the country to celebrate being Latino Proud!  In 2011, Orgullosa started their platform with a mission to carry out the true definition of  what it means to be proud. Their goal is to connect, share and inspire Latinas through the transformative power of community. 

Orgullosa recently launched a video series featuring four inspiring bicultural Latinas: Dascha Polanco (actress, OITNB), Jeanette Kaplun (founder, Hispana Global), Laura Gomez (tech entrepreneur) and Maria Teresa Kumar (President & CEO, Voto Latino). With this video series, Orgullosa showcased the diversity of Hispanic experiences and celebrated Latinas who are PROUD: proud of their culture, traditions, beauty, family, and home.  A few of our proud #LatinaBloggers share their stories about what things #InspireOrgullo for them.

Orgullosa to be Latina! - #InspireOrgullo

Criando Ando

"Seis años después, con dos hijos nacidos en esta tierra y un tercero en camino, mis raíces comienzan a mezclarse, se combinan las de allá y las de acá y comienzo a sentirme parte de un grupo más grande. Seis años después no solo soy venezolana, soy latina y me siento muy orgullosa de serlo. "

Orgullosa to be Latina! - #InspireOrgullo

Live Colorful

"Probably because of that story, and because I always see her sewing and embroidering things, fabric had a special meaning for me. My mother learned from her mom, and she taught me and my sister how to sew. We are those kind of girls that can’t live with just one pair of pillows for more than 3 months, we need to make new ones all the time, just like my abuelita."

Orgullosa to be Latina! - #InspireOrgullo

Laura Neuzeth

"My minimal and practical approach to beauty has really resonated with many Latinas because for maybe once in their life they're learning to embrace and play up their natural features. I always want to encourage women to learn how to love themselves, and hopefully that's something that comes across in my work."

Orgullosa to be Latina! - #InspireOrgullo



"I, inevitably keep my culture ever present in my daily life. Even if I wanted to, I can’t shake off all of the things that make me proud of my heritage and being Latina."

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